Circus – dedicated to Sinéad O’Connor

What a circus. Time was when folks would pay to see the tattooed lady in a side show of the main event at a circus …. now the tattooists are the growth industry in every town and city. The bearded lady was in the show next to the tattooed lady, now she wins a global singing event.

Maybe our urge for freedom insists that the caged freedom of expression symbolised in those rare tattoos, that seemed so spectacular back then as the workers were being so exploited and controlled by rising capitalism, that they are now our shout, our badge of change.

Politics is then reduced to the former pantomime status and a parody of former presumed glory, with rare truth tellers like MPs Dennis Skinner, Martin Bell or Tom Watson often reduced by the media to side show notoriety. All the while International footballers are promoted to being global icons who are no more dexterous than acrobats of old music hall fame with most being lamentably less eloquent.


Five years after this post was written, I have inserted the following paragraph and Facebook post with video footage.

The above mentioned Tom Watson MP has become the Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party. Donald Trump has become the President of the US and sends tweets out most nights.

Sinéad O’Connor has always been ahead of her time as this video statement of the abuse being hidden in the Catholic Church that she knew about, goes to prove.


Instincts that are non language specific are squitting out across global cultures as feeling powered knee jerk actions that reduce rational thought and conducted emotion as a quirky behaviour of the boringly sane.

Money supply in the hands of private concerns whilst governments run their franchised economies like the management teams of a Macdonalds: rule by short termism and policy made in a tweet.

The people are yet like an addled flock, craving leadership yet wild enough to vote for Barabus again – still dangerous, lost and lonely in the stuck-addiction© of yet another era shift.

Maybe like veteran pundit David Dimbleby who recently got his first tattoo at age 75, should we all similarly usher in the era change? Whatever integrates your shadow perhaps.

The spiritual leaders are asleep in the back of the multicultural boat. When the beleaguered crews get frightened enough, they will have to wake them up.

Some are wide awake already.




Fear of death, fear of physical pain, fear of emotional pain resulting from loss and guilt and the shame of those experiences, fear of these matters being visited upon those we love and care for – these are the currency of the money bully, the criminal, the dictator, the terrorist.

Only in so far as a person can try to free themselves from fear is that person free to be the agent of a source of existence that is One Love, when that One Love responds to that person’s effort by actually removing fear. By themselves a person cannot remove fear, they can only pretend that they are not afraid and that pretence then has to prove itself by committing acts that others are afraid to commit and in their committal, they subjugate whole cultures.

The perpetrators of such apparently fearless acts are left with only one hidden fear – stopping.

The fearful heroic function faces the terrifying fear that these sick forces emit from their positions of ruling, seeking them out whether their appearance is obvious or not, to either contain them, or not.

Eventually, One Love appears to balance It’s own creation if all other remedy fails. That occurrence is always going to be somewhat disconcerting for the plurality. That which remains in existence is love when faced with One Love.



You may think that all is ruined
In fact everything is in exactly the perfect place.

Where were you during the Black Death
The Hundred Years War
The sacking of Baghdad by the Mongol hordes
The fall of all previous eras as mentioned in
The mine Qur’an?
We forget ourselves
We get lost in worry
This amazing new time
This amazing good fortune to be here.
What stops the boredom of the news?
What starts the excitement of your heart?

Is it that you’re sick of eating as you watch
the fat diabetes epidemic
sick of sex as you watch
the celebrity scandals sordid epic
sick of politics as you watch
their inept news repeating flick
sick of police, NHS, media, banks, 
making 1% big business tick
sick of criminals poisoning sex, food and security,
nick nick …. nick nick
Your own constitution sickened as
their Articles of Constitution fail …. to trick?

Sick of being sick?

This sickness is in exactly the right place.

When you know you’re sick you will seek a curing
When you accept that you’re ill
You’ll stop blaming yourself and others
When you hear of some other others telling of recovery
From the Stygian mountains of terror and fear
You might just be ill enough …. to hear.

Listen, listen to your need
As it sings it’s song of loss of greed
Of waking up to hope and luck
A cleaning of Augean muck ….
Listen ….

Near …. so very near.

Then act your act to a different writer
Strut your stuff to a different tune
Reach for the route to a Love reunion,
Quick, your personal path is waiting;
Before the curtain fall of rote
Audiences just another wasted Tope.


Father’s Day Message

What is hate?
Hate is about what you ate
What is heat?
Heat is what is to eat
The r in hate makes hater
The r in heat makes heart.
Hate is cold
Heat is …… hate’s remedy.
Hate is stuck, frozen
Heat unsticks, melts.
Hate closes
Heat opens.
Be open.
Yesterday become Yes Today.
“Now will you bow down and worship that which I have created?”

Om Tat Sat


“The Current Economic Crisis”

The Current Economic Crisis:

A quote from this 2010 video is that “the accounting profession is a sewer”.

A further quote, “Enron couldn’t have happened if they hadn’t changed the accounting rules.”

Harsh words you may think, but stuck-addiction© renders all into a broken place where the normal cleansing and checking processes are disabled.

Four years on as the World continues to flat line, Corporations sit on huge cash reserves as they know that the Banks are still broken.

Ian Fraser writes authoritatively about the Financial Crash and the £100 billion black hole at the core of RBS that threatens to expose the sickness and immorality of the global structures still further.

The blame game is not the way forward. Illness is illness. Helping the global leaders understand that they can survive a total shift in their perceptions of relationship with those being led is the only way. Helping them get free from their illness induced criminality is the only way to restore their legal function of response to those who would still habitually choose a criminal career from their apparent nature.

This postscript added on 20/10/19 as Mervyn King seems to again corroborate much of what my blogs and the illness paradigm predict, that the money will crash again.

“World economy is sleepwalking into a new financial crisis”, warns Mervyn King