Restore us to sanity ….


…. or the President of The United States of America (my appendment) 😛

What vehicle would The Christ (Isa) return in given that he is described as The Seal of Sainthood, an interior function, juxtaposing the description of Muhammad (pbuh) as The Seal of Prophethood, an exterior function?

Muhammad (pbuh) said to his followers that they should seek knowledge, even unto China. This opened up all exterior global religious culture as legitimate to his message, where there is Love.

The global 12 Step vehicle is the place of provable guarantee or Seal, for human conscious contact with the loving Source of Life.

It works for, serves, unites, repairs, then recovers the interior function for the adherents of all of this world’s religions and even secularisms, where there is Love.

It may be the perfect vehicle that the living Seal of global Sainthood could return within, should anybody be expecting such an appearance, for themselves.

But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom. (Matthew 29)

“Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power – that One is God. May you find him now.” (AA How It Works.)

What vehicle would The Buddha Maitreya return in, given the differences of the Bhuddist vehicles and approach.

It may be that the global vehicle of the Mindfulness Programme may be the perfect vehicle for a collective arrival at the Universal Dharma awakening Compassionate Buddha for yourself.

These vehicles flower from the Way of the East and West hemispheres of the global consciousness, uniting the hemispheres of the human brain, resecuring a spiritual kindergarten for the foundations of a revivified inner governance for individuals and their collectives.

Mindfulness draws powerfully from the many centuries of Dharma across cultures, vehicles and histories to bequeath the sheer practical simplicity of Mindfulness practice, the infant foundations of a deepening personal and group experience of uniting the subliminal realm with consciousness as Universal Compassion, applicable therefore, universally.

The 12 Step Programme draws spiritually from Abraham’s lineage, the Western prophetic monotheism from Adam to Moses to Muhammad, with The Christ Jesus as the anonymous esoteric Master conducting healing at the core of the transformative dynamic that through The Holy Spirit works redemptively for any of the three Western religions, for Eastern religions, as well as for any secular aspiration that can simply submit to a loving Higher Power.

There’s really only one question that applies to Mankind …. click here to ask it.


Virtually alive, actually living.

On my phone
It says it has 542 contacts
Some maybe are duplicated
My phone hardly ever rings
On my Facebook and Twitter
There are hundreds of
Followers and friends
Who I rarely or never see
The timelines and guidelines
On my virtual portal
Inform me of news and views
Bearing little or no resemblance
To my every day life

My life is very small
In this virtual age, my view seems large

In the fourness of
Yin Yang
There is the antidote,
Yet would you watch a pantomime
With no villain?
Would you read a story
Watch a soap opera
With no villain?
The rites of this material existence
Writes the “as much of history”
As can be managed, surely
There is more,
Surely there is more,
Isn’t there?

I am a genius.
There, it’s said.
An IQ of 164 and member of Mensa.
A genius is a subject of intelligence,
All intelligence is cosmic, is One:
So, there’s my definition
For your scrutiny,
Sniping, accepting, praising ….
A teacher once told me that
I’m protected, whatever.

There is musical genius
Literary/poetic genius
Athletic/sporting genius
Mathematical genius
Inventive genius
Artistic genius
Scientific genius
Even political/financial genius

I embody spiritual genius.
Standing on the shoulders of giants

This is my proven equivalent
of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Take it or leave it.
I’m doing my best.

Not since the time of Abraham
Has a messenger 
Been able to come to term,
Free from the hamstringing
Of cultural vehicle,
Free from the power-monger
Free from the interpreter
Able to unite all previous Seals of
Prophet and Saint
Buddha and Scroll
Mystic, poet, witch and sage
Sacred, profane ….
Wherever One Love presides
This 12 Step Vehicle with
Global Fellowships
Revivifying every Way,
Abides …. and criminals
Still do time,
All power is from One.


See how genius is reduced
Again by the times
To the indignity of seeming to
Blow it’s own trumpet,
Lest Israfil should be ordered
To blow his.

I am who am.


Of us and for us


It is of no practical use getting lost in conspiracy, piracy or any other view of rulers and their ruled. It is more probable that the major players on the world stage today are stuck in a mix of national, party and geopolitical financial drivers that renders their actions opaque to anybody’s crystal clear cultural analysis. What is needed is diagnosis.

Oil and gas production and their reserve levels have driven the history of the world throughout all of the last one hundred and twenty years.

We, the people, must look to ourselves first if we wish to understand our ruling elites. We are not to be trusted if the oil runs out. We would riot and kill each other, we would not stand in docile queues like starving Africans; hence our rulers are frightened.

Added to this fear of us, they are frightened for us.
The experiences of the last century have buckled the nation’s leaders’ consciences. Twenty million Russians killed in the Second World War, twenty million Russians killed by Stalin. Six million Jews killed by the Germans after a rearmament funded by mysterious backers. Hundreds of thousands, into many millions, killed on all sides in all the global wars. Millions of Chinese killed in their internal revolutions. Then the Cold War, proxy war, civil war, phoney war, terrorist war …. national leaders frightened for us yet unable to let us or each other into their secret knowledge of events and intentions. All of this, plus trying to contend with those anti-social forces who have always seen their only worth in criminally organised contraband, counterfeit, fraud, prostitution, illicit substances, violence, feeding and worshipping vice whilst craving their place in the pretence of virtue and public personas.

Clans, clubs, sects, secret societies, religions, prophecies, all claiming truth and members stretching back into the mists of time that gives them exclusive rights to vet and predict spiritual phenomena.

There is One unto whom all hearts are open and no secrets are hid.

Like a thief in the night, reality overturns the status quo.

Private suppliers of capital, of money, of credit and of insurance now straddle the global stage. Nation states are reduced to running their economies like franchised outlets of an overarching Monetary Brand that is underpinned by the IMF and the Central Banking System.

The political disconnect that now infects up to sixty percent of the first world electorate threatens the plans of even the most hardened global profiteer.

The word “constitution” links the individual, the corporate and the national body.

If the ruling function of the corporate and the political worlds are to have a chance of daring to get through the first two steps of being eventually 12 stepped back to sanity, then the electorates are going to have to help them, to encourage them.

Those folks in the disconnected sixty percent need to do the one thing that they don’t want to do – that is to reconnect

Like the anomaly in the Matrix who ran at the enemy and entered inside the morphing body to get free, so the Constitutional process has to be fully re-entered into, to move out of the collected personal logjams that account for the collective logjam.

Occupy movements and the Anonymous organisation simply harden the duality. Joining all the main parties or giving the membership subs as a donation if expelled under partisan rules, breaks through into a unified field.

Then the adoption of the sickness diagnosis as a portal of mutual international cooperation by the presently insane global political classes will free their national constitutions to focus on establishing new forms of finance, policing, utility provision and defence that are fit for a twenty first century purpose.

The present febrile atmosphere surrounding celebrity sex scandals does not help with the global diagnosis of stuck-addiction. For the many scores of victims involved in the sordid breakdown of trust and sex instinct boundaries, the effects of abuse are now national and international news.

For the many millions of people in Europe who are living under draconian financial measures as a direct result of abuse by bankers and financiers, abuse that is destroying psyches, marriages, families and dreams, their day in court to face their abusers is denied to them. Only Iceland managed to navigate through the window of healing offered by the last financial crash, led by their President, they sacked the government, rewrote the Constitution and sent the criminal bankers to prison.

The spectrum of stuck-addiction© for an individual ranges across the three instincts of security, social and sex. The addictions that materialise though different in impact and criminal potentiality are actually not in a hierarchy of “niceness”, they are all the same. Any money addict, any sex addict, any food addict, any gambling addict, any power/controlling addict etc etc although materially different in legality and apparent intensity, are in fact all linked by and in a common and singular diagnostic profile.

We, the people, have the power in a democracy, not just once every four or five years, but at every moment. If we don’t engage, the husbanding potential of political leadership will always breach it’s promise, broken and burnt by power. The silent majority may have to regularly demonstrate during any era change by simply turning out peacefully as happened during the silent march of over a million to mark the passing of the living cracked symbol that was Princess Diana. That core of silent connected sanity is present in all cultures ready to stand and witness. Now is the time to witness, to simply silently stand. Let’s say once a week on a Sunday at 1100 hours in front of your local government buildings. Stand for fifteen minutes then disperse. No agenda, no violence, just be. Either go, or imagine that you’re there, actually makes no difference, just be. The hysteria of current events and phoney narratives must dissipate if our global culture is to avoid another common meltdown.

There is a way of seeing ourselves differently that empowers our leaders to admit that they need our help to secure our common survival.

Heal your own inner animosity mindfully and diligently, then the animosity of other folks can be reflected lovingly back to source.

Radical treatment for the UK Constitution

Fear is the thread that connects the stuck-addiction© that infects the global body politic.

The displaced, dislocated partisan system that has come to dominate the policy landscape of the first world culture is no longer fit for purpose. Individual men and women who are whipped against their conscience after an attempt at honest debate is descriptive of an insane system that has brought the very fabric of our species to the point of destruction.

Is there a way forward?


Today, despite the party rules and given I do not want to be an activist or stand for election, I have joined all three main governing parties of the UK Parliament. It was not easy overcoming my mental programming. The action came from my heart not my head. What I am sharing with you is my inner debrief, my new found freedom and re-engagement with the Constitution of my land.

If five million people were to do likewise, even if only temporarily, there would be a freeing of Parliament from the insidious funding sickness of the merely affiliated, the super-rich, the international corporate sponsorship of the national party apparatus, and the frenzy of the lobby system.

This is what I have found arising in my inner world:

* A sudden and surprising sense of union and freedom – I am not divided and ruled
* A sense of reconnection with a party political system that has been redeployed
* A sense that the politicians are now arguing for me not against me to find the best way forward
* A sense that local politicians can now convince me of their policies for my local needs and that I can vote for the best local person without hypocrisy because I own the process
* A sense that I have become in myself the change that I want to see in the world
* A sense that I am licensing politicians like I license the BBC, to serve people with sane political programmes that attract them enough that they want to engage with them.

The leaders are frightened, that’s why they’re so prone to telling lies, they need our help. Their fear is toxic and they are so separated from their atrophied consciences that they do not see that they operate in a sickness that twists them around what they think that they have and might lose, mangled with what they think that they want and might be prevented from getting. All the while the Parliament takes a collective oath to a Theocracy that is only served in the instrument of a personal conscience that is fed with prayer and intuition – hence the broken mess that their words are in. They are not to blame, they need our help.

I know that there will be many more beneficial inner consequences.

The outer changes after the inner changes.

All this for 26p per day and if the parties expel me, I shall simply find the way to donate the equivalent annual fee to them all in subsequent donations anyway, to stay free.


PS. Since the writing of this entry, I have let two of my memberships lapse and retain my Labour Party membership. I still feel free as a consequence of the above experiment and still feel also that if people change themselves in their inner constitution first, then outer politics will eventually follow. AJ Dettman 3/11/2015.

PPS. I no longer hold a membership in any political party. I am a Union member who has opted out of the political levy. AJ Dettman September 2016.

PPPS. I resigned from the GMB recently. AJ Dettman 18/12/18

PPPPS Seems that by the May 23 2019 EU Elections, Conservative Lord Heseltine has embraced his version of my work by pledging to vote for the Liberal Democrats in the UK elections. AJ Dettman 22/05/19

PPPPPS By 18/11/20 in the midst of a global pandemic, much of the political apparatus of the G20 has been exposed as failing, hobbled by partisan paralysis, conscienceless and therefore rudderless. All of my correlations regarding the ill person and the ill system are now playing out at volume ten across the world stage. Where do we go from here? God knows ….

Kogi view on fracking

From the Invisible to the visible 7:


From the Heart of the World by Alan Ereira, the divination of The Mamas page 195 ISBN 0-224-02908-8 published 1990

From the beginning in Colombia
everything, everything remained as it always was
among us,
the native people;
the same belief,
the same mask,
the same dance.
Everything well organised,
in order,
a terrace for every animal.

Younger Brother was permitted to be in other places,
other countries.
There was a dividing line, the sea.

He said, ‘Younger Brother that side,
Elder Brother this side.
You cannot cross it.’
Because this Colombia was the heart of the world,
of the whole universe.

But Younger Brother came from another country
and immediately he saw gold
and immediately he began to rob.
There were golden images,
golden oracles.
The Mama prophesied with golden bowls,
he had a golden tuma,
he had everything
and Younger Brother took it all to another country.

Now the Mama grows sad,
he feels weak.
He says that the earth is decaying.
The earth is losing its strength
because they have taken away much petrol,
many minerals.

A human being has much liquid inside.
If the liquid dries up we fall with weakness.
The same thing can happen to the earth,
weakness makes you fall,

So the earth today catches diseases of all kinds.
The animals die.
The trees dry up.
People fall ill.
Many illnesses will appear,
and there will be no cure for them.

Because Younger Brother is among us,
Younger Brother is violating
the basic foundation of the world’s law.
A total violation.
Building highways,
extracting petrol,

We tell you,
we the people of this place,
that is a violation.

So the Mamas say,
‘Please BBC
no one else should come here,
no more ransacking
because the earth wants to collapse,
the earth grows weak,
we must protect it,
we must respect it,
because he does not respect the earth,
because he does not respect it.’

Younger Brother thinks,
‘Yes! Here I am! I know about the universe!’
But this knowing is learning to destroy the world,
to destroy everything,
all humanity.

The earth feels.
They take out petrol,
it feels pain there.
So the earth sends out sickness.
There will be many medicines,
but in the end the drugs will not be of any use,
neither will the medicine be of any use.

The Mamas say that this tale must be learnt
by the Younger Brother.

(circa 1989)


This blog post added later extends the Kogi message ….


Addendum from 2016 offers some help.


This from September 2021 confirms the Kogi’s message