This small book was penned in 1997ish under my pen name of Eden Gaits.

It describes a spiritual kindergarten, restoring foundation to the tottering towers of material accomplishment.

It downloads by clicking the above link as individual chapters or as a zip file.


The Esoteric and the Exoteric


The power given to Pharoah and Caesar mindsets of today’s playground, whether legally elected or criminally wrested, predisposes them to act only in certain and very predictable zones – whether in selfindulgence purporting to be public service or in the identifying and killings of any threats to their reign – that is how they’re programmed.

Ask anyone in power which character they identify with in Star Wars and all want to be Luke Skywalker, it’s why they went into politics (they tell themselves) even if they serve on the bridge of the Death Star. Eventually power politics makes terrorist reactionaries, makes conspiracy theories about false flag attacks etc, makes everything dodgy, foggy, stuck. Leaders get burnt out, terrorists are clearly mad as hell about leaders, add to this mix the ubiquitous criminality of the opportunistic law breakers and benders, eventually all sides need time out and a 12 Step sponsor!

Here’s the secret. The cellular modelling of the terrorists makes their eradication very difficult. The cellular design and modulation of the global 12 Step Groups in Fellowships makes them indestructible and the most powerful vehicles of light on the planet today.

If there is a war in this world, a world war, it is invisible, between the distorted cells of disaffected terrorists (including the quasi-political and financial cliques of old-boy networks) and the magnificent victory of the global 12 Step Fellowship cells of healing and redemption. There’s no contest. Light’s victory has already happened.

The sacred disease that is addiction reaches across all boundaries and cultures. The billionaire’s daughter or the Mullah’s son, both the same. Eventually, the language of Love will prevail, the only question now is how deeply the global dysfunction has to impact before the remedy is accepted.

The esoteric serves the exoteric. All of the turmoil in the world is exoteric. The religious misinterpretation, the political skulduggery and fear, the false flag attacks, the actual attacks, the responses and atrocities, all exoteric. The intelligence services pretend to fulfill the esoteric role, but they do not connect with the Invisible, they simply try to control their disconnect.

Those truly serving the Unseen esoterically are here as always.They have always been deeply embedded in their era, often branded as heretics as they have had to challenge dying ideas with their messages from The Living One.

Well intentioned politicians just need to be what it says on their tin, servants.

Repairing existential incontinence.


War is a form of existential incontinence. Matters that could be dealt with in a certain way become distressed, broken, dislocated, very messy.

When Muhammad (pbuh) had cleaned up the microcosm that he was born into and left us his template, he looked at inner and outer, greater and lesser. He said that outer warfare was less important than inner warfare.

The inferences are that if matters leak out into the lesser place from the greater place against a designed spiritual way of ordinarily dealing with such matters, then there will be a mess.

Muhammad (pbuh) also said that folks should seek spiritual knowledge to help them (avoid war) even if that meant going to China. The brackets are mine, but the inferences are clear, all cultural message carrying is under the Seal of Islam if it helps individuals to love one another through their differences.

The Inner Jihad is fought under the Seal of Isa, the Living Christ.

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).
Qur’an Sura 49 The Rooms. Yusuf Ali.

Boundaries and walls are designed to be flexible, often permeable in the internal working of a body. If the inner, usually invisible walls of arteries or intestines become hardened or breakdown, then there is an emergency.

If the outer, actually invisible, permeable healthy walls and flexible boundaries between cultures and nations and Continents harden and break down, then there is an existential incontinence, there is very messy war.

In an attempt to deal with the mess as it starts to happen, physical walls are often erected to try to stop the final mess, war, from happening. These physical walls do not work because it is a vain attempt to solve a metaphysical problem with a physical solution.

Once in the wrong place in the wrong way, mess has to be cleaned up. Then, as quickly as possible, the invisible walls of behavioural flexibility and cultural permeability have to be healed, reissued by the common orientation of all mankind toward it’s Human source code, Love.

Often this return to the healthy invisible working of nations and Continents has needed the appearance of healers from the invisible realm who have carried a message.

“In as much as collectivities are mere accumulations of individuals, their problems are also accumulations of individual problems … Such problems are never solved by legislation or tricks. They are only solved by a general change of attitude. And the change does not begin with propaganda and mass meetings, or with violence. It begins with a change in individuals. It will continue as a transformation of their personal likes and dislikes, of their outlook on life and of their values, and only the accumulation of such individual changes will produce a collective solution.” (C. G. Jung, Psychology & Religion (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1938) 95.)

Individual inner effort not only matters, though invisible and seemingly small, it is the only chance for our common survival.

©AJDettman 10/8/14


The Walker on the Waters Part 3

Real love embraces all and everything ….

Sarmoung's Blog

The “Mantram of Power”


Needless to say, that once I returned home to Rovinj, for several weeks I seriously engaged myself in the recitation of the formula suggested by my mentor,  which  I named “The Mantram of Power”. But it didn’t seem very “powerful”. Rather, it appeared to me, to articulate only empty and senseless words that touched neither my personality or behaviour or the usual way to see myself and the surrounding environment.

Above all, I had strove to contact this person, to learn something that had been presented to me as a meditation on the Tarot (a discipline I had learned later), and he offered me a formula that hadn’t any effect on me, except to make me feel that I was wasting time.

So, I decided to speak about this with my old mentor F., who lives in Rovinj. After having listened attentively, he replied: “These words…

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The Walker on the Waters Part 2

I am who am ….

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“Centuries ago a rich merchant lived on the edge of a desert. That man had became so rich that he had begun to worry about how to protect his assets.

After having pondered about this for a long time, he decided to build a fortress in the desert where he would lodge with his courtesans, wives, children and servants. In that fortress, he would safeguard his vast riches.

So, he immediately began to work on this project, calling the most famous architect to build a fortress with walls of a never before seen, height and depth.

The work resulted in being more lengthy and costly than expected. After several years, the construction of the fortress was completed. He found himself without money, and a huge number of women and children and servants to feed, but believed that this fortress was unconquerable.

During these years, his jobs had a bad turn…

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The Walker on the Waters Part I

Sobering up from hallucination ….

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“The Walker on the Waters have always existed, and their deeds are handed down from ear to ear throughout the history of mankind. They are not a sect, a group or an esoteric school, even if many of them have belonged or were in contact with one. They have always existed on this plane; you can find some footprints of their passing in all Ages of human history. Some of them are remembered as great individuals, and their actions which changed situations and people are claimed even today, but most of them have passed silently, voluntarily unnoticed behind the curtains of  known history. Today these people act in the same way.”

These words, spoken by F., was the answer to my question about to which degree is it possible to control emotions. This answer reminded me of the act of Jesus walking on the Galilee Sea.

Our relationship was begun…

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Professional Deflection

For a Master Class in professional deflection, this clip shows how not to answer a direct question.

(It seems whilst checking this video today 22/11/19 that the video link has been broken …. 😉 also a related story has a video that doesn’t work “BBC News – David Cameron faces fresh Gaza pressure” – however they do work when viewed in an internet browser rather than the BBC news app)

This is very sad as it explains the sickness infecting the body politic of the first world.

That mankind is prone to telling lies is one thing. That making a prize out of a defect can lead to sickness is not made clear enough to those caught up in this practice.

Reflection contains thought, but reflection itself is a deeper process that is a “whole being process”; physical, mental and spiritual. Light is reflected, upon and back.

When politicians are in permanent ‘deflect’ mode as the above clip showing Cameron’s dark art superbly illustrates, there is no time for reflection, deflection is a high pressure thinking function that eventually spreads confusion into the minds of those being fed the deflective responses to questions.

More seriously, this “purposefully transmitted confusion”, that passes as expediency and political skill, can become an endemic component in the receiving culture, one of chronic confusion that thenceforward translates into rising dementia levels in the general population: also this deflective behaviour can eventually blow back into the entities that get stuck in such deflective behaviour and then dementia occurs in them too as might be the case with Harold Wilson, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and many more.

As it says in the Qur’an, everything is created with Truth and Water. Deflection destroys the foundation of creation by splitting the negative and positive poles and dividing men and women in animosity. To repair this animosity, the polarities have to be brought back together in a Unity.

This is only achieved by The One Itself authentically recalibrating Itself, the opposites are reconfigured, repaired, insulated again to carry the One Life Force into the three dimensions of physical existence.

Falsely singular arguments, the apparently necessary trappings of politicised ideology, willfully dismantle the necessary duality, the pairing in the material/psychic interface by misunderstanding the way that life actually manifests from the Invisible to the Visible, from One to One.




To realise an asset, it has to be converted into a more liquid form.

So in the physical realm, an asset may be a property, an investment or an article that is sold and converted into cash, the most liquid form of physical currency.

In the mental realm, an asset may be a talent, a predisposition that is realised after training and hard work to bring a capacity into the physical realm from the mental realm whereupon it is often a source of cash itself in terms of personal occupation or transferrable value.

In the spiritual realm, an asset may be a yearning, an intuition, an inspiration, a prophecy, a destiny to be realised. This spiritual realisation is often the hardest to apparently achieve and seems most open to counterfeiting.

All realms have their charlatans and crookery. When buying goods or services from others one becomes practised in testing the authenticity of goods and the qualification and expertise that attaches to the provision of service.

When producing ideas, manuscripts or inventions, the notion of ownership, accountability, peer evaluation, legal copyright and guarantee become attached to the transactional nature of communicable work and cultural identity as people seek to express themselves and to consume the expression of others.

Spiritual realisation seems most open to the misapprehension and misuse of its undoubted power by the wholesale traders of it’s produce into the mental, thence physical realms of buying and selling.

Sometimes the usual rigour that is applied to the ordinary business of mental/physical realisation seems to get suspended in an over deference to religious language that becomes divorced utterly from practicality.

The three realms of the physical, the mental and the spiritual or metaphysical, are all linked and are all accountable to the simple test of actual utility.

The realised man has a liquidity of worth across all three realms and is a giver of light, a shedding of constraint, a relief, a source of practical information that helps others to similarly realise themselves as a realisation of their own assets.

The asset is always given up if realisation is to occur.

The physical asset changes ownership for money.
The mental asset changes state for reputation.
The spiritual asset reverts back to The Real, The One Source, to Love. The asset as a yearning was never the person’s in the first place, it belongs to Love Itself.

The realised man is the changed Man, the Human.