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Imagine if the only reason that you are on this planet is to become Human.

What if you were born a boy baby or a girl baby, grew into a man or a woman and that then your sole work was to achieve the rank of being Human?

Would that ‘re-commissioning’ that ‘re-mission’ in your life change the way that you live and if so, what might convince you that that was in fact the true case?

When I worked in a prison rehab, trained as an addiction counsellor, dispensing treatment in a spiritually oriented recovery programme to recover men from criminalised addiction , virtually no inmate wanted to know anything about a loving God – no surprises there then!

Whenever I asked this captive client group, “who here has ever done an inhuman act?”, there was usually a complete and immediate admittance answering the question in the affirmative.


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Looking forward

Looking at what scares the world

Determined to run toward, consciously

Knowing that to run away is toward anyway

The experimentation with form

The implementation of desire

The complimenting of gender, is love ❤

The recorders can recount

Nothing but time.

Doing slows time down

Being speeds time up

This vertical eternity spans between

The days of birth and death, the same.

Only God can make it plain,

So to avoid error

Neither complain nor explain

Looking forward, backward, inward, toward the day of breath, that rhymes with death

Those magic letters e a r t h that with b i d combine our history, our valency.

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