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Hu'll heal the heart

It may be that there are some unrealistic expectations surrounding the possibility of your realising for yourself your permanent contact with The God. This may be because of the cyclic prevalence of self-appointed people in positions of presumed importance for the governance of mankind.

When a Human being, aware that a rôle is initiated by God to fulfill, is truly in receipt of that appointment, then when brought into contact with the self-appointed, the self-appointed inevitably become disappointed until the true nature of that contact, as a kept appointment, becomes clear.


Hence, a certain hesitation always attends the initiate appointed by God, for their appearance is disappointing, provoking unease amongst those whose self-appointed function has become difficult even for them to uphold.


The illusory outer conditions necessary for the appearance of the person charged with carrying a message by Divine appointment therefore, are generally prepared coincidentally so as to give…

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Time Out

There is feedback from posts which can allay concerns over making public one’s inspirations and intuitions, yet occasionally behaviours manifest that make a mockery of assumed positions of utterances about life dynamics and spiritual sources.

Family life is so grounding. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, saying one thing about ideal realisations fit for the general edification of this poor darkling time, whilst barking angrily at my sweet daughter for not wanting to wear a vest on a chilly day.

The vanity of self publishing is so possible these days. I’ve spent a year blogging, Facebooking, Twittering etc., occasionally even feeling that there is destiny to be met in the radical spears that are hurled at the wild problems that rear up across the contemporary appearance as the latest news bulletin.

I’m also aware of course that the only person stuck in my diagnosis of stuck-addiction© may well be me, that I am projecting me onto the world.

So, time for a break. I have in the past deleted Twitter profiles that were followed by the good and the great in order to purge my vanity. I teeter on the brink of deleting blog, social media profiles and email addresses: however, I have decided to leave what there is out there, out there.

I am going to be away from the virtual world for a while, my real world calls for my attention.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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