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Second Christmas

Repetition of the petition
The condition of the rite
That writes ….

Hu'll heal the heart


The delicate work of Muse rendition
When that word
Has been usurped by the torture business
Is as difficult now
As it has always been.
Making the invisible, visible.
Being true.
Sentenced by words that are
Love’s sentience.
She says write …. I write
The double You rite that is poetry
Where there is no double You.
“I am who am”, a Master said
Modulated in poetry that somehow spawned
A See
now blinded by the Tantric fury
of burgeoning misunderstanding.

The poet priest returns
Knocking at the locked doors
of a heart forever open.

Letters dance through the light,
Ducts of love that join periodically
tabling the valent cauldron of
The prevalent.

©AJDettman 31/8/13

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The Greater Nativity

Merry Christmas 2016

Hu'll heal the heart

When Muhammad (pbuh) contrasted the lesser jihad with the Greater Jihad, he was exposing the relationship that exists between the visible and the invisible as mankind realises their place in creation. He said that the lesser jihad was physical war and that the Greater Jihad was fought in the individual heart to seemingly fight against oneself to be a Human.

CG Jung called God “The Symbol of symbols”, and it seems that Muhammad knew that the outer always symbolises a greater inner.

Thus there is the lesser nativity and the Greater Nativity, the former symbolising a more potent latter for the individual.

The lesser nativity is the literal story of seeming impossibility that a Divine presence was miraculously born through biological means without the biological requirements for such a birth having been met, a story which has set the time recorder for the dominant culture of our era, it now…

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Shamanic dancing ….

Hu'll heal the heart


The beauty of Consciousness is that even though made in 2009 and my only just seeing it, previous blog posts all seem to have led me to it, but then again, how could it be otherwise 😉

My thanks to http://www.joburgsuficentre.org

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Further Posts

Added a message from the performers called Disturbed as their passion amplifies the urgency of my stand.

Hu'll heal the heart

This blog begins anew
The publishing of my heart
The lightning of my lightening load
The thunder of my God’s sneeze
Across the shaken dust
Of our mortal


There are 66 posts.

The blog grew organically as a spontaneous collaboration between the visible and the Invisible and as such can be read from the first post through to the sixty sixth as one might embark upon a brisk walk. There are links to be pondered afterward if the material has sparked any interaction.

Please see http://lifeisreturning.com for all further posts. Thanks 🙂

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The Bridegroom

As Robert Graves is purported to have said, “there are so many women and so few men”.

This poet was intimating the old way of the masculine serving the two feminines.

The biology gives a symbolic clue.
Woman is xx, man is xy.
Together there is x(x)y(x).

The ‘y’ is the Excalibur, the poetic function serving the ‘xx’ of Nature with the messages from the unseen (x) of Supernature.

This earthly ‘y’ is connected to the unseen ‘Y’ much in the way the ‘mu’min’ is reflective of ‘Mu’min’ and is the illumination, protection and peace that belief brings to knowledge. The ‘Y’ it could be said, is beyond gender like HU or AUM.

The masculine is then the bridge across which the Invisible manifests the visible.
The true man must be married internally in his ‘xy’ first, to be able to present as ‘yx’, otherwise the power of the visible and Invisible feminine will tear him apart.

This inner marriage is only possible if The Muse and the The God, the Invisible ‘X’ and ‘Y’ assist the man both in his travails and more importantly, in his return to serve the feminines, the two Brides.

If this inner marriage is not present then the configuration is xxx(y), the unseen turns ruthlessly and erroneously masculine, the xxx denoting poison, pornography and the prostitution of the soul, as money and a cartoon like patriarchy dominate a culture – no men husbanding as Her Bridegroom at all, just a bitchfest, a parody where the supposed leading men wear funny hats, large roles and uniforms to hide their disconnect.

Women suffer this to happen, until they eventually don’t, (video link added August 2019) as happened recently in Iceland after the financial crash.

The Muse ‘X’ and The God ‘Y’ though apparently different in material representation, are in Essence – One.

This symbolism is reflected in the two Marys surrounding Christ, Mary Magdalene and Mary The Virgin. It is also present in Muhammad (pbuh) when he said three things were permissible to him whilst on this planet, ‘women, perfume and prayer’ – this is symbolic of the two feminines and one masculine, or two passives and one active with perfume symbolising the active, connective, message carrying function.

☯️ The Human, being active, serves The Human, being passive, in love. Salaam. 🕉️

© AJ Dettman 2015