My Staff

How far have the British travelled in 200 years that we wish to further our foundations of sovereignty upon this blood soaked planet, are we sure that we have travelled far enough to exit a new experiment to again go it alone?

Maybe Europe has failed, maybe hidden financial puppet masters have been manipulating infant democracy for two hundred years. So what, if that is the case then even more reason to hold with what has already been paid for in the blood of the brutalised, to face down the hidden magicians with the Staff of The Human, being true.

When Moses was asked to throw his staff down onto the ground and it turned into a serpent that defeated the serpents of the magicians of the Pharaoh, then the story can be correlated to the present day.

This post is my staff. The present day Pharaoh has magicians that let loose the writhing serpents of events that bamboozle the media and the people.

This video begins to extend a challenge to the hydra headed congestion that is the news, politics, criminality, corporate governance, financial meltdown, false flag conspiracy and so on.

There is an illness that describes the derailment of conscience that is a symptom of the linguistic breakdown and cultural dissonance that threatens to unleash forces of our collective shadow again, as in WWII.

That illness will be healed by individual effort, not by propaganda and mass movements spawned within emergency legislation. That was how WWII occurred.

This illness, the congestion of communication, is stuck-addiction©. This illness is identified and diagnosed in these blogs.

Global Epidemic

Quote from the Anthony Zurcher report on the Republican Presidential debate in the USA as reported by the BBC online:

Cruz’s best moment likely came when he discussed his half-sister’s death of a drug overdose.

“This is an absolute epidemic,” he said of drug addiction in the US. “We need leadership to solve it.”

If this unaddressed addiction epidemic was just about drugs and alcoholic, though horrific enough, it might still be containable with current methodology.
Unfortunately for our global culture, this epidemic (a disease of corrupted leadership both individual and systemic) is at the core of the global financial paralysis, the global religious terrorism phenomena, the global obesity statistics, the global political disconnect.
If this epidemic continues unaddressed, the global constitutional condition as described by the connectivity of the diplomatic organs of the global body politic, this global body risks total collapse.
Simply seeing the connecting symptoms in a way that diagnoses the overall global situation within an illness paradigm to be healed, rather than an intellectual problem that has to be politically solved, would release a massive surge of creative and cohesive energy.

© AJ Dettman 2016