Affect and Effect

There is One Cause in existence. This is the ineffable position of the messenger who is in Union with God.
So where does that leave the usual intellectual due diligence of trying to apportion casualty in the complicated apparition that is our daily experience?
Once the cause is summarised as singular, then the theatre of life takes on a new script.
The Latin verb ‘facio’, is the key to understanding the play, the illusion of existence. From this celestial playwright the words perfect, defect, affect, infect, effect, and the derivatives confection and refectory zoom into focus.
Everything is perfect now.
What draws you in affection is the energy that gives you the echo that is the effect. What you hold as precious is that which is your unavoidable parameter of consciousness.
Laughter is infectious, panic is infectious, grief is infectious, enthusiasm is infectious and so on and so on …. in this computer age posts can go viral.
The defects, which necessarily include the correlations death and birth, have their place in a system of ‘necessary duality’ for current to flow. The vice and virtue of appearances that revolve as a person evolves are not ’cause and effect’ pathways, they are educators of our perfection.
If behaviour sticks then it is described as being somewhat affected.
Love is the only cause: therefore, in the quantum science of Unity, love is the only possibility of releasing what are, (despite their often terrifying appearance and consequence) simply local affected patterns of governing behaviour (either personal or systemic), into being recalibrated more effective patterns of behaviour; thus releasing more affection for the future effects of this, our present perfection.

Financial Warfare

This message is so important because it correctly identifies the stand that the junior doctors are taking on behalf of the British public.

Stuck-addiction© places the executive function of individuals, corporations and nations into similar and foregone places of dysfunction.

New ideas become closed off and there is an increasing desperation to make the old ways work come what may.

Our global relationship to money is an old way.

The system is broken. In the past physical war recalibrated the financial machine and was rolled out regularly by the global junta running it. Latterly, this device has had to go asymmetric in its application of physical warfare as a business model, but the same device is still being applied politically and tangentially where there are large amounts of cash that are not in the private sector.

The budget of the UK NHS is the same as the GDP of Denmark. If that money were to be injected directly into the veins of the dying global machine then there would be a short term recalibrating fix – at least that is the plan.

So, TTIP is the global financial assault plan to save the old paradigms in the face of the executive denial that stuck-addiction© is killing the national and international body politic.

They do not even have to have thought the plan through, so they can legitimately deny it, it is simply happening to them as a logical consequence of their entrenchment – the global leaders and the junta behind them, honestly think that they are doing their best.

Only a diagnosis of illness can release leadership into the necessary cathartic process that will engage new creative ways to begin a new era.

There is not much time left to us …. but there is enough if we listen to and can hear the brave doctor leading this post.

Inner Meteorology

As can be seen on the chart, there are three feeling states – pleasant, unpleasant and neutral.

These relate to the simple terminal correlations that produce a “current” in electricity, water, air and the psyche as it is read emotionally.

The physical body of mankind is a universal piece of kit that utilises basic instincts and feelings to interface with its environment, to then gauge the existential experience personally with emotions that are only then culture, gender and language specific.
The instincts can be referred to as being 1. security instinct 2. social instinct 3. sex instinct.

The instincts braid together developmentally in a reactive container that is the feeling differentiator, as a plasma of feelings flow around the instincts like coolant around nuclear fuel rods, expansions and contractions occur that produce the three previously mentioned states as pressure systems that are similar to an inner meteorology. (link to 2018 post added in 2019)

Even the word ‘depression’ is a term that is utilised to describe low pressure in meteorology and low feelings that translate as depressed emotions psychologically.

When the inner sun is out, or even when the attempt to lighten up is made artificially, then people sometimes say that they feel ‘high’.

The inner pressure system of feelings links to the blood pressure system as the blood flow is directly affected by the instinctive reaction to life and the regulating effect of the heart.

This inner system produces a flow, a current of feelings that provide the possibility of this motion being understood emotionally.

The misunderstanding of inner weather is at the core of the stuck-addiction pandemic that is collapsing populations and governments globally.

The descending and the ascending pressure “energy” has to be connected by the word transcending otherwise there is no energy flow.

This transcendental disconnect is at the core of much of the mental illness that is now at epidemic levels in early 21st century cultures, just as Jung described in the late 1930s:

“If dull people lose the idea of God nothing happens – not immediately at least. But socially the masses begin to breed mental epidemics, of which we have now a fair number.” C. G. Jung, Psychology & Religion (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1938) 105.

The transcending connector to the descending and the ascending pressure system that is vital for a person’s feeling experience is their very sense of the moment, that then connects with their emotional barometer.

In these times, mental health practitioners generally do not know the difference between a feeling and an emotion and the terms are conflated into being the same term.

This error is disastrous as it makes escape from the feeling to emotion disconnect almost impossible. Plus it renders whole swathes of ill people as being offered up experimentally to the big drug companies who have then peddled their synthetic transcendental connection for their inner pressure system breakdown, with merely anaesthetic results.

The pain of disconnect has been and still is being clumsily and ignorantly experimented upon by the big pharmaceutical companies amidst them making huge amounts of money, but the Spiritual diseases identified by Jung in 1938 are left to infest Mankind unabated.

The Johnson & Johnson criminal conviction this year (2019) in the US indicates just how unethical and disconnected is the whole treatment industry when it comes to Mankind’s current existential breakdown.

Addiction is the key indicator disease that illustrates most clearly the information given by Jung in the last century and by me presently.

The Taming Of The Screw.

The vice in this world has the twin jaws of fear and hope. Fear of losing that which one imagines that one has and hope of getting that which one imagines that one needs.
The screw on the existential vice tightens and slackens as our personal and collective experience of life plunges us into situations that require virtue as the only slackening educator.
All physical vice has this one tap root, this one release.
Just like a workshop vice, there is also an emergency quick release for the existential vice jaws that overrides the screw when virtue seems unable to reverse the turn of the narrative thread.
To access the emergency quick release, it is a matter of realising the true nature of a situation.
In a workshop situation, that realisation that something was wrong might be immediate, clear and painful.
In the existential workshop, pain is similarly the touchstone of spiritual progress, we fail our way forward.
When the jaws of a personal existential vice stick to the point of calamity and refuse to open to the normal virtue resolutions, then the 12 Step Programme has proven itself to be a Universal Spanner capable of returning movement to the stuck screw.
When a whole culture has become stuck and the collected virtue of generations fails to be enough to avert impending calamity, then a global diction resolution is needed.
The preparation of the place of reception for that diction resolution is happening, the transmission has been in place for some time.