Addiction is not the problem

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the HU man healing

That title of ‘Addiction Is Not The Problem’ may seem crazy to you, but it is true. In fact without the ability to healthily addict oneself to a chosen problem solving pathway, with will-power, then no problem ever gets solved at all. The illness that is infecting the executive function of individuals thus filling up the jails, that is infecting the executive function of corporations thus breaking banks, crippling NHS Trusts, destroying blue-chip reputations, that is ultimately infecting even the functioning of the Executive Offices of nations, is in fact the illness that I have called stuck-addiction©.

wpid-wp-1445631379222.jpg Stuck-addiction

The above flow chart is indicative of a healthy problem solving pathway. It shows where a pathway breaks when it is forced, it breaks at the addiction point, at the stuck-addiction© point. This illness is now global, lethal, and ultimately is the cause of the mutually assured destruction that threatens to overwhelm the diplomatic logjams of…

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