The best that we can do ….?

Is this the best that we can do
From an Empire of global reach
Candidates of such calibre that who
Is it that can hardly halt the retch
As words of hate and blame
Resound the halls of fame and power
A burnt out family
Versus the trumped up tower
Is this the best that we can do?

It must be that the stage is stuck
The revolving gears grinding
The common man face down again in muck
Each soul’s breath a silent gasping
In disbelief?

Every Pharoah has their Moses
Every Empire their rise and fall.


Bodies are like oyster shells
Races and nations are the oysters
Only pearls are universal
From true grit
Pearls speak of the protection of Love
When death, bewilderment, accident or Alzheimer’s hits
It’s only the fleshy oyster that falls ill
And it is designed to fail

Your Pearl is why you’re here
Pearls know each other.


The letter from Jung to Wilson is useful to see the compassion in action that is the 12Step Programme, from the point of view of a supporter and interpreter of spiritual phenomena such as Jung was and is.

That Jung mentioned the Devil in his letter is relevant to the turbulence in the world today.

Alcohol is only a symbol, we ourselves are the problem and this is stated in the 12Step programme.

Therefore when Jung describes the yearning for alcohol as actually a yearning for Union with God, then it is this same yearning for Union that hides in the antics of the obese overeater, the frazzled and disgraced sex addict, the gambling addict spending the rent that is the same as the banker who crashes a whole bank, the world leaders who start their justifiable war.

The 12Step diagnostic approach to human self-destruction is to say that it is always a spiritual malady with a spiritual solution. Further, that when the spiritual malady is rectified, then the mental and physical symptoms of said malady sort themselves very efficiently.

There is no intellectual solution for a spiritual disease. That a mind refuses to believe that it is suffering from a spiritual infection, is simply part of the illness.

As a spiritual counsellor, my rôle is first to help a client to see their dysfunction clearly and only then to engage in treatment that is consensual with a clear diagnosis.

The Devil, mentioned by Jung, is a detail of the diagnosis, a detail that is actually part of the spiritual healing once reconnected and repaired to a holistic template of Human transformation, a transformation brought about by experiencing a conscious contact with God.

Ahmad Jamil

The virtuoso does not not perform with a fear of diminishing the audience
The musician does not excel whilst imagining the lesser gradation of other musicians
The years of wrestling with rehearsal are delivered eventually for the uplift and emotional nourishment of the receiver
It is not that the master expects all to attain to the level of transmission of the play upon instrument and voice
So it is with me
How can the gift given to me, be given to you by the recipient, who can only express a gift, not regive it?
My words are connected to the Source
It matters not whether they seem sacred or profane to you, the Source is One
Therefore, those seeking the perfume of union in these times, will know the scent of the sent pre-sent in me
The beautiful names are for beauty
Beauty is not one of them, beauty is all of them
Praise is for the creation not the Creator
The Creator needs no praise, you need praise
I am the most praiseworthy of those who praise …. you

Now is the time, with whatever time is left to me,
To talk of certainty, as being the truth of certainty
That you may be fed by the reality of certainty itself
To itself

The opposites work together always when re-paired

When in a state of disrepair, the opposites fight to their logical, committee driven, exquisitely minuted and justified end …. that of
Utter destruction

I am global because the Source is global
There are a few here on Facebook who love my words
It is for you that I write
The rest of you will just have to deal with it or let me go

My counselling service will not attract the masses
For people do not really want to change
They want to go through the motions
And that is perfectly understandable

But for the few with only a thin layer of dust over their eyes
Then my counselling service and my taxi service are a perfect station of contact

This place is simply my fountain
Cascading whilst I am here
Bubbling words that warm the heart, embarrass the mind
Feed the soul

Ethically I fit the label that has to be placed on the counselling jar
I can do that with treatment-plan, objectives, progress notes and CBT homework linking sessions
But the energy in the words is not in the Vizier’s audit
It is in the inside treasure chest of Aladdin