Physically, resourcefully
The argument for quotas is clear,
The destruction is near
The supply is restricted
The people in charge cite
Chapter and verse
The money wields its stick
Academics quote facts about theories

About what makes us sick.

Quoters sometimes make quotas.

There is no quota on the Love of God
There is no quota on the Peace of God
There is no quota on the Light of God ….

Unless you immediately feel the need
To quote to me some important source
To put me in my place,
That masquerade of your place
Of loss of hope, of faith, of innocence.

There is no quota on Hu (as) Man, ‘Be’ …. ing.

The 2017 UK General Election

The politics in the UK is foggy because the two main party leaders have both suffered from heart and head dissonance even more than is occupationally usual for politicians.
Before the Conservative Party was forced into a Referendum on EU membership by the ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) rhetoric by Nigel Farage and his many years of political consistency, Theresa May was at heart a ‘remainer’ on the EU spectrum.
Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand, in his heart was an ‘exiter’ on the EU spectrum.
So, in the run up to the Referendum vote, the WYSIWYG power of the heart/head authenticity of Farage, regardless of the analysis of the exit argument in financial or sociological terms, began to affect the debates because people are hard wired to resonate to a heart/head authenticity, whatever the modern theories of communication might try to say about such a ‘spiritual’ statement.
The Conservative position weakened as previous remainers such as Boris Johnson further fogged the heart/head channels from Executive to social body.
Theresa May and her intimates saw the shifting ground and her head separated from her heart and from her leader David Cameron, as she prepared her coup.
Jeremy Corbyn never connected to his heart/head power that comes through in the impassioned voice unmistakeably, so he was unable to lead an effective Labour remain campaign, which simply amplified the inevitabilty of the authenticity of the heart/head exiters.
Now, post Brexit, an interesting though still very foggy dynamic presents in Theresa May’s flawed gamble for more power.
Her gamble is intellectual and head based, but from a personal configuration of a pre-existing heart/head split, she is still in her suffering prostituted heart a remainer. So her voice lacks real unmistakable passion and energy, in fact it is often tremulous rather than tremendous despite her clever quips.
Jeremy Corbyn however, though having to accept a Labour party flavouring of remain, he is now reconnected to an authentic heart/head power configuration as a long-time exiter, which is already showing in the power of his speeches and their actual connectivity potential to an audience anciently wired to recognise heart/head dynamics.
The Lib Dems even have more heart/head appeal than the disconnected words of Theresa May.
As the campaign goes on it will become clear why she is so frightened of being directly compared in debate with her more connected opponents and she is hoping to be able to simply ‘head bash’ audiences with reporters getting heartless soundbites that are designed to feed pollsters.

Here and There …. Hear, hear.

Someone asked me where I’d been, I replied, “oh, you know, here and there.”

As a Counsellor, trained and experienced in ‘models’ of therapy, I am in a professional body of approach to client request for an appointment that often unwittingly sees any possible resolution for a person as being ‘over there’.

This is just as it is, and transitionally it is necessary for many, many people at this time. The 12 Step Programme is itself a vehicle for most that involves a participant in a spiritual awakening to a solution for a problem over their experience of time, even though a founder of the Programme, Bill W. was involved in a spiritual experience out of time, as a solution for his alcohol problem that he then transmitted to others over time.

To be both ‘here and there’, does then take a little practice for most people. The counselling models are more usually involved with a symbolic statement of ‘there there’, to the many presenting problems of bewildered clients, until such time as a person can see their way clear to move through to a new vision of themselves.

The term ‘hear hear’, is usually an ‘applauding in the moment’ of an agreement to, or an appreciation of, points that someone else is making in a speech, but poetically speaks to me phonetically as ‘here, here’.

So ‘here’, is both in a physical placement as well as hearing a description of a point related to time.

I say that ‘here’ is related to time because ‘there’, is more the word that actualises time – so we can say both ‘there was a time, there is a time and there will be a time’, more easily than the word ‘here’ can be moved as a descriptor of time, ‘here’ can be moved but it always keeps its sense of being ‘in’ time not ‘of’ time.

Everything is actually ‘here and there’ both at the same time, but it may take contact with a person who can clearly express this reality, to help more people to see the fact of this matter for themselves. The state that is most injurious to a person or a collective is that state of deliriously imagining that it’s all ‘neither here nor there’ and that therefore change is not possible.

I am both a Therapist and a Herapist.

Diction Resolution Therapy (DRT) is my mode of working to help people to get there, whilst my work as a Spiritual Healer, I’m a student member of The Healing Trust (NFSH), is my way of helping people to arrive here .

Quantitive Diseasing

The house of cards that is International money hangs together in the smoke and mirrors of Central Bank QE electronic money.
It may be electronic, but it all has to be paid back to the lender, or the buyer of the bonds.
So, it is the same battle that has been going on since Central Banking started its financing of governmental wars many decades ago.
The battle seems to be between between wealth and sovereignty, but it is actually about the simple tripartite template of existential reality.
Physical, mental and spiritual – and the power is always spiritual.
Then it’s simply about woo woo land versus practical power and power’s rituals and symbols – the lion and the unicorn versus the banks and whose got the biggest office block and where it is built.
Invisible power, is it actually there in the Aladdin template scenario of the Masons, or is it all David Blane trickery and the gullibility if mass audiences?
A quick scan of my eccentric blogs and shows a contemporary wrestle with enlightenment and its struggle to function practically.
It’s easy to give up with both personal behaviour change and with the thought of mankind’s culture change. The changed man, a term applied to the Sufi, works on every available front to bear witness to the connectivity of everything and what precisely that means for individuals and their inevitable collective structures.
I have been hammering on for years now about a disease model correlation between individual and collective disordering. A disease in the individual that when once present, never gets better without an intervention.
If my writing over the past years is accurate, then all the executive efforts corporately and politically are to varying degrees diseased and now part of the problem not the solution.
This means that, if my diagnosis is correct, the real line that can be followed post 2008/9 across the leadership of the world’s institutions is a line of a steady deterioration of conscience, a kind of collective dementia that lurches from event to event upon the breaking of words, the twisting of policy with the pretence of control and ethical reference. The unravelling of social and security provision within the body of the undertakings that the diseased executive functions increasingly collapse within, the breakdown of reputation of previously celebrated brands and personalities.
If my view is correct, it can be seen that every policy change since 2008/9 has made matters worse, increased debt and sovereign reliance upon Central Banks, diminished national security and collective wellbeing and that every effort will carry on making things worse.
I, along with incredulous detractors, hope that it is my view that is deranged rather than a derangement of the national and international leadership.
The test of the latest debacle of weasel word political nonsense in the UK, where PM May plays games with the constitution of the national body like a junkie who mixes more and more legal highs of an unknown substance, whilst accusing opponents of playing games, the test will be whether or not she is actually connected to her words.
Her predecessor was not connected to his words and went. The language in a disease diagnosis, is shown to be increasingly inarticulate, dysfunctional and confusing.
The run up to this UK General Election when seen as a deepening illness indicator, might at least then become more bearable …. but we are a long way from the politics of their favourite word, a word I know well as a spiritual counsellor expert in the treatment of stuck-addiction©, that word is “recovery”.

Two tweets Tuesday

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The pulse
The repulse
The impulse
The compulse
Driving beats
Propelling existence
Attracting and repelling
Gravity and friction
The diction of experience.
What repulses you about yourself
Hardens your heart to similar others
What attracts you to yourself
Softens your heart to similar others
(Totalitarian regimes insult
The totalitarian subterfuge of elections)
Whatever is happening
There is One.
In any propulsion instrument
The necessity is boundary
Surface tension,
Insulation and non- adulteration.
Oil and water need a gasket
Electricity needs cable, fuse and terminals
Fusion needs reactor chamber and coolants.
If the insulation breaks down,
The pulse stops.
Healing is wholing.
The hole you’re in is missing a ‘w’.
What is your double you?
It is the ‘my’ and the ‘not my’
Held together in an insulation.
It is the ‘my’ and the ‘e-ne-my’
Held together in an insulation.
It is the ‘my’ and the ‘enemy’
Held together in an insulation.
What is insulation?
Love is insulation
Love makes the hole whole.

.@bbcburnsy @guardian @POTUS @PutinRF_Eng @HassanRouhani @theresa_may @Pontifex @DalaiLama @netanyahu
What is war?
War is the deliberate removal
The deliberate removal
Of an ‘e’
The deliberate removal
Of one letter
That makes ware, war.
Beware or be war.
Cherish your human wares
Or destroy the double you
In insisting upon your financial ‘ares’.
So the important letters here
The letters that are deliberately removed
By frightened little people
Projecting their own animosity
Amplifying their own ambition,
The letters that are ripped out of the heart
That turn ware to war and wares to ares,
I am the first person singular
I am the first person plural.

Prince of Peace


I am of Peace
Only God is The Monarch of Peace,
This is why Christ is called
The Prince of Peace
Out of respect.
It is why Gabriel
Is consulted, rather than God
Out of prophetic respect
Peace is a place, you see,
A journey to Peace has
A leaving and an arrival,
I come from that place
Of Peace.
Peace is a living place
Arrived at in a moment
If you actually had a moment.
You would be with me in Peace
If you actually had a moment.
Because you don’t recognise me
Even though you talk of Peace
All the time,
It seems that staying in the moment
Is hard for you,
Otherwise you would know Peace
For yourself.
I am here with you to help,
To help with the leaving
To help with the journey
To help with the arrival
In Peace.

© Andrew Dettman 2017.


Paramahansa Yogananda united in himself, in his being, Krishna and The Christ Jesus.
My work, in my being, is to unite Islam and Christianity and by extension also Judaism, that is to say the people of The Book, the sanity of Abraham, with all beings connected by the Seal of Universal Sainthood. All cultures speak of their Saints.
I speak from my own experience, not just from theory or theology, but able to utilise these vehicles where helpful.
I have been helped and hindered in almost equal degree to this point in my life by spiritual teachers and teachings, for both these things of ‘help and hinder’ are interchangeable in experience, as is easily verified for yourself.
There are many academic approaches to unite the religions at this time. There are famous people trying to synthesise the religions into a single ‘now’, share their personal revelation, invite audiences to a blue inner flame of guided meditation, comparing the similarity of historical religiosity to try to heal global tensions. I wish these efforts continued expansion.
My message of a global spiritual illness, is in a sense more old fashioned therefore, it’s a message of an illness with an Abrahamic spiritual healing that has been proven in the field in the 12 Step Programme, it’s a message that is now clear in my writing and recordings. I do not intend to keep overcooking this message of stuck-addiction© to try to convince you of the fact of this matter.
In the time left to me physically on this planet, I am intending to move into a mode of ‘being my message’, rather than concerning myself with trying to clarify an arrival at a qualification satisfactory to a presumed recipient of any such message being worth accepting.
This modal change is to involve my receiving training in my student membership of The Healing Trust (NFSH), to continue with Diction Resolution Therapy (, as well as a personal witness of being able to express, where appropriate, my experience of living within a contemporary spiritual nativity and how this experience can translate current events.
This modal change may reduce my time on Facebook etc., thank God!
I remember when I was ‘recovering’, that is regaining a workable personality after having been stripped psychically bare by a unifying meeting in God in 1982, so literally in need of new inner covers, I happened to be in a group meeting with fellow patients and a doctor who was called Dr. Church.
I had started communicating only by writing, after having been rendered totally mute for some weeks. Whilst writing a short note for the doctor to share with the group and whilst they waited silently, the doctor said, “goodness, isn’t it very peaceful as he is writing?”
I mention this now, as it is a story that confirms the core of my being, the core of my message, for whatever covering has been necessarily placed within me to function in the here and now then this covering addresses a place that is who I am. That place is peace.


This corresponds to my flow chart that coheres around the word “diction”, a flow chart that rehabilitates the word “addiction” to a healthy place on a problem solving pathway. More relevantly to this piece, the “diction chamber” is a place of transmission and of reception that interfaces with the visible and the invisible realms.
When the pathway is broken at the addiction point, the disease of stuck-addiction© manifests, the diction chamber concretises like the castle in Sleeping Beauty and then no new listening can occur, now new talking can occur.
See my blog “Hu’ll Heal Your Heart” for more information after listening to Mr. Bennett.

Here and There

Here is here
There is here
With a T.
So, this is the song
Sung by those who sing,
The single voices
Those who know
The single and the double,
The here and the there.

The verb “to double”, works,
But “to single” needs “out”,
To make sense, and in that,
Outing, doubles ….

I can only “enter in” by consent.
Still, it’s neither here nor there,
Neither singled out nor doubled,
It’s between the yes and no
That is the current of my heart.

Heritage – A statue outside a treasury.

There is something of a tradition of love poetry in the Sufi Way:

Systems of feeling and blood pressure
Compliment each other,
Crescendos of pulses
Instinct and heart, beat time,
Their sword plunges
Through the separation knot.
Then a form appears,
Her vibration in a harmonic,
Her screen reflects back
Deflects me back,
Some words of her hearting
Dive deeping, my submerging wreck.
This yearning is no rushèd reed
No poetic cypher of yester fear,
It is sympathetic, near to my soul,
Handed back to source, sad.
So much sadness to turn to gold,
Clutching at straws, at signs
Spun for Rumpelstiltskin’s pawn.
Earth is more, a kind of, a sort of,
Plant; sorting, kinding a way
Through solid concrete.
I love you, but you knew that.