Road to Damascus

So, what on earth is all this stuck-addiction© stuff on about?
Q. Do you want everyone on a 12 Step Programme?
A. No.
Q. Do you want to turn The Chisholme Institute into some kind of rehab?
A. No.

At a recent workshop weekend with Scilla Elworthy, I put forward a proposition that ‘peace’ was an inner place that could be built.
A fellow delegate said that Jerusalem meant ‘city of peace’.
I would like to begin here to extend this possibility of seeing anew the outer expectation of spiritual materialisation of prophecy at this turbulent time, by transforming any such outer Parousia expectation into an inner ‘Presence’ possibility.
The Greek word parousia simply means presence anyway.
The outer expectation of Parousia looks to the physical Damascus as a place of showdown and manifestation of a prophesied claimant of rôle.
The inner building of peace requires an inner ‘road to Damascus experience’ as a catalyst to a new beginning for an inner sight, a personal vision for an inner site for the building of an inner Jerusalem.
In the original version of the ‘road to Damascus experience’, Saul was rendered blind by a spiritual awakening that made Saul aware that in his lack, in his illness, he was persecuting people in a way that had to stop.
The inner Damascus experience is what the message of stuck-addiction© is about.
Stuck-addiction© both exposes the inner blindness of denial to both individual or systemic ‘Sauls’, it then restores the inner sight with a conscious contact of possibility for an inner building site to appear if an inner resolution to transform can be grasped.

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In Whose Name?

The best of times and the worst of times as Dickens so clearly stated in his writing, is as true a description of today as it was when written so many years ago.
The hidden agendas of the rich and powerful are only different in scale and are just as stale therefore as week old bread.
There is no new torture presently being inflicted upon groups of afflicted people, no new methods of trapping and butchering fellow members of one species – there is simply the industrialisation of an old process.
The industry of inflicted psychopathy that is warfare, has reached new levels of efficiency. War makes money for those who invest their money in war.
War has always relied upon leaders. War doesn’t just happen. Masses of people first have to be rendered mad by conditions of attrition and existential threat, real or manufactured, then soldiers have to be drawn from the masses under the anaesthesia of patriotism, religion or some other tribalism of ‘my and not my’ or ‘my and enemy’. Then the leaders lead by threatening death (physical or reputational) to those who don’t follow.
Support for war is continually garnered from general populations by perpetuations of madness inducing fear, strict emergency legislation to curb dissent, rationing of essential supplies and the overt and covert demonising of enemies.
Leaders lead to war then sue for peace.
Leaders could lead to peace, but that would bankrupt the war industry and its supply chains.
The USA declared war upon ‘terror’ in 2001.
Normally, an adversary in war would have a physical territory from which attacks would be launched.
The 2001 declaration of a global war against ‘terror’ by the USA has failed to eradicate the enemy, but this war has cauldronised the Middle East, let loose the wind of regime change that has deepened into the whirlwind that we now reap.
The deliberate destabilisation of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Libya for resource and geopolitics has blown back to destabilise Europe, whilst the asymmetric war industry now has an asymmetric Commander in Chief.
The global politics between America, Russia, Britain, China and Europe is now so smokey it seems that even the mirrors of the deep global governments’ bureaucracies have cracked and clouded.
God may or may not have ordered war in the past. In the Qur’an the inner war to be the most Human that a person or a culture can become is the final warfare that is ordered by God for Mankind.
So what would God say about the physical war on ‘terror’ declared in His Name in 2001?
‘Not in My Name’, is what He is saying.

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Terror can be linked historically to territory.
Suicide fighters such as Tamil Tigers, the Kamikazes of Japan fought for territorially based conflicts.
The current wave of so called terrorist outrages around the world post the Twin Towers and other buildings demolition in America in 2001 have opened a door to the dissonance of conspiracy theory because of a lack of a physical territorial provenance to trace intention for these and consequent events.
Islam does not condone the killing of innocent people.
Islam is not a territorially based religion in the Qur’an, it is not about saving souls either, it is a message based on ‘no bearer of burdens can carry another’s burden’. Islam says simply, ‘there is no God, but God’.
So, there are two things maybe going on here after the Manchester bombing on 22/5/17. There is illness, the mental illness of the bomber. There is then the following of the territorial trail of benefit that has flowed from events post 2001.
Peace and healing is sent to the families in Manchester.
The territory that benefits from the global events post 2001 is a political and financial territory.
Islam has been hijacked by a deep and cynical agenda to defend a world view. Eventually, ISIS had to have a territorial element attached to it with a global caliphate agenda, for terrorism needs territory.
In the smoke and mirrors of these terrible events, the pathway of benefit must be identified.
Hitler’s bombs were more bearable because the territorial intention was clear, the IRA bombs were not culturally dissonant because the territorial message was clear, get out of Ireland.
Who is actually benefitting from these bombs? It is not Islam that benefits from terrorism.

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What is known

What is known is only of any use as a vehicle to take me to what I don’t know. We all know this, but somehow conveniently forget this primary reason for existence – to come to know.

If politicians were to enter a debate truly not knowing what is to come out of that debate, then the result would be better than either side of a polemic. The result of a debate appears in the middle ground of the opposing views. This result may appear to favour one side of an argument, more cathode than anode, however the ode is more than either.

It is of little use criticising the way existence appears to Mankind. The created can’t create a dung eating fly exnihilo, let alone a Universe. We can take it apart and analyse it, but ‘creation’ is a wholly singular enterprise.

A view of the last century is of civilisations being clashed together with great force in a Hadron styled war and conflict collider, that then left a residue that has industrialised global economic activity, created the model of the UK National Health Service, made the UN, put men on the moon, tested out Communism, ran Capitalism to destruction.

What is to happen now then? Is this clashing of materials known as Man the only way for Consciousness to reflect upon Itself?

There either is a Source Code, or there isn’t. There either is a link to Abrahamic prophecy, Moses, Christ and Muhammad (sa) as they meet The Buddha, the Sikhs and Krishna, or there is not.

My personal experience states that there is a Source Code and that there is a Universal Linkage across globally known Messengers of Spirit. There are many people in this time who know that there is a connection across cultures of spiritual expression, they can lecture about Sufis, saints, sinners and celebrants of every faith manager that’s ever been.

So, what does that make me? Am I something really special? Am I threatening to upend religions by claiming to be Jesus Christ returned? Am I the hidden Imam? Am I to be seen as Maitreya? Am I the eventual Messiah of the Jews? Am I the Sufi who is perennially known as the Madman of God?

Or, do I take what I know of myself and approach what I do not know, the same as everyone else on this planet? What does my experience in this life of mine make me? I don’t know – and neither do you.

So, there is the possibility of a dialogue, a conversation, a meeting in a place of our not knowing.

I approach any such possibility of a meeting bringing only my direct personal experience. After having attended such meetings before where people who seemed to me to imply more from their own moot points of academic reference, that I couldn’t, indeed shouldn’t be saying things that they definitely wouldn’t say, I confess to having some sense of why should I bother myself again?

Destiny …. they said that they would help me; perhaps I was simply a little early.

I am prepared to be anything that Consciousness wishes Itself to be within the mortal constraint of my conscience. The preparatory cost to myself and others of that place of conscience and the precious Love that defines its stretch, is all that I know of myself biographically. This biographical knowledge and the identity jigsaw attached to it, though perhaps of seeming importance to a celebrity infected culture, is actually of little real importance compared to what can practically be done.

Whether I am of any use to anyone, whether anything can actually be done, is however utterly unknown to me.

If not now, when? If not me, who? If not us, who?

(As a postscript, this input from the future I include here in the miracle of the edit to contextualise what is known to me from experience as I approach the unknown events to come 🌹


Precious is the personal identity in the immensity of One consciousness. Consciousness is the ocean that contains the invisible and the visible Universe.

The brain does not generate consciousness, it is the arbiter of how the articles of that which is precious to the heart meets the One consciousness in the interface of a conscience.

Where Love is truly ordering a personal conscience, then the conscience grows and expands to meet eternal Consciousness and receive limitless insight pertinent to the material moment of total interaction.

Development of a personal conscience is a science, where science is general knowledge.

The personal awareness of that which is held as pre-cious is the unavoidable definer of a con-(s)cious contact with Consciousness made vehicular in a personal conscience.

When the conscience of a person is attacked by a misguided love of monetary based power and influence that moots itself as the only way to manage Mankind, then this infection can eventually collapse the sacred connection between Consciousness and personal awareness of Itself in Human beings, as constructions of rule utterly oppress people rather than enabling personal consciences to flourish and expand.

When this phenomenon of displaced rule reaches bounds that are not to be passed, Consciousness brings about a recalibration as is described in The Bhagavad Gita, directly.

How could this not be so, when, other than moot points, there is only Consciousness of Love in existence?

Mission Impossible

As Denis Healey, Labour stalwart and former Chancellor said, events don’t just happen, they’re made to happen, and they’re made to happen by those that hold the purse strings.

So, why wouldn’t global money and occult/secret connections with their knowledge of each other and their personal predilictions (boringly the same as all ruling juntas through history) use all modern power to achieve their aim of global monetisation of everyone and everything?

It’s what most people would do in their shoes, isn’t it?

What would you do with 50 billion dollars if you had stolen it legally from the system?

Sadists especially like to train compliance into the noncompliant, it’s their blind spot, their Achilles heel. Masochists it seems consent to this feigned noncompliance?

Power fetishises people, places and things – it’s what fetishism is all about, the objectifying of control and the assuaging of appetite.

Consent is the most powerful principle of these democratic times. We are told that we are governed and policed by consent. The root arbiter of control for the legal management of Mankind’s sex instinct is consent.

Take back control of your consent and see what happens for you personally and collectively. Listen to yourself, lead yourself for a change, or at least be willing to make a start on that inner journey.

Anarchy is actually a personal state of harmonious inner government, which is why the mafia of the mediocre have stolen the word and perverted its meaning to divide and rule people.

Monetised systems of power, ie systems that pay lip service to Love but actually prostitute everyone and everything for a trust only in money, are powerful only because the people consent to manipulation.

A little work on yourself is the most powerful weapon against the monetised imbalances that seek to maintain their estates.

Life has no opposite therapeutically speaking. In a modern culture that has with all good intentions “risk assessed” everything to the point of sterility, then the cathode/anode connections of our Ode to Joy, can become unwittingly disconnected.

Then, the quite natural wariness of death can turn into individual and collective levels of obsession with death as can often be seen in the news.

When authorities symbolically say to those under them, “we own your death day”, either physically or reputationally, then some people either consciously or unconsciously engage in dare-devil activities that reclaim their relationship with their death day, to revivify their sense of being.

This phenomenon is actually at the core of addiction, or stuck-addiction© as I have termed the growing pattern of disease in our modern culture.

Illness is illness. Clearly from the point of view of entitlement, Iblis is entitled to be deceitful, it is related to His title the Misleader.

There is only One thing going on, so tact and clarity are essential. Truly, the rich are here for the poor, the poor for the rich, that both may come to their senses.

“The poor you will always have with you, I am here only for a short time ….” is attributed to Isa. If true this principle extends to the entitlement of the rich to be rich.

So, when a drunk drinks, that person is entitled with power over the functions of the body given to them as their servant, as their vehicle.

If that entitlement is exercised beyond bounds over and over again, then the body will send ever urgent messages of distress to that which holds the title over the body.

There is then a crucial window of survivability when the pain transmitted by the body meets the potential for the breakdown of denial in the entitlements of the person in the body and the person accepts illness and asks the body for help and also help from outside of its orbit from persons who know how to articulate a way to recovery.

The present 1000 people in this world who have most of the money coupled with the 150000 democratic representatives of the top 20 countries, added to the 2000 directors of the top global corporations, added to the 2000 top global organised criminals, together represent an entitled global body power dynamic that is mortally ill.

Those in the body of the global populations must transmit their pain to this brain of the world as regularly as possible, hourly, certainly daily if possible.

The message to the rich must be of no blame, but that the people know that they are very sick to be destroying the body that must serve them in their entitlements.

They can then have chance of seeing their illness and that it is not their fault and then individual Iblis resentments can relent, and wake up.

When enough of the entitled powerful relent, then they will see their relationship to the poor in their body from a wholly new place.

The challenge is to mobilise this message from the body of the world population to the entitled without it being violent or full of blame.

Dignity is with the oppressed. Dickens wrote his book A Christmas Carol to help the rich wake up whilst they still have time. Morris West took this simple panacea to its logical end in his book in The Shoes Of The Fisherman.

My work is to help with this almost impossible message, it is not clear to me whether it is to be successful.

I am everything that a man can be and still remain incarnate of God, but it is as I have written, I have no plan other than, I am the plan …. as Gandhi said, “be the change that you want to see in the world”.

It is, it seems, somehow writing itself and clarifying, even if only between me and thee, so thank you for reading this.

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Sadism and Masochism

If the opposite definitions of sadism and masochism were only the preserve of books about the Marquis de Sade, the preserve only of a book by Paulo Coelho called Eleven Minutes, the preserve only of the books about and expanding 50 Shades of Grey further advertised by the Anne Summers stylised fun of fur lined handcuffs – well then, the current global situation, stemming from the sado-masochistic horrors experienced by all populations from the First World War to now, might be different.

It can’t be different however, until some simple principles can be remembered.

Opposites, in principle, are designed for a current to flow across them when they are insulated away from each other but connected together.

How does this play out in a mass situation?
It plays out by remembering the rules of the BDSM fetish power lifestyle that purports to teach adherents the “rules” of safe sex.

The basic rule is that the submissive has all of the power until it is given to the dominant and that there are strict rules of safe disengagement.

No matter how distasteful this may appear to be, it seems that there are political energy conditions that are capable of cohereing from the personal to the mass movements that are not being seen, because it is unspeakable that this basic sex energy could be harnessed in this way.

What can appear to work in a fornication equation between couples or groups in an energy experimentation with binary switches, can eventually render whole nations vulnerable to giving power to a sadistic overruling of national check and balance switches.

Sex energy has been the control factor of religions for centuries of ‘Official rule’ over populations. This control has devolved to secular governments in lawmaking around the age of consent as this applies to sex, to voting, and how under-age criminality is punished for noncompliance.

So, the sadism of the actions reverberating around the world today has an antidote. The antidote relates to the withdrawal of masochistic consent.

The antidote is in correctly identifying the elephant in our collective room.

Of course, this is not the time to judge people in their personal sexual preferences, everyone navigates through this singular global animal instinct the best way that they can.

What I’m saying here is that the herding of masses of people into enclosures of control, despite their best efforts to analyse rationally the consequences of their actions, may indicate a breakdown in the animal/rational interface that is best described by an illness model.

That illness I have described as “broken-addiction or stuck-addiction©”.

Love, humour, Light, laughter, the delight in play – these are the Human recovery indices with which to assess our present condition as a species and our possible journey to survival. (Link added 20/03/21)

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The artificial renews,
The sacrificial and the artificial
Connected in superficial time,
The Sacrificer and The Artificer are

The artificial replaces
The sacrificial and the artificial
Connected in superficial time
The Sacrificer and The Artificer are

The artificial restores
The sacrificial and the artificial
Connected in superficial time
The Sacrificer and The Artificer are

The artificial mobilises
The sacrificial and the artificial
Connected in superficial time
The Sacrificer and The Artificer are

The officials are Rumplestiktskins
Kidnapping the current
Collapsing the terminals
Blackmailing the wholly holy

The Spanish definition extraoficial
Shows a way to break out
Shows a way to face up to truth
To face down danger
To sacrifice your artifice
To One.


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A Light test

I am not an emitter of Light
I am a transmitter of light
After that emission is received
From Source.
I am a prism
Connected at all points by One
Connected at my centre as one.
Light travels in straight lines
Light passes through me
To then appear as my understanding.
It is my understanding that transmits,
Sheds light
To Source.

What is this to you?
Truthfully, I don’t know.
My mission is to transmit to Source,
That’s why I was made.
To work for a Source who
“…. was a hidden treasure,
who loved to be known,
I created the world and the universes
That I should be known.”
So, I am here to fulfill that template.

Who you are, I don’t know,
Except those amongst you
Similarly employed
Seem occasionally familiar to me.
But in my life, I may only have met
A few, amongst a few.
Shams met only one, then left soon after.

What is your first reaction to this?
Or accusation?