Why are “things” like they are in the world today?
The answer to this is simply that “things” are not as they are presented on the news. This is not to fall into conspiracy theories, it is simply to state the obvious fact that life is vast and events are limited.
Try coming to your attempts to understand current events from a higher place.
Life is perfectly connected and everything is in exactly the perfect place in each moment of perception that you have, that the leaders have, that the led have, that the 1000 richest people have, that the billion poorest people have, that the news writers have – everything perfectly placed, including of course, me.
I am certain of the truth of the last paragraph whilst you may not be as certain, which is also perfectly placed.
What is to change then?
Even a cursory glance at history shows a story of Mankind that has leaders who fight with each other and who then manage somehow to get many people to join in with their fights.
Armies work on orders, orders need delivering, orders and disorders are mutually causal.
So, where does ‘seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall be given”, words attributed to Jesus Christ, fit in to a view of current affairs in 2017AD.
In my perfect world, it must mean that either many people are seeking confusion and many people are asking for ignorance, or that there is a failure to ask the Single giver that Jesus Christ recommended to be asked.
All the religions say that there is a ‘way out’ of collective mayhems, all religions say that the ‘way out’ involves seeking a new way of daily living.
What is wrong with the ‘way out’ pathways in the global 21st century world?
The single block to any pathway ‘out’ of the trajectory that appears to be solidifying the global news transmissions is the AD component of the date 2017AD.
Anno Domini means ‘in the year of our Lord.”
Most people would hang a Christian Lord on this temporal hook, but AD is actually non specific in occult principle.
So, which Lord actually rules time for you?
Everybody on this planet serves a Singularity, whether they know It consciously or not.
So, knowing whether your precious time is actually in the overall container of your choice may well be knowledge that could explain how you are experiencing your life, how you are integrating your birthday with your deathday.
You may say that what I have just written is totally impractical and meaningless.
I may say to you that this life is ordered for you and that you haven’t placed that order for yourself …. yet.

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Hell is separation
Paradise is connection
From and to
One Source.
Connection to other separated people
Enlarges Hell,
Connection to One Source
Engineers Peace
Manifests Paradise.
This writing is in Paradise
Unfailingly transmitting Peace
As proof, for Hell demands proof.
Hell seems to surround Paradise
As surely as planets surround the Sun.
Yet, surrounds are never separated
Physical surrounds are connected
Physical separation from God is impossible.
The Hell therefore is metaphysical
Entirely Mankind’s lot.
Animal, vegetable and mineral
Are in One material connection,
Don’t believe me
Ask a quantum physicist.
I’m a metaphysicist
I’ve known Hell, I’m in Paradise.
Like the Sun that your planettes
Metaphysically surround,
I’m not the Sun,
I am of the Sun.
Man proposes
God disposes.
I am simply of a certain disposition,
A diction resolution,
A bridge, over troubled water.

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It’s an urge to make clear

The plans of Man
The hidden can
Of worms
Plying trades of war
Implicating others
Complicating that smothers
Reasonable response
Belittles ordinary concern,
Until the urge to complain
To make clear
To be with plain
To put the l into pain
Erupts, ejaculates,
Explodes through the contraception
Of weasel wording,
Willing to find the germ
Willing to find the conception
Willing to find the division
That unites the two worlds
Cells splitting harmoniously
Cells of light
Cells of excellence
Cells of redemption
Cells of Love’s Body.
Complain then to the leaders
Complain to the false deliverers
Complain to the ill rich
Complain to the hypocritical everywhere
The pretending beggaring of belief
The deliberate smashing of Al Latif
Complain in writing, peacefully
Fill their boxes with true concern
“Dear richest men, you’re very ill
Nobody wants to be you any more
Nobody wants obscene riches
Nobody wants to be one of the 8
Nobody wants millions and billions
While humanity dies
Like so much freight
Under your upturned nose.”

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The Terror Of Disease

Over and over again, the official narrative post New York 2001, that has become globalised, is that terrorists threaten the fabric of the civilised world. The narrative is that terrorists have an agenda, that there is therefore organisation, for that is what an agenda is for, to organise unruly elements of a meeting.
This narrative of terrorism has led to specific legislation that is especially designed to protect civilised citizens from an organised terrorist attack.
The latest attacks in the UK since the tragic murder of the MP Jo Cox have all been labelled terrorist attacks.
The official response has been often couched in terms of, “we will never let them win”.
The mental illness attending the condition of the attackers has been given a peripheral mention by news reports.
All the attackers have been disconnected from an agenda of organised terrorism. What does connect them is a diagnosis of very similar forms of mental disassociation that have led to acts of murderous, conscienceless destruction that have been in no small degree been energised by a cultural atmosphere of racism and religious persecution that has been caused by the careless and lazy arguments of a collapsing political class.
A primary reason that the mental illness behind these latest acts of murder and attempted murder is conveniently disregarded, is that there is an illness of collapsed conscience in the politics of the civilised systems.
25 people with as much wealth as half of this world is the primary systemic cause of all the mental instability on Earth today. From this tap root, all forms of globalised systemic insanity, that is justified only by identifying the reactive patterns of others as the reason for this systemic insanity in the first place, devolve and writhe like a Hydra-headed monster.
In four years of discussing this view with corporate executives, professors, doctors, nurses, bankers, business people, in fact most everyone who has passed through my taxi, everyone, I repeat everyone concurs with my views.
The NHS is being dismantled just as the junior doctors said it was during their last round of industrial action. The duplicity behind this policy is more dangerous than the policy itself. Broken conscience is the indicator for psychopathic dysfunction. The political class has been whipped against conscience for decades, following their lead many leading industrialists are psychopaths.
The current broken interfaces between banks and industries, between politicians and the electorate, between managers and healers, between religions and congregations, all these diseased interfaces have terror as an indicator of their various interfacial dysfunction.

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There are more answers than questions

Answers are everywhere
Look, look at the miracle
Invited into your life by you
Listen to the sound of breathing
Last breath and first breath
Repeating, repeating
Heading you into the weather
Steering you into desires
Feeding your appetite
Assuaging your hunters
Yet, you never question
You never ask
So the answers cannot intrude
They’re not allowed to force an entry
That’s against the law.
You’re swimming in a sea of solutions
Floating in an ocean of resolution
Yet you think that you’re drowning
It feels like you’re sinking
Because you can’t see the difference
Between vassal and vessel
Between sale and sail.
The answers are yearning for your question.

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Swirling mist and breaking light

Russian dolls of connectivity
Swirling mist of One nativity
The way things look
Are not the only book
To base your world upon.
Rhyming’s easy
Words appeasing
When in fact they must now
Make a stand.
How? How to make sense
Of what are clearly obscurantisms?
Find a modern colossus,
A massive world view that unites
All opposing views
All petty dispute
All terrors and errors
All money and honey traps,
Birth and death themselves.
Where is this colossus?
Here, the sun of this era
The Don Quixote of the time
The mad man of God
Insisting that the orthodox
Has once again reached it’s limit.
Peace, don’t fret,
My madness is antidotal
Not anectdotal.
My message heals the crashing normality as it screams “no God”.
What message could heal this clamour?
What crazy ancient man could calm
The crazy modern storm?
Who else “but God” would fill
These words, to dare to stand
Again, against the machinations
Of a disconnected terminal?
I am who am.

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Dear Kathy Griffin…

Beautiful words written by a beautiful person.


Being a millennial New Yorker and actor, I’d like to think I’ve got pretty thick skin.

Getting rejected is par for the course in the entertainment industry. The city doesn’t do you any favors — just try battling the check out lines at Whole Foods at 3pm on a Sunday.  Heck, even the squirrels seems to have a certain undeniable hutzpah on these streets.


Really, nothing quite comes as a shock to me anymore, for better or for worse.


Earlier this week, opening up my Buzzfeed app to find Kathy Griffin’s infamous photo of her, carrying the bloodied head of a decapitated President Donald Trump…I literally stopped in my tracks.


Just. No.

And I have a few words.

This is not okay. I don’t care how much you hate the President or his policies, that went. too far.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is one of –…

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Grenfell Tower

Peace and healing be upon all those directly caught up in the events surrounding the calamity of the accidental fire that has gutted Grenfell Tower in London. Mankind is directly caught up in these events.
The disconnected complicity that is infecting us all as we have witnessed the deliberate cauldronisation of the Middle East by the USA since the events of 2001 in New York, this disconnect is the true horror that faces Mankind.
The unimaginable terror of the conditions facing families and friends in the last minutes of their precious lives as their houses burnt around them, is scorched also into the lives of those who are their witnesses.
That their lives have been sacrificed upon the insane altar of the public sector tendering system is just one component of the imminent Public Enquiry.
Equally pressing for the enquiry into our collective conscience, is the disconnect from the fact that many in the West do not feel connected to the Middle Eastern men, women and children who have been deliberately torched out of their apartments by the ordered explosions delivered to them by official Western coalition policy, rather than by an accidentally exploding fridge as was the cause of the fire in Grenfell Tower.
Both the political machine and the fridge share a common purpose, to preserve health and stop rot. Both politics and fridge have failed in my correlation.
When will the common humanity be extended in demonstration to the psychopathic political and corporate system about the unacceptability of all conditions of governmental breakdown that kill people – thus giving the deaths of these innocent people in Grenfell Tower a global dignity and purpose?
This terrible scar now standing in Kensington is a warning to a mortally ill global Executive and its body, which is all of us as Mankind.
This burnt building in London would not look out of place in Syria. What is out place is that our British horror and outrage has been awoken here at home, and is still largely asleep concerning ordinary people in the Middle East. Those entities that deliberately torch innocent populations for an ultimately financially based profit linked war abroad, do not want any connections to be made by you with this ultimately financially based profit linked accident here at home.
It is time to wake up if we can. There is an illness collapsing the Executive function of the world.
This illness is stuck-addiction©.
“Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power – that One is God. May you find Him now” (©AA 1939)
(Images P95/6 Toward A Solar Civilisation by Omram Mikhaël Aïvanhov)

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The Ancient Government

Just because few actually believe in spiritual manifestations of actual efficacy, does not mean that The Ancient Government is simply myth. It does not mean that the Power that flows through every Saint and Messenger in every global revelation has only ever been a fictional story never to be physically repeated for ‘modern man’.
The power of a ‘fictional’ Gandalf, of an ‘actual’ Merlin, is only so attractive because it speaks of a factual presence in this mortal coil that passes as an awareness named as ‘the 21st century’.
The Human, being me, meets The Human, being you, to manifest truth. So, wherever politics sticks to the duplicity of ‘head imprisoning heart’ as in a grotesque patchwork of the Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin stories, then disaster will overtake the false leaders – eventually.
How deep the global and UK disasters have to continue hitting before the real conditions of Mankind’s spiritual illness are seen, is not easy to predict.
What is easier to say is that within the spiritual, mental and physical template that is the reality of conscious life on Earth, it is the spiritual that manages matter – from this premise the UK Hung Parliament of 2017 was easy for me to predict seven days before it manifested.
It is true that my message is difficult to deliver, not because I am not prepared and articulate enough to fulfil my rôle, but because the preparation in you to receive my message takes a great cosmic effort.
Fortunately, as there is only One, I can’t possibly fail.

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Desperate Times

The horror inflicted upon innocent people as they get sucked into the overarching battle plans of little understood ‘Others’ is the legacy of 20th century war patterns.
Mere words cannot allay the devastation being visited upon ordinary lives in the aftermath of the madness that appeared in London on the night of the 3rd June, ‘love’ is the only energy that I can send to London today.
The illness that opened the people to become programmed attackers, the illness of the programmers behind the minds of the attackers on the streets of London, this illness is real – this illness attempts to kill love.
We are all fighting a battle that is against massive invisible forces of dissonance. The conspiracy theorists that name shape shifting reptilians as the enemy, they in fact do no service to the possibility of seeing clearly the source of the illness that is infecting our species.
Conspiracy theories would have to be invented by the deep control forces if they didn’t arise ‘naturally’, so their real utility is questionable.
Conscience is the only arbiter of conscious Love identifying as personal love.
Where individual and systemic conscience has atrophied, become broken by disease and deliberate manipulation by those already rendered psychopathic by positions of power, then unconscionable events inevitably manifest.
Then ordinary folk are on a hiding to nothing. How to survive the Gordian Knot of permanent mixed messages that are the mark of a drip feed of insanity that passes as the global news over the past decades?
Even though Love would not order the events that are manifesting in the world today, even allowing for the mystery of Mankind having to suffer with virus and bacteria borne physical illnesses that are in Love’s remit, still, the apparent inexplicability of events like the latest London atrocity are not outside of a traceable accountability. The trace of metaphysical illness is the line of enquiry to forensically explore.
The KPI of this metaphysical illness is ‘desperation’. Wherever desperation overwhelms, there is the trace to be seen.
Individually the desperation of the drug addict makes them commit atrocious crimes to get their fix.
Systemically, the desperation of partisan positions, the clinging to power and the lust for power can drive acts of atrocity that once started, become uncontrollable.
The acts of atrocity manifesting on our streets are rooted in systemic desperations of yesteryear.
The infection of desperation remains and the rash of electoral fever appears more marked on the changing fortunes of some faces than it does on others, if not nationally, then internationally.

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There is no wonder that the overall ‘body-cultural’ of Mankind is stressed.The information entering into Its processing of ‘species awareness’ is bewildering.
1. Democratic governance that grew out of often brutal absolute monarchy, that in Britain and America had horrific Civil War as a rite of passage.
2. Brutal and terrible World Wars in the last century for control of oil and gas reserves and for the right of hegemony, that have involved genocide, torture and inhuman acts of mass destruction, as well as of course the ‘jolly hockey sticks’ elements of war that were fought through like gentlemen according to the ‘sanity’ of the Geneva Convention.
3. Steady ongoing warfare through Korea, Aden and the Israeli wars around Palestine, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, The Cold War, the killing fields of Cambodian post Vietnam insanity, the proxy war between Iran and Iraq, the African dictatorships, Afghanistan, the cauldronisation of the Middle East culminating in Syria and Yemen to suit the US led cartel of oil dependent culture, the Twin Towers debacle and the War on Terror that covertly vilifies Islam, the global banking crash, the political war against Europe by either the US or Russia, or both, that brought about Brexit.In all of the confusion and deliberate misinformation that Nation States have felt it their legitimate right and duty to engage in on their piratical foundation of Official Secrets, the collective conscience of Mankind is now broken, the collective intuition and Human potential is critically impaired.This illness that I have named stuck-addiction© is an attempt to arrest the overwhelm that is collapsing the decision making function of the leading brands and parties in Mankind’s corporate and political structures.Only an illness appreciation can offer the space to dare to reassess past events that have brought us all to our present logjam.
This illness is a spiritual malady with a spiritual solution.Forgiveness and healing that in principle was enacted after Apartheid was removed in South Africa in the Truth and Reconciliation process, will have to be rolled out globally by the UN.The disaster facing Mankind is unavoidable, but the scale of the disaster is manageable when an articulation point is acquired and globally secured.Edited 18/12/18.

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Hung UK Parliament 2017

In 2010, the embattled electorate of the UK delivered a possibility of an all party emergency government. This all party government would’ve delivered a message to the venal market forces that have taken over the “top line” in the process of Mankind’s corporate and political leadership. The message of a united front against the divide and rule of ill leadership is coming around again.
My prediction is that the Hung Parliament of 2017 led by Jeremy Corbyn (PS on 18/12/18 is that Theresa May clung on to power in a hung Parliament propped up by the DUP) is to be the global catalyst that is to have a chance of allowing a soft landing for the digitally driven era-change that has stuck-addiction© as its bellwether indicator.
Brexit can be reviewed which along with Trump’s impeachment can be seen as symptoms of a global disease that is the portal of healing that can offset WWIII. (PS as of April 2019 Brexit deadlocked and date moved and Trump has survived all attempts to investigate his Presidency and he looks set for a second term)
Are these predictions of a hysterical nature?
These predictions would have been seen as hysterical in 2009.
In 2017, many can’t yet accept that a global spiritual illness is collapsing the conscience of global governance and that for a lot of people, the irrationality of events makes it feel as if their life is like living as a cell inside the collapsing body of a junkie.
The political party that the young would join in droves would be the WTF Party.
What The F*** is going on, and Who The F*** are you anyway?
There is a way through these times without the need for a crash landing of the new era.
This way requires all the leaders coming together at the same analytical station as events further unfold.
At the moment, those with access to what global levers of power remain, are like a group of people falling out over the planning of a journey from London to New York, when in fact they are all in Blackpool.
The starting station for the journey is stuck-addiction© .

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