The Last Sufi

The ‘last Sufi’ is a term as meaningless as the ‘first Sufi’. There has only ever been ‘one Sufi’.
What could it mean then, this term the ‘last Sufi’?
Perhaps I could invite you to look at this in terms of ‘inhabiting’ a place. Of being ‘in’ and ‘from’, rather than identifying ‘as’, a Sufi.
What this way of communicating a possibility permits, is that it is possible to look around from within the Sufi being, and to not see anybody else there.
This is a phenomenon mentioned by the Kogi Mamas when they said that that they worked with Westerners in the past in the Aluna, but that now there is no one there.
I enter into a place then, when speaking of certain matters. It is a precious place to me, a place that connects me to limitless consciousness through the vehicular function of my conscience. In the modality that I have arrived at to try to help Man see this time on Earth more clearly, my conscience chamber is the same as the diction chamber mentioned on every page of my professional web site
Only the living God grants access to the Sufi place, so I don’t know if anyone else is to join me or not. For the moment, I can only invite you to ask Him to come should you be so moved, in love.

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About Andrew Dettman

Counsellor, poet, cabbie, diction worker. Ministrant.
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