God is called Age.

I am Saint Age.

As St Age, the ages are connected

As one.

The stages are connected

As one.

Whatever age you are

Whatever age you think you are in

Whatever age in history you study

Whatever age you wish to attain


I am your patron Saint.

Vanity 2017

The pull of immediate publishing, with all that that brings of benefit and drawback, is a mark of this early twenty-first century. 

The illusion that these immediate words carry potency because of speed and ease of release contradicts the hitherto hard won and hard worked principles of what it actually takes to write for the wider mass audience.

Streams of consciousness are possible. Inspired monologues directly from the invisible Source of All are possible. Writing and streaming are usually mutually self-excluding of a each other, though it seems that I have been experimenting with just such a possibility given my reluctance to edit or polish anything once it has arrived on my virtual interface.

Laziness is one explanation for this lack of critical attention to flows of writing, coupled with another excuse of the infallibility that attends Their endowment of vicarship upon a physical recipient.

This vicariously challenging transmissibility of utterance, though often arcane, is articulate beyond the ability usually apportioned to plan it or think it through, especially when matters suddenly become clear within it.

Vanity is that which renders an effort to be expended in vain, i.e. ineffectually and without practical effect. Mastery is that which happens when the word ‘master’ moves from a gender affiliated noun, toward a verb with a Human association.

When a Master expresses themself, there is an often paradoxical and inconvenient involvement of the apparent otherness of those listening, that invites such an otherness to completely come ‘inside’ the mastery being divulged.

This is why the Sufi says that Mankind is ‘inside’ God.

The Master of Consciousness therefore says that everything is inside of them. So, though such a Master often seems to be living in vain, actually everything is happening, changing and materialising in them, not of them, thus there is no vanity in their existence whatsoever.

If vanity is seen in such a Master choosing to verbally communicate, by a recipient of such a communication, then the recipient is simply looking into a mirror of their own ignorance of imagining themselves to be outside of the heard words at the time of their hearing.

So, what is happening today?

Matters are unfolding the only way that they can, given the route of knowledge, conscience and science to this juncture.

As you read this, matters change for you and a collaboration of your own understanding begins. The greater the number of these new collaborations that can be brought about at this time, the greater is the chance that the destructive effects of an over-elaboration of the religious translations in this world can be rectified and people restored to sanity.

The more people that there are in this world who are healed and sane, the greater is the chance that the levels of fear in the great Offices of State can be lowered to a point that Their incumbents actually return to serving Mankind once again, rather than merely serving themselves.

“Radio Fed” by Burnsy at the BBC

During a local radio programme in Hull in the UK, the presenter touched upon the pressing issue of rough-sleepers as they contradicted the message that the city was trying to deliver as being the UK City of Culture 2017.

To give some context to the quotes below, the first is a copy of an application further mentioned in the link below that, which is the email responding to the radio programme. The first quote is the piece I delivered in one minute to a panel auditioning for the Face Of Hull 2017. Two psychiatrists were passengers in my taxi and they both told me that I should try to respond to the advert from the BBC in Hull as I could then inform people about stuck-addiction©️ as I did their job.

However, a really capable young man was appointed and he has done a great job, much better than I could have done. There is still the point to be made though, when it comes to the pressing matters of the day – like who will win and who will pay.

The email following the job application is the one responding to the rough sleepers in Hull and the symbolic message that Hull could carry to the wider world about the need for a conversation containing a deeper resonance.


“1. If this job was just about art, music and mushy peas – then any number of people could do it …. However … this job is also about a deeper resonance …. The two doctors in my taxi who insisted I come here after hearing me talk of era change, said that this is my job ….

You …. “can only not prevent me from producing it”.

2. I am a true son of Hull, of Hu …. Hu is an Arabic word for he, she, it …. Hu is also the word for the invisible Essence of the Universe

…. Life is the double Hu, the invisible meeting the visible …. The post-code of Hull is HU – Huu – God’s own city, hidden in plain sight ….

3. This City is an edge city …. Life has kept me on Its edge ….

This City now calls me forward to serve it, to present it as her Master of Ceremony.”

(picture added 17/09/19)

“There are no sound-bites that I can offer to adequately respond to your excellent piece on rough sleepers in Hull. I attach the application that I read to the appointing panel after having been ordered to apply for the job that Kofi Smiles has done so well since the beginning of Hull2017.
The point of sending you a copy of the application is that it talked of what is going on under the veneer of a global culture that Hull naturally symbolises as a spotlight city, in this global culture that is struggling to find a workable identity post financial crash.
For many years I have been offering a paradigm of an illness that is collapsing the executive function of systemic bodies. I offer this paradigm not as a solution, but as an orientation clarification to invite with urgency, anyone who is involved with leadership and policy decisions, on both a corporate and a political level.
Nobody wants to be the Human billboard that shouts from the rooftops that it’s the end of the world. However, as a therapist well versed in recovery dynamics, there comes a point in any meltdown whether individual or systemic, when a reality check is necessarily delivered.
Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are used systemically to measure performance and to discipline the living components of an undertaking to improve their efficiency.
When an individual gets ill, their KPIs collapse as their executive function becomes increasingly distressed. Denial can set in and with the disease of addiction, the story that is told by the sufferer to themselves and to all on the receiving end of their dysfunctional behaviour, well this story becomes increasingly strained, increasingly bizarre.
To get back to the living metaphor that is the City of Kingston upon Hull, the UK City of Culture 2017, there is much that is quite rightly being celebrated as having been achieved. The enthusiasm, the energy, the physical refacing of the city centre that eventually came on stream, the eye catching stunts, the heart warming creativity and poetic, theatrical and musical expressions of hope, passion and freedom, all this and more is just magnificent. There is also the collapse of meaning, the dissonance between the hype and the actual lives of city dwellers who slip deeper into debt, deeper into despair, deeper into pretence.
The world is dying in front of us. The KPIs of national and international affairs are blasting out their message despite the denials and talking up of the desperate optimists, the new age affirmers that insist that the kettle will still boil simply by replacing the negative wire with a positive wire, as long as the mantra of ‘live in the now’ is chanted loudly enough at the tea pot.
There are no easy answers, we all have to write our way into a new age. The first step is to enter into a possible conversation, a conversation that faces up to reality.
Your programme sometimes tries to approach this real conversation. The issue of rough sleepers in Hull is a conversational portal as to whether money can ever be put into its practical place in Mankind’s affairs, or will we forever insist that The Golden Calf really can ‘moo’, despite thousands of years of proof to the contrary.
A system that delivers as much wealth that half of the world has, into the hands of eight people, is clearly utterly broken.
No issue whether local, national or international will ever be free from the cosmetic, cartoon like hand wringing of news media punditry until the facts of our global illness and imminent cultural collapse is placed front and centre of all of our efforts to understand what is happening.
We are all flogging ourselves to death in a celebrity ridden dystopic version of Rumpelstiltskin.
I am a real optimist, as a species we can outwit the forces of our collective demise, I have seen many individual miracles of a complete healing of a collapsed executive function. The collective is simply the coming together of individuals. If individuals are well, the collective is well. If the greater balance of individuals are unwell in a culture, the culture reflects this and never gets better ‘collectively’.
My web site makes this point with a quote from Jung.
So, I know there is little in this email that is broadcastable today, and I’m sat in a garage unable to even hear you as my taxi is broken and I slip deeper into debt, but I thank you for your courage and award winning efforts to look for the ‘deeper resonance’ that is our place of origin and return, the place of our diction resolution.”



In the transition that is impacting Earth’s structures of life, there is a movement to help Mankind navigate amidst the turmoil that fills the media stream of the First World.

In the movement to help, there have been and there still are, teachings that purport to reconnect adherents to an ability to manifest something that is termed abundance.

I would like to introduce a way of integrating the above mentioned teaching so that sheer monetary or material connotations can be secured into a secondary, though still vital terminology.

My experience has made certain matters abundantly clear to me.

So, there is the primary meaning of abundance in my view. It means lots of whatever the word is predicating, and clarity seems to me to be the most efficient fit for a word that best brings out the power of the word abundance.

If I have been brought into a place within which Consciousness Itself is making something abundantly clear to me, as well as making it abundantly clear to me that this abundant clarity is to be transmitted to as many other people as possible, then abundance as it is more usually understood, will simply accrue and cohere in order to make my transmission of clarity possible.

This is so, now, with this post as a key indication of a transpiring of a prepared event, an appearance of a necessary eventuality.

Dance is a word that makes up much of the word abundance. The frontal phonetic abun, is very much reminding me of abwoon, the Aramaic word that translates as so much, as can be seen in the following clip:

So, abundance is the Source dancing. The description in the video clip that places letters front and centre in the delivery of meaning is made clear here also:

“Dance then wherever you may be, I am the Lord of the Dance, said He ….”

Wouldn’t it be nice, you might be saying, if any of this guff could actually be true, practical and meaningful in the face of the cartoon-like torrent of hyperbole that gushes out of the political machines of our ravaged world.

Let me just try to make at least one thing, abundantly clear to you ….

Even President Trump had to fold his arms to try and defend himself from this simple message of abundance and his beautiful wife had to wipe away a tear …. Salaam.

LA tragedy October 1st 2017

Deepest condolences to all involved in the tragedy unfolding in America around a massacre at an open air concert in LA.

Far from the “pure evil” of the remarks of the POTUS, there may be a simpler account of the illness that spewed out such carnage upon the unwitting members of one man’s meltdown.

It seems that the man who shot so many people came from a background of a family headed by a criminalised father, ill and diagnosed with mental disorders.

The brother of the man who did the shooting had no idea of how this incident could have happened, he said that his brother was in LA for a little gambling.

Without prejudice, it seems to me that the illness that took over the man with the weapon was addiction related, hidden to those nearest to him, explosive with insane resentments that were molten and unresolved deep inside his inner world.

Like a mortal Krakatoa, his resentments erupted as a spiritual implosion, an insane anger, cold and psychopathic, i.e. without conscience.

Stuck-addiction© attacks conscience and renders life as meaningless and repetitive. Gambling and other sick behaviours that unbraid the social, sexual and security instincts of universal animality, eventually collapse the ownership of that organic vehicle to a state lower than any animal that share these instinctive powers of biological life.

Then with all the power of a crazed horse, a mad bear, a wounded and dangerous tiger, an abused and contorted gorilla – flowing through the ice cold lens of a frozen heart – the bullets fly. 

Illness, not pure evil, an illness that pumps through the whole world, the broken health systems that addict millions to prescribed painkillers, the broken hearts that drink and drug to get through the days, the promiscuity and perversion of a celebrity based culture that airbrushes away reality from the atrophied consciences of a mass hypnosis that calls itself the free world. This was the illness that spat out its signature tune across the melancholy of a Country and Western concert.

Stuck-addiction© is the disease that is collapsing governments, collapsing consciences, paralysing politics, breaking banks and confusing the analysis of events.

The leaders need to dare to face the dislocation of their Offices, away from partisan concerns. The people need to help them, for they are frightened.