Universal Instincts

This image shows a schematic to illustrate the universality of the animal instincts that form the basic vehicle interface with life for Mankind.

This diagram shows the reason why it is vital to attempt to differentiate between feelings and emotions when people describe their inability to execute their plans, or when they don’t like being involved in the plans of others.

Feelings are better described as inner weather systems interacting upon the planetary dynamics of your universal security, social and sexual instincts, an inner pressure system that is almost as symbiotic to individual people as might be their relationship to the appetites and needs of a pet dog.

Feelings can be seen to appear across an inner landscape like the swirling pictures of high and low pressure systems on a television weather-person’s map. Hot and cold fronts and inner sunny days that suddenly give way to systems of depression and storm.

Personal descriptions of state are worked out and guaged with attempts to describe relatable and repeatable measurements of an ability to navigate through these inner conditions of feelings. The measurements and mappings of experience as we move through them are known as our emotions.

Feelings are simple and universal. Emotions are complex and personal.

Here’s a simple practice that has a proven beneficial effect upon feelings and emotions:

Without the difference between feelings and emotions is known from the start of trying to help a person or a group, then quite simply it is like trying to help a person who cannot see the difference between experiencing rain and the ability to be able to obtain and then correctly use an umbrella.

If this differentiation system of, Feelings As Meteorological Experience (FAME) as they meet with a Personal Emotional Guage (PEG), starts to break down individually and collectively, then people start to take feelings as facts without processing them emotionally. Then feelings run amok and actions become increasingly prone to the solely bottom-line dynamics of short-term instant gratification.

This short-termism can infect both individuals and systems and is a component of stuck-addiction©️, an infection caused by the lack of top-line connectivity.

The disease state is one of disconnect, the recovery pathway is one of reconnect, of discovering a personal segue to wholeness.

In the diagram above, the top-line descriptor is the little term Hu. This is an Arabic word, it is both the third person singular pronoun meaning he, she and it, as well as the term for the Singular Essence of God (SEG).

Extensive research over many years has been conducted in my cab in searching conversations with passengers from many of the public and private sectors of business and service provision locally in Hull and also in conversations with visiting people from outside of this area and the UK.

This research informs me that my diagnosis of an illness collapsing the Executive function of systemic bodies is true and is not my fanciful theory, as of course the collapse of Carillion recently corroborated in a very graphic manner.

Whether measured in the personal painful disconnect between feelings and emotions experienced by people, who then go on to try to directly change their inner weather inappropriately with drugs, alcohol, food, dangerous liaisons of a sexual nature, gambling, over-work, over-spending, miserliness, crime, anger and violence in personal relationships, mindless television or computer usage – to name but a few, or whether looking at the News and seeing the antics of systemic bodies in the realms of politics and commerce, in my view the similarities in the exploding levels of leadership dysfunction appearing in both personal and collective constitutions are now undeniablely similar.

The dysfunction erupting around our world is the disconnect between Mankind and Humankind.

The possibility of Mankind reconnecting to a top-line that is real and not a theoretical mental construct is my message and invitation.

Humankind is fully conscious, Mankind only knows flashes of consciousness. This is why the News is so full of difficult stories that just seem to go round and round in unresolution.

We live in the dying body of a species called Mankind. We have stopped trying to send messages to the components of the head (for most are hidden from public scrutiny anyway) of this dying body in exactly the same way as the body of a thirty-stone person has stopped trying to tell its head that it is full, in exactly the same way as an alcohol or other drug addict’s body gives up on trying to connect with its abusive head, exactly the same way as all the other forms of the primary disease that is Addiction, or more accurately stuck-addiction©️, render us unable to imagine that anything can ever change.

There are 50,000 people on this planet who, by an extension from the 25 people proven to have have much wealth as 3500000000 people, are in fact very ill.

These 50,000 people stay cushioned in the padded cell of their disconnect from their species, because they know that everyone is hypnotised into thinking that money is the panacea to all problems.

I suggest this now that as many people as possible make one last effort to reconnect the body of Mankind with its disconnected head, wherever that head actually is hiding.

As many people as possible, find the email addresses of the powerful and the rich of their own research and choosing. Send them daily polite and clear messages that they are very ill and that they are killing Mankind. Tell them that the body of Mankind is not able to change its direction of travel, only the head can do that, but only when it is actually reconnected to its body. Tell them that we don’t want to be like them any more, that great hoarding of money is obscene.

If the super-rich get the message that we know that they are ill, that their illness is killing all of us, they may wake up in time.

If they don’t wake up, the body of Mankind will soon be as good as dead.


When I first met with Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri at his “Journey in Consciousness” retreat held in Wiltshire in 2011, he was very clear in his vision of me as he expressed it to me and to those present.

He said, “…. I see you as a teacher and a teacher of teachers …. have you started teaching yet?”

There may be some who presently react to my more forthright language now as I write and publish my book Conscious-Contact. However, it may be that seven years is long enough for the vision of one Sufi to become manifested in the actions of another.

There is only One consciousness, therefore only One teacher. By contact the teaching is transmitted. The only requisite for this to take place effectively then, is for the one who is conscious of the fact that consciousness is Singular, to be able to allow the word tact to be a real and living interface of communication.

The opening of the conversation between Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri and myself in 2011 was that he said that I was very courteous. I replied that this was only a reflection of his own courtesy toward me. He laughed and said that that was the end of our conversation then!

You can check for yourself as you respond to reading this, just how near you are to this prerequisite for hearts to touch, for the teaching of consciousness by consciousness to take place quintessentially in Itself, by Itself, for Itself, from Itself and back to Itself.

My teaching, such as it is mine, is to help you to remove the ill-mannered obstacles to the flowing of your tears of recognition of yourself, for yourself, as you then reconnect to the fact of light, that your life exists in an ocean of limitless consciousness that is Love.

Conscious-Contact 2

The book that I am drawn to write, perhaps called Conscious-Contact, is a work that might appear after its near forty year gestation. It would be naturally connected to my blogs and to my professional work as a Counsellor and a Leadership Consultant.

(The book described above is still in labour, yet its context remains urgent as this edit on 14/03/21 shows, given that the world has been in lockdown for a year with the Covid-19 pandemic.)

In this world today that there are many political views, there are many financial views, there are many scientific views, there are many religious views, there are many academic views, there are many media views, there are many cultural views, there are many expert views, there are many minority views, there are many gender-based views, there are many governmental views, there are many partisan views, there are many medical views, there are many foreign views …. there are not many spiritual views of how this species of homo-sapiens can avoid Armageddon.

The book called ‘The Power To Change,’ written in 1997 under my pen-name of Eden Gaits is to form an Appendix to my new book ‘Conscious-Contact’.

This world is ruled by a spiritual governance everywhere according to religions, but people generally have stopped daring to believe that anything can be done to land a promised Age Of Aquarius.

A war of words has been raging on Earth for many years now. This war has the megaphone of the Internet and a 24/7 news-media bombardment campaign that is atomising the inner buildings that people inhabit inside their lives, inside their heads.

This war therefore is a spiritual war as defined by the Gospel of Saint John,

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1 KJV)

Words preempt both actions that lead to warfare and processes that sue for peace. So, what is the difference between empty words, broken words and words that are consciously connected to God?

History records that the personification of conscious-contact with God has been rare. These personifications have moved billions of people over time-spans measured as millennia.

Reputations of a person’s physical strength and prowess can last for many decades. The effect of a person’s intellectual strength and prowess can resonate through cultures for centuries. The words of just a very few people whose words are held as Holy, have transmitted a steady pulse of light to Mankind for thousands of years.

Consciousness is limitless and singular.

Every atom of matter arrives from a source that is precious, therefore matter is precious.

Conscience arrives as a conscious awareness of the meeting of the before and the with, a meeting therefore that defines the dynamic of the after.

Fore and aft are descriptions of one vessel. This vessel has a hold, and the cargo and the crew are recorded on a manifest.

So, you can see that there are certain key words that when reconnected for you consciously, they can begin to awaken your abilities to captain the bridge of the vessel that is your life. There are key words that can permit a navigation and a change of course away from the looming rocks of behavioural disaster that again threaten the total destruction of Mankind.

I say again, because Mankind has been poised at this developmental emergency before and has, it seems, always crashed and sunk into Atlantean calamities.

On my watch, I hope to be able to avoid this catastrophic end.

My book, Conscious-Contact is the beginning of my effort to help the leaders of Mankind to bring to a safe berth this collective vessel of our present development, that is then fit to be named Humankind.

No pressure then ….


From the book, Sufis Of Andalusia by Muhyiddin ‘Ibn Arabi, “35 Abu Ishaq Al-Qurtubi of Cordova. One of the ‘Believers’ and a companion of Abu Madyan of Bugia.”
(The note by the translator says – I do not know what is meant by the special use of the term ‘believer’ (mu’min) here.)

My name is ‘Abd al-Mu’min, and mu’min is both a term to describe a believer, and also an attribute of Allah as is described by the hadith, Fifteenth Khabar (55) from Divine Sayings The Mishkat al-Anwar of Ibn ‘Arabi, p 64:

“God, ever mighty and majestic is He, will say in addressing the people of Paradise, ‘You are the faithful who rest in security, and I am God the Faithful who bestows security. I have broken open for you a Name from among My Names. There shall be no fear for you, nor shall you be sad. You are My Friends, My Neighbours, My Beloved, My Chosen, My special ones, the people of My Love, and you are in My Abode.'”

Also from the King James version of The New Testament:

“There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.” 1 Corinthians 10:13

As a ‘Believer’, my role is to make this, my service and Union by this Name that has been broken open for me, more clear for you, to bear witness to an illumination of Faith (Al Ikhlas), a bestowal of tranquillity and security, that you might take heart during these times of change. Salaam.

‘Abd al-Mu’min – Spring Solstice 2018.

The above is a Facebook post taken from my page and put here to expand upon after conversations with passengers in my taxi.

It seems that ‘belief’ is held by many people to be inferior to ‘knowledge’. Yet, the irony is that as people grow up supposedly from believing in Father Christmas and The Tooth Fairy, then in the sophistication of this technological age people can be overwhelmed by information, know a lot, then suddenly realise that they don’t believe in much of anything at all.

I was introduced to the beginnings of what it is to be a Sufi thirty eight years ago. I experienced an overwhelming spiritual experience in 1982, from and in which it has taken me until now to believe what actually happened.

Many years ago, I was told by a man who knew Bulent Rauf, the Sufi who was a Consultant to The Chisholme Institute in Scotland, that Bulent had told him that I was protected.

I did not know what was the purpose of that message then, but that is the nature of The Way, to understand only later the meaning of statements or the answers to questions. To not just know the words of Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi in the following poem, but to be and to believe them as one’s only being …

“O marvel, a garden amidst the flames –
My heart has become capable of every form: it is a pasture for
gazelles and a convent for Christian monks,
And a temple for idols and the pilgrim’s Ka’ba and the tables of
the Tora and the book of the Qur’an.
I follow the religion of Love: whatever way Love’s camels take,
that is my religion and my faith.”

It has taken until now for me to be able to usefully integrate my oft-disintegrated self-knowledge, into a realisation of being able to write the Facebook post above.

For these matters of becoming are carded and developed through oppositional forces, forces often given to one in outer experiences of failure and psychosocial behaviour often deriving from personal defect, as much if not more than experiences of triumph and personal success.

This much is known in stories from scripture about the lives of men like Job, but it is not believed that these principles of a direct preparation by God, by the reality that some say is attributed to Khidr, can still be transmitted into a person and can still be experienced in these modern times.

To reconnect belief to knowledge is easy to say, but not easy to achieve unaided. I have been protected, I am protected as ‘Abd al-Mu’min and only now do I understand what Bulent Rauf saw in 1981, for his help I am truly grateful.

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.” (1 Corinthians 13:2)

Here, belief is expressed as the word charity. For belief illuminates faith, indeed as it says, though you have all faith so that you could move mountains – without a certain something else is present, nothing happens.

Why is belief like charity, that certain something else?

Because they both affirm the primordiacy of doing something without expectation of profit for oneself, the primordiacy of giving rather than getting something to happen.

It is why Christ talked of the need to become like little children. He did not mean to let go of the contemporary expressive science, but that without the open-heart of belief, that openness that most children have and that most adults lose, then knowledge stalls and fails to release its meaning.

The battle of the magicians

The occult manipulations of the powerful, whether in the time of Pharaohs when eventually a Pharaoh met with Moses, or whether it was those who financed Hitler who then messed around with ancient Indian symbols who then eventually went on to prepare the ground for their planned planetary take over – it matters not.

Eventually the misuse of subtle forces goes beyond bounds and then the boundary makes itself apparent.

The story of Moses is instructive here, for it was in his time also that the Golden Calf was introduced as a storyline. The Golden Calf did not deliver on its mooing then, it will not deliver on its mooing now. The magicians at that time collapsed when presented with the emissary of The Source.

How is all this to pan out at this time? Who knows. It is panning out now. The players are all in place. The pieces are all exactly positioned. The preparation of the place exquisitely taken care of.

To be caught up in the middle of events is not the same as imagining how things might be in the future, nor the same as a meander through a history book or a journey through a work of fiction.

What is happening now is an Epoch-change.

The old ways have already gone completely, the new ways not yet landed fully. So the appearance is a little like the image of the teleportation process in Star Trek when people moved through space and time. The re-form sort of shimmers, then solidifies.

So it is with everything on Earth today. It is a time of shimmering.

However, do not imagine that the old pre-2008 days are ever to return, they are not. Neither imagine that the New World Order secretly planned by occult powers for centuries is about to appear either. Neti neti.

What is appearing is from The Creator, the created can do nothing but conform at this time of Bhagavad-Gita-like return to bounds, returning those that are out-of-bounds back to the field of play.

The Age Of Aquarius is shimmering, as it has been for some decades now, even though it has been attacked by would-be hijackers and occult pirates, its successful appearance for Human beings is imminent.

This is me at a “new staff meeting” to commemorate the solstice. 😉


Can you show me a country on the face of the Earth today in 2018 where a significant majority of that country’s population is happy and feels connected freely with their leaders’ Executive function?

What does your answer tell you about the way that you see the world, tell you about the way in which you receive the news and the way in which you feel about how successfully you are connected to your body, how much connection you feel with your universal animal instincts?

These questions are not designed to confuse you. With even a quick skim through my blog postings from my two blogs that I’ve written over the last four years, then it can be seen that I hold that a disease is collapsing the leadership function of individuals and systems.

Car engines can be governed to protect them from misuse and to protect the drivers and the others who might be hit by them.

Governments are designed to protect those who are governed by them, to protect them from themselves until a maturity is arrived at that allows that person an inner anarchy that makes sense of having submitted to imposed discipline in the first place.

This inner anarchy does not seek the destruction of the mundane outer governments within which this inner anarchy has been made corporeally possible. On the contrary, an enlightened person sees from where and how the outer government arrives and seeks only to serve its balanced continuity, so that others may follow their proven pathway toward inner anarchy and freedom.

It is only the half-baked that try to completely destroy outer forms of government with promises of some Eutopia that would then naturally appear.

I am not saying that governments don’t need challenging, that they don’t need help to reform and innovate. What I am saying is that as an enlightened person, my job is to carry a message of inner anarchy for individuals and a message of strong and fair leadership for utility providing governments at local, national and international levels.

This is the only way that, as ‘Abd al Mu’min al Jami, my appearance within the utter Unity of Existence can make any sense of the certainty granted to me by God.

For you to understand what I mean by ‘certainty granted to me by God’, as a string of words that seem utterly unintelligible in this early twenty-first century, then you may have to put in a certain amount of effort.

In the meantime, the certainty that I appear

within carries on sustaining the material fabric of this outer world of ours, despite the best efforts of both the world’s struggling leaders and the naysayers who think that there is nothing save that which appears to their five physical senses.

When Christ (Isa) asked believers to pray for their enemies, He was giving the key to inner freedom. He was laying the foundation for Muhammad (pbuh) to pray, “God, I seek refuge in You, from You.” Christ also layed the foundation for the story in the AA Basic Text which offers the antidote for all forms of Spiritual disease, as follows:

“In my prayers that morning I asked God to point out to me some way to be free of this resentment. During the day a friend of mine brought me some magazines to take to a hospital group I was interested in, and I looked through them and a “banner”across the front of one featured an article by a prominent clergyman in which I caught the word “resentment.”
He said, in effect: “If you have a resentment you want to be free of, if you will pray for the person or the thing that you resent, you will be free. If you will ask in prayer for everything you want for yourself to be given to them, you will be free. Ask for their health, their prosperity, their happiness, and you will be free. Even when you don’t really want it for them, and your prayers are only words and you don’t mean it, go ahead and do it anyway. Do it every day for two weeks and you will find you have come to mean it and to want it for them, and you will realize that where you used to feel bitterness and resentment and hatred, you now feel compassionate understanding and love.”
It worked for me then, and it has worked for me many times since, and it will work for me every time I am willing to work it. Sometimes I have to ask first for the willingness, but it too always comes. And because it works for me, it will work for all of us. As another great man says, “The only real freedom a human being can ever know is doing what you ought to do because you want to do it.”
This great experience that released me from the bondage of hatred and replaced it with love is really just another affirmation of the truth I know: I get everything I need in Alcoholics Anonymous —everything I need I get —and when I get what I need I invariably find that it was just what I wanted all the time.”

Conscious-Contact 1

In the huge recovery industry that has been spawned by the arrival of the 12Step Programme in 1937, there has been an asset stripping “gold rush” as everyman and his dog stake out a claim to “mine” from the original deep seam of redemption that is still the singleness of purpose known as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

This cunning asset stripping and subsequent re-branding of what is a spiritual message, by an intellectual cleverness that can’t submit to any sense of God-consciousness, is only to be expected as it has been happening for thousands of years.

The Source of the message will of course protect the original transmission of the 12Step brand, just as the cohorted charitable and corporate derivative entities attempt to copyright their constructs and financial schemes.

Some of these global entities of supposed solution bearers to hard-pressed government departments around this addicted world are not even benign in their relationship with the source of their recovery industry, they are actively hostile toward the international 12Step Fellowships that have grown from the original Programme over the last eighty years.

How do I know this? Because I have talked with an employee of Indivior – a global addiction recovery player. (The Indivior link updated in April 2019 after the exposure of alleged malpractice) If you look at their opening page on their website, it seems that they are open to a collegiate approach within the global school of experience that has as its foundation the arrival of AA in 1935.

Far from it, the person I spoke to in my taxi as I took her to the airport was vehemently against the 12Step Programme, even telling me that she spent much of her time informing funders at government level around the world that the 12Step Programme doesn’t work and that they need to buy into their corporate services and drug products.

I spoke to a man recently at an Interfaith gathering who said that no-one could prove that God exists. I said that that was no longer strictly true. I said that since 1935 there had been and still are, many millions of people who can claim conscious contact with God as they understand God. They can claim conscious contact with a Higher Power that is loving and caring that has brought them back from a fate worse than death.

“What do you mean?”, says he.

“Members of the global 12Step Fellowships can all quote their Step11 which places them all in a God-consciousness of their own understanding,” says I.

“That’s not the same as what I was saying,” says he.

“It may not be what you wanted to hear,” says I, “but it is exactly answering of your previous generalisations about God that seemed to serve your atheism so neatly.”

I really don’t object to atheists as this linked video explains ….

However, eventually the conditions on the ground will be met with a message of sanity that is evidence based, irrefutable, compassionate, timely, tremendous and true.

Once the message is delivered, then the recipient has the responsibility of either action or continued inertia.

The 12Step Programme is the only living Spiritual programme left on the planet, the only connection with The Holy Spirit that is practical, predicable, provable and true, redeeming the lives of all people willing to change from within any religion, atheism, secularism, humanism, sect, creed or political party.

The Higher Power of the 12Step Programme is not a theory. It is not a new linguistic programme. It is not a clever manipulation of cognition and behaviour that might last a few months. The 12Step Programme is an ineffable fact, an incredible and indestructible coherence of invisibility and visibility, of time and eternity, of ancient and modern, a triumph of belief over despair.

The 12Step Programme is unashamedly written in the language of the heart, a language that challenges the insanity of the language of the head, until the head submits.

The Singularity that the late Stephen Hawking wrote about in his cosmology that led onto looking at the boundaries of understanding for physics is a reflection of the Singularity that is the Source of the 12Step Programme and its metaphysics.

“Without help it is too much for us, but there is One who has all Power, that One is God, may you find Him now” (AA Book)

This single sentence is the nuclear core of the 12Steps. It is the same sentence spoken by every Prophet, Patriarch, Saint, Messenger and Mystic of the so-called West. It is the sentence that underpins the Eastern Hemisphere of Buddhist enlightenment as surely as a brain has two hemispheres.

It is the sentence of repetition found in the Surah Al Rahman in The Qur’an, “now which of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?”

The template of sanity for a Human being is this threefold, simple, evidence based structure, namely that a person appears as a physical, mental and spiritual being that has to be connected across its two inner interfaces of mental/physical and mental/spiritual if that person is to be described as in any way fully conscious.

God is consciousness.

Mankind arrives existentially inside consciousness, but unaware of this fact, therefore unconscious of the very forces that uphold an awareness of mortality. This is almost analogous to an imaginary conscious fish that is actually in water whilst denying that water exists.

A person who arrives at a conscious contact with this living Singularity arrives within a kindergarten of Human possibility from out of the conceptual rigour of their previous ignorance, however that conception might have appeared to have happened.

At this time, recovery from the many forms of the bellwether disease of Addiction is the paradoxical beachhead of sanity that has arrived at the junction of two eras, as the Age of Pisces gives way to the Age of Aquarius.

As at every previous time of momentous change known to Mankind, however the history of change might have been disrupted, Messengers from the Unseen decloak and engage in the almost impossible mission of trying to help the collective engage in work that is really only the province of the individual.

This time of momentous change is no different. The help is at hand. The challenge facing the helpers and those to be helped is the same, namely one of engagement.

In reading this piece, we make a start.

War as mass psychosis

The Name is Al Mu’min ….

(From The Mishkat al-Anwar of Ibn Arabi translated by Stephen Hirtenstein and Martin Notcutt ISBN 0-9534513-5-6)

Thanks to Azim Looker …. for

A chunk of quote … from J.G.Bennett.

“War has a twofold origin. The first is outside of man and arises independently. The second is within man and is due to his own weakness and failure. From time to time a special state of tension arises on the earth, which Gurdjieff calls the state of “Solioonensius.” This state of tension arises from the relations between the planets. I do not mean by this that it is something supernatural or mysterious. It is a perfectly natural process, connected with the changes in the balance of electrical and other energy in the solar system. For example, it is already suspected by science that the occurrence of sunspots has an effect upon the human psyche.

It may help you to understand what I mean by calling Solioonensius a perfectly natural process if you consider a simple phenomenon, well-known to all. I refer to the effect in Great Britain of the east wind, or in the Mediterranean of the sirocco. When the east wind blows, people become irritable and nothing seems to go right. I once became interested in this because I wanted to see whether it was a real or an imaginary effect. I asked a number of people to observe carefully and let me know as objectively as possible whether they could detect a state of inner tension caused by the east wind. Nearly everyone confirmed that a state of irritability did, in fact, arise in them even before they were aware that the east wind was blowing.

In a more subtle and pervasive manner, great regions of the earth’s surface, and sometimes even the whole of the earth, become subject to a state of tension that produces in people a strong sense of dissatisfaction with their conditions of life. They become irritable or aggressive, apprehensive, nervous and highly suggestible. Gurdjieff said that knowledge of Solioonensius existed thousands of years ago, and that he took the term from a very ancient tradition. At the present time, its significance has been forgotten or lost.

The point is that there are two completely different ways in which people can react to a state of Solioonensius. It always arouses dissatisfaction, but this may be external or internal. External dissatisfaction leads to external conflict; internal dissatisfaction strengthens the desire to struggle with oneself. Those who understand the necessity for working on themselves and achieving the second destiny find in that state of tension the greatest possibility of incentive and force to make them work harder. But those who do not have this feeling, this realization, project outwards their dissatisfaction and become hostile and angry with other people-suspicious, jealous and the rest of it- and then, defenceless against these mass psychoses, begin to hate. And the very people who, only a few years before, could not conceive of themselves consenting to the idea of war become involved in the destruction of other people. And those other people, passing through the same mass psychosis with the same justification, wish in turn to destroy their existence.

It is possible by careful study of history and of various psychological processes to verify this. And once you understand it, you will see that there is no way by which war can be stopped other than by making people understand the necessity for this work. Otherwise, they have no defense against this state of tension; no contrivances, no organisation, no good resolutions can avail, because there is a physio-chemical process involved. This state of tension must produce the result. We do not know when such a state of tension will come over the world again. When it is absent, we do not feel war as something possible, but when it approaches, nothing can be done unless an idea can come into the world that can act on a sufficiently large number of people to enable them to turn this force in a different direction.

This is one reason why the change – the transition period – from one epoch to another, from one world to another, is a dangerous period. Old ideas have lost their momentum and can no longer move the world. New ideas have not yet gained momentum. All through history, and even before the beginning of history, we find such periods accompanied by war and revolution, not because war and revolution are inevitable in themselves but because people have lacked that discrimination that would enable them to use this situation rightly. If we are able to go into a world in which this is understood, then the course of history can be different, because the destiny of all mankind can be raised to a higher level. There is no higher purpose in the life of man than to bring about this great transition.

If a new world is to come, we must first create it in ourselves. You may ask how the work of a few people can change the world. It has always been so. Ideas are powerful, not organizations. Nothing can be done by outward force; everything can be done by inner strength.’

[Copyright J.G. Bennett, Is there “Life” on Earth, Bennett Books, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA].

The descended sacredness of the disease of stuck-addiction is that eventually, after much practice in the wastelands of denial, the individual inner warrior does give his or her own death day “consciously and unequivocally” back to The Living Source that granted them their birthday – or they actually die.


Once this has “actually” been done rather than theoretically imagined, an awakening begins.

If this releasing of the physical death day is not achieved, then the death day is held by the piratical system that grips the Earth and all its species, especially Mankind, in its status quo of threat and counter threat.

There is the gift that this transmitted vehicle gives to all Mankind, for most of Mankind is held in subservience by forces that overtly or covertly threaten people with physical or reputational death.

This is ouranosmetry meeting geometry, this is how to prepare the personal alchemical vehicle to achieve the metaphysical instruction of Islam which is to “die before you die”, without getting lost in the terrorist dangers of physical misunderstanding.

This post has been edited in from June 2020


Higher Emotional Centre

Mother Nature provides Mankind with a physical centre of gravity. This centre allows a person to lose and regain balance seamlessly in the process of walking, running, moving in any way with the vehicle of an organic body.

The psyche sits upon this physical vehicle astride universal instincts that can simply be described as security, social and sex instincts. Feelings are pressurised by the instincts and are measurable by a person with a specific emotional guage that is attached to their con-science.

Thus in a physical body, blood pressure and feeling pressure work sympathetically, with these pressures being interpreted with a process of emotional and intellectual reaction that is then acted upon by intelligence choosing a pattern to employ behaviours.

Where this process is weakened through abusive experiences, illness or ignorance, then feeling pressure ruptures into actions that are not processed as part of a higher emotional centre becoming formed. The con-science becomes compromised and ordinary emotional processes become stilted whereupon all possibilities of a Higher Centre are temporarily cutoff.

The yin-yang template of journeying into vice and then returning to virtue cushions these collapses of conscience as simply the necessary mirroring of the physical falling down and standing up of centre of gravity formation, by the inner body of experience that is the person anyway.

In itself then, emotionally failing to process feelings can be likened to falling down. The problems start to become dangerous if the immediate line-management of a person misreads any idiosyncratic behaviours as too scary to carry on with and then proceeds to let the inner Customs and Excise department close down the inner borders of left/right hemisphere travel. The standing back up again, stops.

Then the development of a Higher Emotional Centre atrophies. The purpose of life withers and dies as the inner balance fails to develop. A personal expression then tries to hide this failure through exaggerations or fixations of expression that eventually become incapable of meaningfully integrating the journey of life: a journey designed to be connected via the necessary terminal opposites of birth and death as they pertain to both physical and metaphysical experiences.

It may be possible to resurrect the purpose of being here on Earth, as being one of co-creating this Higher Emotional Centre, for a person who has died to this purpose, but it may only happen when what has passed as life for such a person collapses around them by accident, by the disease of stuck-addiction©️ or by the loss of their props through the existential removal by Life event of the people, places or things that have co-dependently enabled them to appear alive whilst actually dead, in the first place.

As societal forces atomise old cultural forms and necessitate new forms to be developed within the current era-change, then many people are experiencing anxiety as their inner habits and their habitations collapse as if in inner earthquakes.

DRT as a therapeutic application is both a preventative to collapse and a reconstruction after collapse for both people and for systems as their hosting culture radically and irrevocabley changes.

Instigations …

Look up the dated phrase “to grant favours” …

Oh to be a modern man
No rites of passage
Trashed religious package
Caught between news of marauders
Brutal abusers and Benny Hill musers
All tarred with the same brush
The seduction dance frozen
G-spots, wi-fi hot spots
Loose Women programmes
Fifty Shades logjams
Performed and written by feminine forces
Poor men …
Like animals or birds
Forced to dance, lock horns,
Preen their feathers
Not a word or thought out of place,
Until she instigates
Her policy of no regret
Just don’t dare to refuse her
Don’t then say no …
For it’s the woman scorned
That makes Hell’s fury seem nought
It’s Salome that had The Baptist’s head bought
It’s Delilah had Samson’s power clipped
It’s the other man’s wife
Clawed Joseph’s back
Then blamed him …
So …. The Human, being me,
Meets The Human, being you,
In the dying art of animal husbandry.

Every 2 hours in the UK a man kills himself.