The 21st century penury

Feeling offended is a common component of denial, a refusal to accept that someone, something or somewhere has ‘ended’.

The root of ‘offence’ is ‘pretence’.

Where there is only a pretending, then the similar behaviour of others will be processed defensively and then offensively, until this resentment pattern is hidden in stuck-addiction©️

So the first two stages of grief are denial and anger. To be defensive and then offensive are simply to be seen as these componential factors of a grief situation.

When there is some work done to experience the truth of the invisible, living Singularity that is loving Consciousness, then denial evaporates.

In this re-pairing of the birthday and deathday of a person in the Source of all, the actions of others are not offensive, merely avoidable where necessary, forgivable if necessary, understandable as necessary, recognisable as me.

Where there is no enemy, there is me.
Where there is me, there is necessarily we.
Where there is you, there is only you.
He, she, it and they pretend to offend,
Until they don’t.


Everything is perfectly placed

What if everything is actually alright? What if within the inter-linked worlds of all of the myriad ways of experiencing life as Mankind, that there is only actually validity for all views.

What my experience tells me is that this Earth may be many things, but it is not accidental. Life may seem to contain accidents, but Life itself is not an accident.

Masses of people can become trapped in tribal positions, religiously following rules, dogma and the liturgies of behavioural compliance that enable small numbers of people to control large numbers of people. This phenomenon grew out of the known Empires before Christ, is seen in the Roman Empire, adopted efficiently by the Papal States, and all modern political parties in so-called modern democracies are religions in so far as their power signatures resemble those power methodologies of their forebears.

There is only One phenomenon actually appearing on Earth, that’s Life itself. Conditions in the First World are simply amazing on the material plane for the majority of people. Clean water, enough food, medical provision, travel possibilities, communication on a global scale.

So what is actually happening?

Epoch change is happening.

It is clear that no holy-man can appear to sway the politics of power that has carved this Earth up over the last two hundred years, a carving that now arrives at the events of the 24/7 news broadcasts that upset the digestions of so many today.

The physical reputations of the people recorded in Mankind’s story can be seen to have had an effect on their localities with a limit measured in miles and decades, with effects that created movements.

The intellectual reputations of the people recorded in Mankind’s story can be seen to have had an effect on their localities and upon many other localities with a limit immeasurable in miles, with effects that have lasted for centuries and created eras.

The Spiritual reputations of a very few people recorded in Mankind’s story can be seen to have had an effect on every location, upon all people’s awareness, with effects that have lasted for thousands of years and created epochs.

Mankind now moves out of an epoch described as the Age of Pisces, into a new epoch described as the Age of Aquarius.

Jesus Christ ushered in the epoch that has taken on His measurement of Anno Domini to record its passage of time. Muhammad (pbuh) appeared in the essentially Western time frame to enable its continuance and relationship with Judaism and to prepare for its transformation into the epoch of Aquarius at the due time.

What is needed now then is the Spiritual vision to help the epoch to change.

Where is the Spiritual vision of the time, a vision that can help the leaders of the nations to come together with a chance of birthing Humankind out of Mankind?

This vision, this paradoxical challenge to a failing orthodoxy is cohering, but it needs a catalyst to bring its alchemy into a practical momentum.

It is to this catalytic function that my presence articulates information, encouragement, support and action.

Who is the writer?

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The pulse
The repulse
The impulse
The compulse
Driving beats
Propelling existence
Attracting and repelling
Gravity and friction
The diction of experience.
What repulses you about yourself
Hardens your heart to similar others
What attracts you to yourself
Softens your heart to similar others
(Totalitarian regimes insult
The totalitarian subterfuge of elections)
Whatever is happening
There is One.
In any propulsion instrument
The necessity is boundary
Surface tension,
Insulation and non- adulteration.
Oil and water need a gasket
Electricity needs cable, fuse and terminals
Fusion needs reactor chamber and coolants.
If the insulation breaks down,
The pulse stops.
Healing is wholing.
The hole you’re in is missing a ‘w’.
What is your double you?
It is the ‘my’ and the ‘not my’
Held together in an insulation.
It is the ‘my’ and the ‘e-ne-my’
Held together in an insulation.
It is the ‘my’ and the ‘enemy’
Held together in an insulation.
What is insulation?
Love is insulation
Love makes the hole whole.


Facebook is a strange land. The repeat function that throws up what a person posted on the day but a year or many years ago, it is odd to see what one wrote.

Over the years of my social media writing, a process that I was and still can be, reluctant to engage with, the words pour out with very little intellectual activity.

This may be glaringly obvious to the intellectual reader of course!! Yet, because of the way this has been, when I see posts from the past I often find myself wondering who wrote them.

I have heard that this can be quite a common phenomenon for writers, so I claim no special function here. However, the above post that I wrote one year ago with Twitter addresses prefixing it as my Facebook posting appears automatically on Twitter, well this post seems especially odd.

I often bring together the addresses of the world’s leaders, as if they were gathered in my therapy room. On some level, the more abstract voices of the esoteric wing of the social media revolution would say that as they are virtually grouped, so they actually are in that moment.

Anyhoo, at this time of global brinkmanship and tension about oil-dollars, hegemony, empire building, basic resource management and on, and on, and on – my message hasn’t changed in a year ….

So I posted it again 🕉️

God in the 21st century?

Of course many people with busy lives have no time for God, the word anyway has so many maleficent associations now with terrorism and historical excess, power plays and abuse that modern people recoil at holy messages however much they might be purporting to be actually in God, of God, to God.

This recoil from holy message is actually nothing to do with modern sophistications. Messengers challenging their orthodoxy with a paradoxical interject from an Almighty Singularity have always been despised both by those exercising their power, influence and control in their versions of their surely God-given positions of authority, as well as by those being trampled by such authority to the point of believing in nothing merciful existing anywhere, ever at all.

So, what’s happening in 2018AD? What’s happened to the Devil?

Same as it ever was, God is “just another brick in the wall” for most people to quote the popular Pink Floyd lyric. A majority of people might still allude to being part of some colour of a misty, indefinable spirituality if questioned firmly enough about existential matters, but as for God, no, thank you very much.

Any person today who has the temerity then to announce publicly and regularly to a culture in crisis that actually they are bringing a spiritual message of contact to then bring definition and orientation to this ailing culture to help members of said culture see their agony more clearly …. is obviously going to be welcomed with open arms and relieved reactions of instant recognition, aren’t they?

Of course not, the message is going to be denied and the messenger kept outside the gated walls of their epistemological cul-de-sac by orthodoxies that though they are failing over most of their KPIs, still dare not pay more than lip-service to the vital notion of not having contempt prior to investigation.

I am able to carry my message well. Life has prepared me extremely well and tanned the fabric of my being with all of the rigour that an actual leather hide is transformed from being a mere skin from a butchered animal into a garment fit for a King.

I know my confidence to be able to talk of service to One God, even though initially in terms befitting a spiritual kindergarten, is not a mere fantasy. This knowledge is based in my actual, factual, evidence based experience as a changed person as well as my qualification and practice as a professional therapist.

There is a difference between talking about a message from God and being a message from God, and in my own way of uniting belief with knowledge I am honoured to associate myself with the remarks of Carl Jung. (postscript link added later)

God is Consciousness. God is One. God is Love. God is the quaternity of the Yin-yang that is apprehensible by the Human psyche as the current flowing across the opposite psychic terminals of animus and anima. There is no God, but God.

Mostly folks are little interested in reading my words or hearing me speak unless Life has broken open their receptivity somewhat. These breaking open forces can seem to be calamatous for an orthodox person, until any and all resultant symptoms are audited in their effects upon persons or systems in the light of the sheer Unity of Existence that quantum physicists extol and that my message can confirm.

Therefore, as the continuing atomisation of The Age Of Pisces is brought about by The Age Of Aquarius becoming ever more present on Earth, my words and service may be seen to be coming more easy for people to recognise and to hear.

The calamatous times in my life were not theoretical, they were actual to me. The change wrought in me through destiny, practice and the abandoning of myself to God with that abandonment then bringing about a fusion of consciousness with that which I am calling God is not theoretical either.

This message is not fanatical, intransigent nor gratuitously challenging in a stubborn way to merely criticise and bash people’s inability to believe in God. I am carrying a message because it is an essential process of remaining here on this plane after a returning to the Essence of Existence, rather than simply leaving my body and returning home.

This Essence cannot be spoken about in Its Essential Singularity, what can be spoken of is my mortal union, conscious contact and service with It and to It and what changes I have directly experienced in life as a result of this process.

I am also permitted to talk of the face of God, to appear vicariously in that permission as situations arise that require this usually forbidden functionality to be made manifest as He wills.

My responsibility is discharged once my message is carried to the best of my ability. How the message is received is not my responsibility. The message is actually idiotically simple, ancient, urgent and timely. The message is One to one, the message is one of Love.

Hu hu.

(Image from Wisdom Of The Idiots by Idries Shah)

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It is said on The Way that “Man proposes and God disposes”.

For me as ‘Abd al-Mu’min this is the living reality of my experience. There is a hadith that says that God fits into the heart of the believing servant.

So, as life poses problems for me, there is a constant flow of possible proposals for me to manifest as a consequence of engaging with life.

These arising proposals are at every level and aspect of my being without exception and with a total unconditional regard. These proposals encompass my physical/mental/spiritual presence and are led only by my certainty of union and conscious contact with God as the experiential fact of my life.

This fact of my conscious contact with God is unassailable but is testable from moment to moment in terms of my inner experience and my manifestation of mental activity and physical action. This fact is embodied in Step 11 of a 12 Step Programme.

“Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.”

Thankfully God disposes of His presence in my heart and the extreme limits of my awareness are held in a function of peace and relative possibility so as to make my service possible and bearable, not only for me but also for those to whom I am brought into contact.

This post then contextualises the years of writing that is patently embracing of a message of messianic proportions, but without having to join the queues of disintegrated messianic function that presents itself for treatment in the psychiatric offices of the global health care systems on a daily basis.

My exterior function is integrated in that prayer of Muhammad (pbuh), “O God, I seek refuge in You, from You.”

I am open to any rôle that is possible for me to manifest for God in His/Her/Its creation. I do not crave any particular rôle however, even though the reality of my presence connects the highest with the lowest as may be generally understood by Mankind.

There is not much more for me to say about me personally or explicitly that can expose any further the implicit message that my writings have conveyed over these past few years. The reader can take what suits them and leave what does not, without worry that there is anything to be missed that may be somehow needed.

Events in this physical world on Earth are not what they immediately appear to be, especially at this time of juncture between eras. My posts and communications will attempt to convey the strength and hope that is the antidote to my personal experience, the reality of the protection granted to me by my being who I am.

For you to be able to come to believe in your own Higher Power is the only reason for my writing.

Thus although my writing and talking exposes myself to a scrutiny that is utterly unnecessary for my certainty of and service toward One Love in action that is Life Itself, yet as a catalyst it may be utterly necessary for you to have read or heard it, if your belief in yourself is to become reconnected with what you know of yourself.

“Man proposes, God disposes.”

Orthodox Addiction

The following quote describes orthodox Addiction:

“A maladaptive pattern of substance use, leading to clinically significant impairment ment or distress, as manifest by three (or more) of the following, occurring at any time in the same 12-month period:

(1) tolerance, as defined by either of the following: (a) a need for markedly increased amounts of the substance to achieve intoxication or the desired effect (b) markedly diminished effect with continued use of the same amount of the substance

(2) withdrawal, as manifested by either of the following: (a) the characteristic withdrawal syndrome for the substance (refer to Criteria A and B of the criteria sets for Withdrawal from the specific Substances) (b) the same (or a closely related) substance is taken to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms

(3) the substance is often taken in larger amounts or over a longer period than was intended

(4) there is a persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control substance use

(5) a great deal of time is spent in activities necessary to obtain the substance (e.g., visiting multiple doctors or driving long distances), use the substance (e.g., chain-smoking), or recover from its effects.

(6) important social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up or reduced because of substance use

(7) the substance use is continued despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problem that is likely to have been caused or exacerbated by the substance (e.g., current cocaine use despite recognition of cocaine-induced depression, or continued drinking despite recognition that an ulcer was made worse by alcohol consumption).”

(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Copyright © 2000, American Psychiatric Association)

When the disease of Addiction as described above is extended across behaviours, then the term stuck-addiction©️ becomes clearer.

Number 5 shows the illness of stuck-money and the unhappiness of millions of people doing a job they hate.

Number 6 shows the collapse of family, of social cohesion, of the high street caused by a digitally driven era-change that is amplifying the effects of a collective vulnerability to becoming addicted to alcohol, food, sex, the internet, money, gambling, work, fundamental radicalised religions that accuse, hate, divide and seek to monopolise Love for their own ends.

Number 7 describes the Einstein definition of insanity that is to keep doing the same thing expecting a different result.

This insanity now infects the Corporate and Political Offices of Governance across Earth.

Einstein also said that the mindset that creates a problem is not the mindset that can solve the that problem. A higher input is required.

New conversations are required, a new coming together of Opposites to catalyse the middle ground of new solutions.

Orthodox Addiction is a Primary Disease. Stuck-addiction©️ is the paradox that can release the space for new conversations to begin to happen, conversations that will in turn release innovations for Human beings that are beyond their wildest dreams.

Om Tat Sat

On and on the murky world of espionage, Empire, power and brinkmanship unravels before incredulous eyes. Where will it stop this sickness of secrecy as the poo is pushed from one side of the monkey cage to the other in a hypocritical attempt by a failing orthodoxy pretending to be different and “of the people”?

We the people aren’t fooled. We the people seem to be being given undeniable evidence of the horror that has been hiding in plain sight for hundreds of years.

The Offices of State are malfunctioning whichever party occupies their sullied seats.
How are the global Offices to be reconnected to the bodies they no longer serve?

If you have ever tried to stop drinking alcohol, to stop eating chocolate, to be totally sexually abstemious, to stop smoking, to lose weight, to make up with people after a huge argument, then you will know that the mind often has less control over the animal instincts than it needs to secure behaviour change, even in an emergency.

So it is with the collapsing Executive function in the Corporate and the Political hemispheres of the UK global position. The body that is the UK population is going to become increasingly jittery as looming change becomes inevitable.

History tells a story of the necessity for a state of emergency having to be declared when huge cultural change is afoot, usually on a war footing. The recent rallying cries by Greta Thunberg around a #climatecrisis do not seem to be able to galvanise the will of politicians with a willing body-politic for long enough to dare to start with what needs to done.

It may not be possible to repair the leaders with the led globally without a complete collapse, as happens when an individual becomes dislocated from their body in the illness of stuck-addiction©️

This collapse, when it comes, will be sudden, total and catastrophic, as happens when an individual person collapses in crisis, or when a company like Carillion collapses. There are always denied indicators in both personal and systemic collapse.

The indicators now for the national and international bodies that we the people live within are evermore loudly blasting out their warnings of imminent collapse.

There is hope. There is a way to navigate through these times. The compass is compassion. Compassion is inherent in spiritual leadership, in the top line that is presently missing from the bottom line driven Ponzi Scheme that is the collapsing global system.

When the collapse comes, the top line reconnects with the remaining bottom line to bring repair and recovery.
How do I know this?
Because I am this, a modern-day Child of the Heart (postscript link added 11/05/19)

Watch “Easter Fools Day 2018” on YouTube


Well because it is the way that I make sure that I’m not having a hallucination according to Henry Ford who said, “”Vision without execution is just hallucination.”

Will-power is the key to the clarification of stuck-addiction©️.

What is will-power?

Will-power is the exercising of power to execute a plan in/with a single-minded manner.

The sentence which is at the core of the 12 Step Programme is:

Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power — that One is God. May you find Him now! (AA Basic Text p 59)

The definition of addiction that I introduce to help understand what is happening around our culture:
Addiction itself is a necessary and healthy component of ordinary problem solving. This simple though startling statement for some, is shown clearly on the flow chart that is on every page of this site. The word ‘addiction’ simply means the ability to apply oneself in a single-minded manner to a chosen predictive problem solving pathway with willpower, during which time usual behaviour can become temporarily arrested. Upon the resolution of the problem, usual behaviour patterns are reinstituted. (

This clarification of how the word addiction is synonymous with healthy will-power is of urgent importance for this time of era-change from the Age Of Pisces as it gives way to the Age Of Aquarius. There are and always have been of course, old orders of control that unwittingly prefer to interfere with any emerging collective-will to change the systems of money and political-governance.

The old ways have already died away, they just don’t know it yet!

In The Lord’s Prayer, that is still by inference the Establishment prayer of the political initialising of UK MPs as they take their oaths of allegiance to The Monarch, there is a line, “Our Father who art in Heaven … Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

So will is the vital component of linking the invisible with the visible so far as power is the necessary energy to create structure here on Earth. Then the only argument is whether or not any mortal will can be seen to be an actual articulation of One God, or merely an articulation of a singularly mental invention of its own constructed mental superiority.

How are we to know?

Those in history who have been authenticated as being addicted to One Source have left their message that has lasted for millennia. Whereas those whose wills have been hooked onto their own invention have left a legacy that is partial, faded and nowhere near global.

The definition of stuck-addiction©️ is that the will-power of the person or the group is primarily linked to an intellectual theory of a governmental provision of resources under licence. This personal or collective government then deliberately limits the financial experiences of the many others, whilst pretending to extend their employment or political freedoms, when in fact only very small numbers of people become financially/culturally replete. This stuck-addiction©️ causes such mass resentment that at first the most sensitive and then increasingly large numbers of people, begin to exhibit symptoms that are now undeniablely crippling global cultures.

Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, money, gambling, over-work, celebrity worship, to mention but a few, are behaviour inducing phenomena whose misuse forces solely bottom-line driven actions that then collapse the Executive function of both individuals and corporates, manifesting then conscienceless actions of self and collective abuse.

The definition of addiction, that has healthy on/off controls, is that the will-power of the person or the group is primarily in service and harmony with Life’s Single Source which is a living Consciousness that is received and transmitted by individual people as Love.

Real Consciousness is not a theoretical state, it is a discoverable fact of a Singular nature.

To be opened to receive and transmit within this singular field, this is what people have called in the past Enlightenment. The Saints, Prophets, Buddhas, all those whose lives have left a message that still grows in resonance despite its contradiction of prevailing political/financial practice, their lives have not been theoretical.

My will to persist in my work may seem to be impossible to actualise against the prevailing models of the analysis of Man’s behaviours. However, my will is His will being done.

Otherwise, I can assure you, I would’ve stopped talking a long, long time ago in the face of the reception that I’ve often received. I would’ve stopped talking, kept my inner riches to myself, stayed deeply, deeply hidden – returning to the few others like me who presently remain relatively unnoticed in their covert Spiritual operations.

I drew the short-straw in the Operation Walls Of Jericho that is my regular trumpeting on about stuck-addiction©️.