E=mc² explored as Love.

Energy provides power.

Power enables.

Being able means that one can “do”.

Doing brings about experience.

Experience is the touchstone of conscience.

Before you came here, “pre” or previous to your maturity something pre-cious was placed in you.

When the time is ripe, often with a shock, a meeting with (Latin ‘cum’ from which derives ‘con’) Con-sciousness activates Itself in its preciousness.

Conscience connects individual preciousness, into personal consciousness knowing and being known by Universal Consciousness.

Consciousness is Energy, the AUM or the HU.

This virtuous circle of Energy and Consciousness establishes The Human being as the = sign, an isthmus.

Equality is impossible to understand without the equals sign, the “=”, makes some sense to the person trying to understand.

The “=” sign connects invisibly the top-line and the bottom-line of any situation. If there is no connection with either of the lines, it disappears and there is left a minus sign.

The “=” sign is the awareness of a person, the cathode/anode connectivity of Energy flowing from top-line con-science into the bottom-line connection to universal instincts of animality, the security, social and sex instincts that then generates “feeling pressure” that moves the individual gauge of emotion.

Being and having are connected but not the same. I have a relationship with people, places and things. I am my relationship with God.

So, when all the machinations of ÷,×,+,- are finished with, those efforts are seen in the light of = Love.

E=love, can be borne in mind, but only born in the heart.

About Andrew Dettman

Counsellor, Leadership Consultant, Poet, Cabbie,
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