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Twenty year fuse

⏳ this is the only issue facing Mankind today. Every government on Earth could invoke legitimately states of emergency to bring in food and fuel restrictions and rationing whilst invoking plans to save Mankind and the global Environment, as conditions … Continue reading

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Connectors of Consciousness

Love and Gravity (link 09/12/20) are the invisible and visible terminals across which Consciousness is conscious of Itself. We all die by death, a terminal event, no better or worse than the terminal event of birth. One terminal is terminal. … Continue reading

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Drawing a line to see the pennies drop ….

_____________________________________________ So, to draw the line, this is an expression of boundary, an expression of ending and beginning …. A straight way. When the penny drops, that which was unclear before, becomes clear, becomes both known and believed. Since beginning … Continue reading

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On the 6th August 2018 at 1400hrs in HM Coroner’s Court in Hull, the circumstances of a departing from her physical existence by Janette (Latifa) Dettman was examined b. 27/10/55 d. 17/01/18 A broken heart cannot be recorded by the … Continue reading

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