Twenty year fuse

⏳ this is the only issue facing Mankind today. Every government on Earth could invoke legitimately states of emergency to bring in food and fuel restrictions and rationing whilst invoking plans to save Mankind and the global Environment, as conditions now are worse than in WWII.

But the governments are run by monetary fixated functions that, though stuck in a post Ponzi Scheme collapse, are still refusing to hear the emergency messages of our imminent environmental collapse. They are like operating alcoholics who, though vaguely knowing that they are increasingly powerless, still imagine that they can manage.

This Executive collapse that is now in the UK fully exposed in the #Brexit debacle, is also in the collapse of #Carillion and #Interserve and #Capita, rooted in the collapse of RBS in 2008, and is actually a mirror held up to the world.

This collapse is also shown in the hysterical actions of the Trump administration and the running of an Empire like a TV reality show, in the yellow vest demonstrations in France, in the 35/35 result in the corruption ridden Israeli elections, in the multiple Prime Ministers in Australia, in the two Popes in The Vatican as well as litigation cases in both the Catholic and Anglican hierarchies, in Greece, Venezuela, threats of war between India and Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, the bone saw of Saudi diplomacy, Yemen, in the manipulations of Russia, in the personalisation of China’s rule and on and on and on.

The indicators of collapse are everywhere to be seen. I have honed a vernacular of disease #stuckaddiction that allows Executive functionaries across the religious, political and corporate sectors of the Earth to enter into a “no blame” zone to dare to hold the conversations necessary for the landing of The Age Of Aquarius that is actually already here, but not yet in full resolution.

The youth of this time are rising, the changes are unstoppable. What has been missing is the articulation necessary to accurately describe the bottom-line fixations that are still trying to justify the policies that are collapsing the Earth’s infrastructure in the name of the primacy of money over people.

The top-line spiritual vision and its physical embodiment seems absent, though actually it is present in all actions of good-will. However, a catalytic reconnection of a person and people with an ecumenically repairing natural order is not only entirely possible, it may be entirely necessary.


Connectors of Consciousness

Love and Gravity (link 09/12/20) are the invisible and visible terminals across which Consciousness is conscious of Itself.

We all die by death, a terminal event, no better or worse than the terminal event of birth. One terminal is terminal. Connect two terminals together and Life appears across them in a current, in a journey of sheer presence.

Mankind exists across three planes, that’s to say physical, mental and spiritual. There are three sets of terminals that have to be connected, that’s to say breathing in and out, waking and sleeping, birth and death.

Disconnected terminals cause anxiety and trickle charge depression. Clearly the terminals ‘happen to you’ at the breathing and birthday/deathday interface though sleeping can be a big problem for people.

So the way to bring ‘consciousness’ to these terminal arrangements is by starting with conscious breathing.

1. Sit quietly in a comfortable position.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Deeply relax all your muscles, beginning at your feet and progressing up to your face. Keep them relaxed.
4. Breathe through your nose. Become conscious of your breathing. As you breathe out, say the word “ONE” silently to yourself. For example, breathe IN … OUT, “ONE”; IN … OUT, “ONE”; etc. Breathe easily and naturally.
5. Continue for 10 to 20 minutes. You may open your eyes to check the time, but do not use an alarm. When you finish sit quietly for several minutes, at first with your eyes closed and later with your eyes open. Do not stand up for a few minutes.
6. Do not worry about whether you are successful in achieving a deep level of relaxation. Maintain a passive attitude and permit relaxation to occur at its own pace. When distracting thoughts occur, try to ignore them by not dwelling upon them and return to repeating “ONE”. With practice the response should come with little effort. Practice the technique once or twice daily, but not within two hours after any meal, since the digestion processes seem to interfere with the elicitation of the Relaxation Response.
P 172-3 ISBN 0-380-00676-6

This conscious attention to one set of the three terminal arrangements eventually has a conscious effect on the other two sets. Sleeping improves and death becomes meaningfully repaired to birth and eventually all terminal arrangements are reconnected to the Source Code.

For the West the Source Code is God, for the East is Enlightenment, The Bhagavad Gita connects both, in any event, the Source Code is Consciousness ☯️

Everything living flows. There is no God …. but God. 🙏

(Picture of the Corona around a Black Hole)

Drawing a line to see the pennies drop ….


So, to draw the line, this is an expression of boundary, an expression of ending and beginning …. A straight way.

When the penny drops, that which was unclear before, becomes clear, becomes both known and believed.

Since beginning to blog in 2013 which helped prepare for to open in 2016, eventually the penny has dropped for me as to my overall rôle, as my knowledge of my life experience has been actualised by my belief in my seeing my name as ‘Abd al-Mu’min al-Jāmi’ ibn Hulli.

Am I saying then that my work is to cease?


My work is to intensify in its effort. Let me explain.

There is an expression, “to fall in love”. This gives a clue to the correlation between love and gravity as they are the same phenomenon. Gravity is the glue for the physical realm, Love is the glue for the metaphysical realm, both provide the means to “fall”. (Link added 03/11/20)

Gravity seems to bend the space time continuum, Love similarly bends the space time continuum into a conformity.

The Human, being a person, appears fully connected across the terminal connectors of the physical and metaphysical interfaces, both being affected by and effecting with their connection.

Mankind journeys in and into Humankind metaphysically, this is the templated story of my life. Similarly, when an embryo journeys in and into Mankind physically, the templated story of Mankind’s evolution is sequenced by the embryo in the nine months gestation.

This preparation of a place in a process of gestation for a physical birthing, or the sanctification of a person in a process of gestation for a metaphysical birthing has similarities, equally mysterious, the main one being timing. Nothing can appear physically or metaphysically until it is ready.

The physical realm is strictly controlled by enzyme, the metaphysical realm is strictly controlled by ensign, a word from the Latin insignia which means signs of office.

Signs of office are intrinsically linked to the dropping of pennies. So, when Martha and Magdalene met the risen Christ they did not recognise Him at first, until the penny dropped. This metaphysical principle is cascaded throughout all discovery and concomitant invention of utility for Mankind. Many inventors realise that their invention had been staring them in the face for a long time before the penny dropped.

These times of epoch change are held between physical occurrences and metaphysical correlation. Only those persons connected fully to their physical and metaphysical interfaces can help the masses of the somewhat disconnected species of Mankind hold together with their leaders, once the leaders themselves have been initiated more clearly by events and are actually reconnected to the gravity of their rôle.

Love is the only way that this developmental holding and reconnection of Mankind can manifest and orientate, Love is the only force that can balance the vortex of gravity that otherwise would pull the physicality of Mankind and their environment apart.

From the Wikipedia entry for St. Julian of Norwich:
She wrote, “For I saw no wrath except on man’s side, and He forgives that in us, for wrath is nothing else but a perversity and an opposition to peace and to love.” She wrote that God sees us as perfect and waits for the day when human souls mature so that evil and sin will no longer hinder us. “God is nearer to us than our own soul,” she wrote. This theme is repeated throughout her work: “Jesus answered with these words, saying: ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.’ . . . This was said so tenderly, without blame of any kind toward me or anybody else.


On the 6th August 2018 at 1400hrs in HM Coroner’s Court in Hull, the circumstances of a departing from her physical existence by Janette (Latifa) Dettman was examined b. 27/10/55 d. 17/01/18

A broken heart cannot be recorded by the material courts, but in His court of Love this verdict is recordable.

There are no words beyond this cause that can describe this beautiful woman, my first wife.

This blog entry completed on the day of the Lailat al Miraj 2019, is simply to place her safe in my expression for ever. Her heart was broken before we met and I failed to mend it here, but I tried.

Now her heart is whole, there, for ever.

Salaam 🌹.