In these days of global distress around pandemic and the outbreak of wars, the Physical/Mental/Spiritual template which describes the Constitution of Mankind is exposed most clearly by the way in which millions of people have faced their own imminent destruction within the disease of Addiction and survived.

In this exposition of efficacy, there is a benevolent vernacular of possibility that can be extended into a global population that is facing the pandemic identified by Covid-19.

I have been writing in my blogs for seven years about the need to see the connection between personal and systemic illness as a way to navigate through these inevitable times.

This is a proven method to reduce anxiety and improve a sense of well-being:

Now is not the time to blame. Illness is not anyone’s fault. The Coronavirus is an illness description, Mankind is facing an illness. The “No Blame” portal is the first step for the global leaders to get through even within their mistakes, for mistakes are inevitable also, as inevitable as these times themselves.

Whatever the battling theories, whether Covid-19 is natural, from 5G, or even if it’s a germ warfare weapon deliberately or accidentally appearing in plain sight with a vaccine already existing, whatever the insanity prior, or physiological vulnerability that is current, it’s all still productive of an illness and now described within the paradigm of illness when viewed from the Singularity of Love.

In my previous experience, I have tried praying kidney stones away, I was pleased when the doctor arrived and my Consultant blasted them with a lithotripsy machine. When I contracted pneumonia some years ago after breathing in dust from a broken vacuum cleaner, I was pleased to accept the doctors’ ministrations in the fantastic UK NHS.

History is full of the excesses and mistakes of despots and wealth and power fixated pirates who have ended up ruling empires. There are also beneficent rulers who really loved their people and also amazing stories of prophets, saints and people who loved their God in their fellow beings.

At this time, whatever the outcome, each person faces their own particular door of trust, it is open and the only antidote to denial.

The leaders now must lead from their Oaths with the best information available to them however Mankind has arrived in this place, the body of Mankind has no choice now but to be led, the global health services and their incredibly talented and brave personnel have no choice but to work to the best of their knowledge and oath.

There is nothing much left for me to say. This illness is now speaking for itself. What I can repeat however from the book Alcoholics Anonymous is that:

Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power — that One is God. May you find Him now!

This is the nuclear sentence that connects the 12 Step Programme to every Message from The Unseen that eventually became a religion. It is the only hope for anyone in these days of global illness.

When experienced folk in a 12 Step Fellowship experience the phenomenon of a newcomer entering a Group Meeting in a state of loud dishevelled illness, then they as a core connect deeply in their Step 11 ….

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

…. and “hold the spiritual space” as the Group does Its work.

So now around this Earth, as the individual incidents manifest and the body of Mankind shakes under its old leaderships and habits, those members of our global Human presence must “hold”.

That’s all there is to do at this time, until the crisis passes, whatever your spiritual journey to this point, “hold”. There’ll be time for the lessons later. “No Blame …. Hold.”

Post script 02/04/20 added from my FB page:

Unity, Service, Recovery.

The denial mentioned over and over in Surah Rahman in The Qur’an is the same denial exposed by the sacred disease of addiction. Mankind is like an addict. In our grief at being torn away from Union into this seemingly disunited life on Earth, the Sufi says that all are in grief.

The stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
The Sufi says there are 5 pillars on The Way. These are the antidotes to grief: trust, certainty, patience, resolution, veracity.



A Penitentiary Moment

BBC News – Coranavirus: Emergency plan for prisons in England and Wales https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-51879952

Unfortunately this is an elephant in an already darkened room. In Italy when visits were banned, the main source of entry for drugs for the inmates, then riots ensued, methadone and other drugs were looted from prison pharmacies, inmates died in the mayhem.

At least 70% of the prison population in the UK and the US are incarcerated because of crimes connected to the primary disease of Addiction. This metaphysical weakness in diagnosing the actual state of the constitutional body of these nations’ Executive function as shown by the state of their prisons is now being shown by the physical paucity of planning around Covid-19 for their wider populations.

Vision is needed to join the dots around what this Covid-19 global pandemic is actually saying to Mankind.

The sacred disease of Addiction is a whole person malady not just a physical/mental problem even though that’s where the symptoms eventually appear.

https://qr.ae/pNjm8s explores the expression “Hu” in the diagrammatic chart below.


Similarly for Mankind, the symptoms of Covid-19 appear to be solely physical, certainly the huge number of deaths are physical enough, however the actual provenance of this pandemic is a whole system phenomenon that is appearing because of an already vulnerable global immune system.

So, the body of an addict, whatever the form that the primary disease of Addiction takes, is already demoralised mentally and weakened physically so that behaviourally they become liable to succumb to illnesses that otherwise they might have avoided.

So now with Mankind, there is an underlying soul sickness I have called stuck-addiction and broken-addiction that has rendered Mankind vulnerable to the present disease that seems only physical in appearance.

We will get through this shock, but the wider message of Covid-19 should not be missed.

Mankind is one. The G20 are the equivalent of this global body’s executive function. This global body is a junkie. In its addiction it crashed in 2008.

It has been white-knuckling its pretended recovery for 12 years amidst warnings that it would crash again.

It has now crashed again and this crash is worse than the first, exactly as happens to one person when they are collapsing with the spiritual disease of addiction.

The body of Mankind may well come out of this crash, but the portal of opportunity will only be open for a limited length of time. If the G20 fail to see this matter clearly then Mankind will crash again and that will be the end.

When a person presents with the disease of addiction, whatever form the symptoms take, it appears as if they are suffering from a physical collapse with mental instabilities.
85 years of evidence based treatment shows that actually the problem with all forms of addiction is a Metaphysical collapse and disconnect.

If this fact is not accepted by the addict, then the resentment ridden narrative attending the collapse defeats all attempts to treat the symptoms and the addict dies.
So with Mankind. Covid-19 is not the problem, it is a symptom of an already ill body that has been ill with the real pandemic for decades, the pandemic of stuck-addiction.

Just as when an addict catches TB because of their disease and the their death certificate records TB and not addiction, so now with the body of Mankind, the underlying main pandemic risks being missed in the febrile terror of a global body-count.

There can be a difference between the mode of death and the cause of death.


Pharma karma

This illustrates the tension between “healing” and the “the money machine” ….. the #covid19 challenge is amplifying this tension.


From February ’19, this matter was settled out of court I believe. Johnson & Johnson however have been involved in a similar matter in the US courts and a judge in Oklahoma presided over their guilty verdict and fined Johnson & Johnson $15billion and labelled them as “the biggest drug dealers in the world”.

The big four global auditors have fallen foul of the same collapse of ethics as they have provided audits for profit and are first in the queue to be paid when they are in charge of bankruptcy processes of the undertakings that they previously audited.

(BBC News – KPMG ousts head of financial services unit

Whether product based or service based, it seems that when any organisation serves money first whilst only pretending to put people first, then disaster awaits.

The banks brought about the 2008 global Ponzi scheme collapse as they all preferred to serve each other and made more money trading with each other whilst customers were a mere convenience for their money fixated super-schemes.

Billionaires across the continents are willing to sacrifice anything to keep the ruins of this collapsed Ponzi scheme covered in glitter.

We are all in this collapsed body, all tainted with the jackpot yearning conditioning that money can fix anything, so we are all ill.

Healing is the only paradigm that can open Mankind’s survival into becoming Humankind.

The make or break time for our fever appears to be near. I pray we are big enough to make it through. Salaam.


PS below is the latest litigation status of the big pharmaceutical companies 21/07/21

BBC News – Opioid crisis: US drug giants reach $26bn settlement

PPS here is further information re the criminal activities of the corporate drug dealers 23/11/21 ….

BBC News – Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart fuelled opioid crisis, Ohio jury finds

PPS Here is some more news 01/02/2022 on the resulting criminal cases against big pharmaceutical companies https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/feb/01/native-american-tribes-opioids-settlements-590m?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other


There’s a lot of news recently about “trans” as a prefix that has become situationally attached to describe people, lifestyles and attempts at defining behaviours.

There are somewhere around 150 words that can be found utilising the prefix “trans” and the prefix has even taken on a “noun” connotation as people examine their gender rôles in the 21st century.

Whatever the definitions of the words prefixed by “trans”, there can be little doubt that they all reflect the power of this prefix as it denotes potential connectivity, or not.

Connectivity as a word exudes movement as a correlative word of orientation and meaning.

I would like to look at the word transmission in this blog post, I would like to see how the word mission is moved and transformed in its meaning and expression by it being prefixed by trans.

Matter has a mission. Matter is energised by Consciousness so that Consciousness can know Itself.

Einstein described this as E = mc².

Consciousness is synonymous with Energy as It transmits Itself across the equals sign into matter, from invisibility into visibility.

Humankind is the equals sign, the isthmus.

The top line of the equals sign interfaces with the invisible or the Metaphysical, the bottom line interfaces with the visible or the Physical. A person finds theirself in that space between these two lines that in themselves cannot meet consciously in any other way, because one would naturally destroy the other.

The invisible would normally be destroyed by the visible, the problem by the solution, unless there was a transformer put in place to allow this vital equals sign to actually have a chance of existing.

This is the mission given to Humankind, to consciously be the equals sign on Earth, to be the place of God’s transmission.

Mankind as a descriptor is a definition of unrealised potential – of people being unaware of this mission given by God to Himself as Consciousness residing in vehicular matter, standing necessarily as the connecting isthmus for the descending and ascending energy as the invisible meets the visible and then returns, being the transcending presence at every instant – except in brief flashes of insight and awareness.

The transforming of Mankind to Humankind is this possible alchemy that is narrated by Messengers as their mission given to them by God as something that becomes their subsequent transmission, their biographical residue that is left as a signpost for others when they die.

There is a difference between a spiritual experience and a spiritual awakening.

Contact with the transmission emanating from a person in receipt of a spiritual experience can provide a spiritual awakening in such a receptor.

This contrast between experience and awakening is the story of all known religion as mass movements have developed over time from the message of one person’s rendition of their experience of their contact with One as Consciousness Itself.

History is replete with people who have either pretended to have had a spiritual experience to then bamboozle others into following their every word, or who have said that their interpretation of the words of the founders of the few religious vehicles actually existing on Earth were God given insights that meant that they had power and authority over all who existed in those few religions.

This religious piracy is of course still happening in the these days. It is at the core even of the global political piracies that chant their slogans of material greatness with the ultimate slogan being a demanded amplification of God’s Blessings that are insisted upon as their right of passage permitting them somehow to carry on bombarding the lives of their electorates.

All trans words point to the transforming of One Love into conscious knowledge of Itself in an act of Its own material creation from Itself, in Itself, returning to Itself.

All trans words offer an insight into the way to reconnect that which has had the potential to have become somehow disconnected.

Hu is the term that singularises Humankind in Consciousness and opens the way to talk about reconnecting all Mankind and Womankind.

Man and Woman pluralise to Men and Women. Human pluralises in beings.

So, The Human, being you, meets The Human, being me, in the reception of my transmitted blog.