Quantitive Diseasing

The house of cards that is International money hangs together in the smoke and mirrors of Central Bank QE electronic money.
It may be electronic, but it all has to be paid back to the lender, or the buyer of the bonds.
So, it is the same battle that has been going on since Central Banking started its financing of governmental wars many decades ago.
The battle seems to be between between wealth and sovereignty, but it is actually about the simple tripartite template of existential reality.
Physical, mental and spiritual – and the power is always spiritual.
Then it’s simply about woo woo land versus practical power and power’s rituals and symbols – the lion and the unicorn versus the banks and whose got the biggest office block and where it is built.
Invisible power, is it actually there in the Aladdin template scenario of the Masons, or is it all David Blane trickery and the gullibility if mass audiences?
A quick scan of my eccentric blogs http://www.ajdettman.com and http://www.lifeisreturning.com shows a contemporary wrestle with enlightenment and its struggle to function practically.
It’s easy to give up with both personal behaviour change and with the thought of mankind’s culture change. The changed man, a term applied to the Sufi, works on every available front to bear witness to the connectivity of everything and what precisely that means for individuals and their inevitable collective structures.
I have been hammering on for years now about a disease model correlation between individual and collective disordering. A disease in the individual that when once present, never gets better without an intervention.
If my writing over the past years is accurate, then all the executive efforts corporately and politically are to varying degrees diseased and now part of the problem not the solution.
This means that, if my diagnosis is correct, the real line that can be followed post 2008/9 across the leadership of the world’s institutions is a line of a steady deterioration of conscience, a kind of collective dementia that lurches from event to event upon the breaking of words, the twisting of policy with the pretence of control and ethical reference. The unravelling of social and security provision within the body of the undertakings that the diseased executive functions increasingly collapse within, the breakdown of reputation of previously celebrated brands and personalities.
If my view is correct, it can be seen that every policy change since 2008/9 has made matters worse, increased debt and sovereign reliance upon Central Banks, diminished national security and collective wellbeing and that every effort will carry on making things worse.
I, along with incredulous detractors, hope that it is my view that is deranged rather than a derangement of the national and international leadership.
The test of the latest debacle of weasel word political nonsense in the UK, where PM May plays games with the constitution of the national body like a junkie who mixes more and more legal highs of an unknown substance, whilst accusing opponents of playing games, the test will be whether or not she is actually connected to her words.
Her predecessor was not connected to his words and went. The language in a disease diagnosis, is shown to be increasingly inarticulate, dysfunctional and confusing.
The run up to this UK General Election when seen as a deepening illness indicator, might at least then become more bearable …. but we are a long way from the politics of their favourite word, a word I know well as a spiritual counsellor expert in the treatment of stuck-addiction©, that word is “recovery”.

Two tweets Tuesday

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The pulse
The repulse
The impulse
The compulse
Driving beats
Propelling existence
Attracting and repelling
Gravity and friction
The diction of experience.
What repulses you about yourself
Hardens your heart to similar others
What attracts you to yourself
Softens your heart to similar others
(Totalitarian regimes insult
The totalitarian subterfuge of elections)
Whatever is happening
There is One.
In any propulsion instrument
The necessity is boundary
Surface tension,
Insulation and non- adulteration.
Oil and water need a gasket
Electricity needs cable, fuse and terminals
Fusion needs reactor chamber and coolants.
If the insulation breaks down,
The pulse stops.
Healing is wholing.
The hole you’re in is missing a ‘w’.
What is your double you?
It is the ‘my’ and the ‘not my’
Held together in an insulation.
It is the ‘my’ and the ‘e-ne-my’
Held together in an insulation.
It is the ‘my’ and the ‘enemy’
Held together in an insulation.
What is insulation?
Love is insulation
Love makes the hole whole.

.@bbcburnsy @guardian @POTUS @PutinRF_Eng @HassanRouhani @theresa_may @Pontifex @DalaiLama @netanyahu
What is war?
War is the deliberate removal
The deliberate removal
Of an ‘e’
The deliberate removal
Of one letter
That makes ware, war.
Beware or be war.
Cherish your human wares
Or destroy the double you
In insisting upon your financial ‘ares’.
So the important letters here
The letters that are deliberately removed
By frightened little people
Projecting their own animosity
Amplifying their own ambition,
The letters that are ripped out of the heart
That turn ware to war and wares to ares,
I am the first person singular
I am the first person plural.

Stuck-addiction© real feedback.

Recently, a man got into my cab.

“Where are you going?” says I.

“I’m going to my leaving do actually, after 20 years I’m moving on”, says he.

I asked him why and he said it was just time, career advancement, time for a new challenge. He seemed positive and in control of a simple open and free choice process.

We move down the road and as we sped into the city, the talk moved to me and my service at DRT. I talked of the connections that I make between individual meltdown of executive function as a way to describe criminalised addiction and the often criminal actions of the executive function of banks, Volkswagen, Tesco as well as the management of the NHS not connecting with front line staff.

I talked specifically of my page http://drt.global/corporate to help him understand my correlations.
He looked at the page on his phone, then a very clear thing happened.

He swore, then said, “that’s exactly why I’m leaving my company, exactly. They’ve parachuted in an American leadership that insists on doing things their way, from an arm of the conglomerate that’s not really doing well and we’ve all got to do it one way, their way …. after 20 years, I’m outta there.”

I said that many, many people over the years had identified with my diagnosis. I said that it was impossible to reach into the executive function of an individual until a crash happens. So, if there is an acceptance of my view, then the chances of my message reaching the top executive function where the only chance of direction change resides, were almost nil until a crash happens.

He swore again, “that’s exactly what my colleagues have been saying for weeks, that only a crash will change the disastrous direction of the board.”

My approach has been peer evaluated over and over again this past few years.

The words I use are not hysterical, they are actually more measured than some used by bankers, executives, academics, doctors, nurses and students to describe their actual experience of working in the NHS, in the University and in corporate international businesses.

Global Epidemic

Quote from the Anthony Zurcher report on the Republican Presidential debate in the USA as reported by the BBC online:

Cruz’s best moment likely came when he discussed his half-sister’s death of a drug overdose.

“This is an absolute epidemic,” he said of drug addiction in the US. “We need leadership to solve it.”

If this unaddressed addiction epidemic was just about drugs and alcoholic, though horrific enough, it might still be containable with current methodology.
Unfortunately for our global culture, this epidemic (a disease of corrupted leadership both individual and systemic) is at the core of the global financial paralysis, the global religious terrorism phenomena, the global obesity statistics, the global political disconnect.
If this epidemic continues unaddressed, the global constitutional condition as described by the connectivity of the diplomatic organs of the global body politic, this global body risks total collapse.
Simply seeing the connecting symptoms in a way that diagnoses the overall global situation within an illness paradigm to be healed, rather than an intellectual problem that has to be politically solved, would release a massive surge of creative and cohesive energy.

© AJ Dettman 2016

Anonymity gives way to Unanimity

Where there has been a breakdown in the participation of cultural Unanimity in the past, then the protection of Anonymity has been a practical spiritual protection for a person navigating through a 12 Step Programme back to normal living within a supposedly healthy society.

When a whole culture is succumbing to a disease hitherto thought of as being ever only an individual malady, then Anonymity becomes part of the problem that then unwittingly stops the only solution to a cultural pandemic from being transmitted to that host culture.

This globalism of communication called the Information Super Highway either becomes more reflective of The Broad Highway of The Spirit mentioned by Bill Wilson in the writing of the text of Alcoholics Anonymous, or the promise of the New Era dies like a lonely drunk on skid row.

The political leaders that dare to look at themselves clearly know that they need their people to engage with them to combat the enmity that is threatening to destroy Mankind.

The logic of the system that is ruled by the accountants’ balance sheet and the fear that past monetary consequence will return to overtake the efforts to craft a new system of Human Exchange is paralysing the conscience of the few leaders that can and must now step up to meet the real need of this time.

We the people must help these few leaders with our messages.

The leaders are trapped between the bully boy financiers that have usurped the global money supply now for two centuries and the bully boys waiting in the ranks of the public to run amok and loot and pillage and rule our streets with violence and intimidation.

The leaders are trapped in stuck-addiction©, isolated from the silent majority that is the only hope of healing the fevers of animosity that now are disabling our lives.

We the people must message the leaders that we are ready to help them to rearrange their leadership function when they are ready to dare to tell us that they can no longer lead without us, and that the old ways must go, that there is a sickness that is killing us all.

We the people must be ready to wake up to our responsibilities of needing to be led by capable leaders if we wish to harmonise with the blueprint of our material experience, for within those awakened responsibilities we will help a Human leadership return to a healthy submission to Utility and an escape from the present futility of Man.

Start by understanding the true nature of animosity.

Let your inner world become a true unanimity and then transmit it.