Peer Evaluation

There is a practice in many intellectual disciplines of necessary Peer Evaluation of new theory and development in the particular fields of classical and scientific investigation and experimentation.

This practice strengthens confidence in the building of efficacy and trust in knowledge as a growing body in whatever field is being approached.

Spiritual insight is more difficult to formulate by it’s recipient for such Peer Evaluation, especially when the insight is in response to pressing societal and cultural imbalances.

I am fortunate that Life has put me into a taxi for the last five years. Taxi drivers and hairdressers know how the World works, they listen to people across the full spectrum of a culture day in and day out.

My given spiritual insights have been polished, tested, knocked about into being congruent and coherent, vetted by the most demanding focus group known to Man, The General Public.

When these two Generals meet, General Faith (invisible) and General Public (visible), then they start to organise themselves into a Campaign Plan.
The Generals have been meeting in my taxi for the last five years.

As my diagnosis of the current global situation
has been tested on my passengers, I have been open to being challenged, to having my views altered, even destroyed.

I have met with nothing but concurrence.

This allows me to trust myself in the service of the two Generals and to now submit myself to their Campaign Plan.
This plan starts to involve my message being carried to a wider audience than can be safely squeezed into my taxi at any one time.

Through blogs, social media and local friends my expression is gaining a momentum. However, the global 12 Step Fellowships are here to stay and thankfully, need no help from me whatsoever.

When any status quo is challenged, it always replies with, “well, what would you do then?”, in order to justify itself.

When real change happens, it always writes itself anew when the right people, the right materials and the right time are concurrent.

If you are reading this, you are the right people.
Your life is prepared with the right materials.
Now is the right time.


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