Talking of mystical experience

Generally it’s a waste of time talking of mystery!! Carl Jung was buried by the Establishment because in an interview toward the end of his life when he’d had enough of disrespect, he said that he knew that God exists!!

Jung also said so far as a Spiritual experience may be real or not, he said that if such an experience granted a recipient “pistis and peace”, then whether anybody else believed it or not if invited to hear of it, mattered not one jot.

I had an experience of birthing an inner “spiritual baby” in 1982. In the Sufi Way this is known as tifl-al-maani.

Occasionally I have invited orthodox authority and those who think they know of the paradox, to hear my message. Usually my message is too challenging for the receiver to hear anything but their own combative response patterns.

What has never changed over the years of my remaining in this world whilst no longer being fully of it, is my inner state of “pistis and peace”. In fact this said inner state has expanded and continues to extend and expand, not unlike the orthodox scientific view of the physical universe.

the HU man healing

Global Stuck and Broken Addiction

At 1:48 my contribution is generously recorded by George Galloway.

I was invited to contribute by George Galloway in response to a piece by Larry Johnson on current global tension around Ukraine and Taiwan.

This message of illness is a message I’ve been delivering on my blog since 2013, standing on the shoulders of Anne Wilson Schaef and her book “When Society Becomes An Addict” published in 1987.

When Society Becomes An Addict (1987) – Anne Wilson Schaef.

Of course as a pragmatist, I accept that the chances of a therapist being invited to help the collapsing governments of the twenty first century are so slim as to be virtually impossible. I can simply deliver a message as it seems to me to be required by my spiritual condition and my conscious realisation.

How that message is received is not my business, I am grateful to have been given a chance to deliver it into the ether of this time. is a beginning, a portal of a possibility toward a process that must write itself as it goes along.

George Galloway was kindly critical of my figures of 20 million Russians killed under Stalin and 40 million Chinese killed under Mao. Bunkum is a great old term, but I am not simply making a figure up without some reference to history, but I of course am open to debate too….

Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the archival revelations, some historians estimated that the numbers killed by Stalin’s regime were 20 million or higher

Excess mortality in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin
Scholarly debate around excess mortality in the Soviet Stalin era. – Wikipedia

His policies resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people in China during his 27-year reign, more than any other 20th-century leader; estimates of the number of people who died under his regime range from 40 million to as many as 80 million, done through starvation, persecution, prison labour in laogai, and mass executions. Mao rarely gave direct instruction for peoples’ physical elimination. According to biographer Philip Short, the overwhelming majority of those killed by Mao’s policies were unintended casualties of famine, while the other three or four million, in Mao’s view, were the necessary victim’s in the struggle to transform China. Many sources describe Mao’s China as an autocratic and totalitarian regime responsible for mass repression, as well as the destruction of religious and cultural artifacts and sites (particularly during the Cultural Revolution).

Mao Zedong
Chinese communist leader (1893–1976) Wikipedia

The British Empire as evidenced in the link to Wikipedia has been the Mother of Atrocities as well as the Mother of Modern Democracy in the past few hundred years. The US Empire has simply built in the last 150 years upon the foundations it inherited from Britain.

I simply return to my message that the Imperial force expressed in the two empires of the UK and the USA have caused the death of many millions over many decades.

All governments therefore are traumatised, mired in their history.

Only an illness diagnostic can connect the orthodox governments of our Earth by and with the paradox that is One.

So, what can the voice of just one person do as they present to carry a message to the United Nations?

Here is a reply I made earlier….

…. and here is a postscript just found, almost an epilogue….


They are foolish people, indeed, who believe that one can reach the Divine Presence without a vehicle without relying on a means. It is as though they are saying, ‘We may reach the moon without using anything. We may jump from here to there!’ What is the purpose of knowledge if one does not use it?

Such people tell those who listen to them that all the knowledge they need can be found in the Holy Qur’an. They say, ‘Read the Qur’an and you will understand.’ That is destroying Islam. It is God’s Ancient and Holy Words. How then, can they say that everyone can recite and understand such a sublime text? On the contrary, God said :

If they had only referred it to the Messenger, and to those in authority among them, those among them who can search out knowledge of it would have known it (4:83)

You must listen to those servants who have been granted authority. Only they can discern the real meanings from what is necessary to be known. Only they can comb the oceans of Divine Knowledge and bring back pearls. Not everyone may comb through the oceans and bring back pearls. That means, if you are unsure about something, you must find such a person – one who is bringing back pearls of meaning.

God has given that understanding only to those special people whom He has authorised to receive it. Not everyone understands. Those who believe otherwise are falling into unbelief (kufr). So, too, are those who – acting upon this misguided belief that the full knowledge of the Holy Qur’an is available to all – declare that the practice of making meditation to a Sufi guide is unbelief fall into unbelief themselves. The irony of their claim is that, through meditation with the Sufi guide, one may come to a real understanding of the Qur’an.

May God forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha.

Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani – Lefke, Cyprus Ramadan 17 1425/ October 30, 2004 – from the book The Healing Power of Sufi Meditation ISBN 1-930409-26-5

The above quote exposes a spiritual principle that is at the heart of the 12 Step Programme as it promises to allow a person to construct an experiential vehicle that is fit for the purpose of conscious contact with God, which is stated as Step 11.

For to say to a suffering person, “Just read the book of Alcoholics Anonymous”, expecting that this is enough 88 years after the text arrived through a founder who said whilst writing it, it was as if the pencil had a life of its own, may actually be falling into Spiritual Bypassing and the dogma of a hierarchical intellectually based culture unwittingly hijacking a spiritually based healing that is designed to change the old hierarchy!

All emotions are sacred

The criterion for assessment and for the avoidance of Spiritual Bypassing is to ask the question, how has the message transmissibility of the 12 Step Programme improved over the last 88 years whilst leaving the Basic Text unaltered?

The work of Joe McQ took the 12 Step Programme into a clearer transmissibility in the last decades of the twentieth century, whilst preserving rigorously the original text of Alcoholics Anonymous. He did say though of the 12 Step Programme in the 1970s and 80s, that if you weren’t sick when you went into some of the meetings of AA – you sure as hell were sick when you came out!

This was the catalyst for Joe McQ to begin to work with Charlie P and to travel the world simply improving the transmissibility of the already existing 12 Step Programme by rigorously attending to the words and thus bringing pearls of meaning for a new generation.

Now the same question must be asked for the twenty first century. The context for the asking of the question has changed radically as Anne Wilson Schaef has defined for us in her book written in 1987 called When Society Becomes An Addict.

Anne Wilson Schaef has made the bold and revolutionary discovery that we live in a sick society. Often unknowingly, the vast majority of us collude in a system that encourages addiction and co-dependence – and sees these states as normal. Many of us are addicted to chemicals, not only alcohol or drugs but nicotine, caffeine, chocolate, overeating in general. Even more of us are involved in addictive processes: workaholism, gambling, compulsive shopping, sex, and so on. The realisation of the extent of our addictions, both individually and as a society, is shocking. However, there is no need to get depressed, because we can do something about it.

The first and most important step is to admit and name the disease, both in ourselves and in our society. Anne Wilson Schaef’s brilliant and compassionate dissection of addictive behavioural patterns leaves us no option but to see truth. However, the message of this book is essentially optimistic, because once the process of awareness is triggered, healing begins.

ANNE WILSON SCHAEF, PhD, is an internationally known author whose books are recognised as major contributions to the understanding of addiction. Her bestsellers include Co-dependence Misunderstood, Mistreated and Women’s Reality.
Published in 1987

Any therapist who is not actively recovering from the Addictive System is perpetuating it. Any therapist who is not actively trying to make a system shift is supporting the Addictive System.

p136 When Society Becomes An Addict by Anne Wilson Schaef

The modern spiritual teachings offer no personal template that can provide a sense of vehicle. Therefore the teachers become merely brand vehicles that in themselves cannot carry a person to a Divine Presence experience.

The 12 Step Programme offers the only living vehicle template on Earth presently that is fit for purpose, fit to carry people to their own conscious contact with God.

For a person to be helped to build this vehicle in the 21st century then, even though the template is only 88 years old, guidance from those with their own vehicle up and running is necessary.

This is why good sponsorship is vital in the 12 Step Fellowships. As the founder of the 12 Step Programme Bill W. said, you can’t transmit something you haven’t got.

How vital is it then for those offering treatment in a rehab, treatment that has to be regulated by orthodox non-spiritually based intellectually formulated structures of assessment, to be clear in their adherence to the principles of spiritual healing that are Ancient, principles that Bill W. accessed in a way that was by his own admission, mysterious?

Diction Resolution Therapy is a bridge from the paradox that is spiritual healing, across to the orthodox structures of governance for all forms of healing to be safely delivered. Does this work? I offer some feedback from the relatives of a client I received after one session of counselling with their relative:

Just a short message to thank you for the care and counselling you gave…. He has already started to turn the corner and is looking forward to your next session.

Client feedback to the DRT WhatsApp page. 2023.

The opening quote in this post is offered simply to see a correlation across the centuries as to how consciousness transmits. The Sufi is ever free from dogma, is ever the pragmatist, for the Sufi knows that there is only One Existent.

Bülent Rauf – Addresses II

In this post linked below, I explore the building of this vehicle as the completion and perfecting of a sense of an octahedral presence that establishes personal experience of Divine intervention that heals and establishes an ever deepening and improving contact with Consciousness Itself.

12 Step Programme as an Ancient Template fit for the 21st century

A Determined Revelation Of Love

The above was written in 2015 and now in 2023 after 9 years of my blogging, the conditions in the newscasts seem to telegraph an imminent termination for Mankind on Earth – only a Human determination can repair the conditions that have fallen again into disrepair.

In the last century a man called Bülent Rauf helped to establish a school called The Beshara School of Intensive Esoteric Education at Chisholme House near Roberton just outside of Hawick in the Scottish Borders.

I first visited this place of education for the Night of Power Zikr 1980. I kept an appointment with destiny, a destiny which is still unfolding and certifying itself in this moment of my writing the letters that come together to form the words of this message.

The extract from Bülent’s letter called “Render unto Caesar…” describes Beshara as His, whilst also aligning it with the words “powerful” and “determined“.

The Presence Template mentioned above was my way back in 2015 of writing, trying to describe events that have actually happened in me, in my living experience. Not until a Sufi friend on Facebook recognised in my writings something that he recognised as tifl al-maani (child of the heart), has my destiny clarified a little more.

Right now, the most brilliant minds are engaged in devising an avian flu virus for humans. They’ve cracked it already, I’ll bet.

Henry Bayman in interview 2013

As you can see if you click on the above link and read the interview with Henry Bayman, there is a deeper presence on this Earth than the shallow crashing waves of appearances that have increasingly addled the attention of the news watchers since World War Two.

As World War Three is now here, can anything be done to minimise its catastrophic potential to wipe out everything and everybody?

Only God knows.

So, all I can do is to be sincere, for sincerity is all I am, sincerity is therefore also all that I have.

My work is to bring together opposites by invitation of God in an illumination of faith from God. My name in Arabic therefore is Abd al Mu’min al Jami ibn Hulli. Is this too pretentious for 2023 from a man born in Cottingham in the UK, who is called Andrew?

If the people who might yet have influence upon events in the theatres of clashing cultures ignore my invitation, again, then the consequences seem to be ever nearer to those that Professor Doctor Carl Jung envisioned at the end of his life, huge swathes of material destruction on Earth.

In the above link is described the event that I tried to describe in the Presence Template writing in 2015, an event that occurred in 1982.

[Tifl al-mânâ, the spirit-child:] This is very delicate, this. It is a spiritual child that is fatherless, like Jesus. Everyone wants without effort. Be the possessor of the child of the spirit. If you were to retire to a cave for forty years, maybe you’d understand what this means…

From the article in above link hbayman….

So, all of the description that is brought out in the description of tifl-al-mânâ is familiar to me, as me. Can I be more clear?

The only issue then is, how can I help? This of course I do not know, for God is The Helper. As this is written, I can only conduct a communication.

…. and wait to see if there is now a response. To see if God can bring us together for a Jam.


This is my first Satsang recorded on a live Facebook transmission that pulls together in a spoken immediacy much of the work that has been hitherto published on my blogs over the last seven years.

There have been experiments with the video format before through YouTube and there are links to that platform in previous posts.

There is a professional portal at that offers my help for individuals and for systems that require a more secular interface to begin to navigate through the space that opens within the current global challenges.


This is my experience of tifl-i maani in 1982 …. Salaam.

“For those who possess knowledge, it is necessary to understand the reality of humanity, which is called tifl-i maani (child of the spirit or heart; spiritual child), to be educated by repetition of the attribute of tawhid (unity; oneness), and to pass through the material world to reach the spiritual, sacred world. That is the world of secrets. There is no one in that place except the Person, the essence of Allah. There is no other land there; that place is an open field.

The spiritual child, tifl-i maani, flies there. He sees strange and wondrous things there, but it is not possible to relate them to others. That is the maqam (station; spiritual level) of the people who have reached fana (annihilation; ending; being absorbed) to their own existence.

This is how it is to look from the angle of wahdat (oneness). In seeing Allah’s countenance, one’s own mortal body disappears.

When your eyesight is taken by the sun, you cannot see yourself. What can a nafs be left with, facing the manifestation of Allah’s Jamal (Beauty [countenance])? Nothing.

Isa [Jesus], peace be upon him, says: “In order for a human being to pass into malakut, he must be born twice.

The birds are also born twice.” What is meant by these words is the birth of the spiritual world in the human being.

That [spiritual world] emerges from the real ability of the human being. And that is the secret of the human being. Its existence is born from the unity of sharia and haqiqa, just as a baby is produced by the joining of two secretions.

Allah the Most High revealed the following ayat to explain this to us: “We created man from a mingling secretion, in order to try him.” (Insan 76:2)

After this understanding is attained, it will be easier to pass through the sea of creation and get to the depths of amr (command). Compared to the spiritual world, all the other worlds are only a portion of reality. There, after all of this is understood, the light and nourishment of spiritual and ilm-i ladun (knowledge from the Presence of Allah) are radiated throughout the universe, with no letter or voice.”” (Grand Masters of Sufism. Abdul Qadir Geylani & Ahmad er Rifai)


“The Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” Matthew 8:20


In all, there is One.

From Addresses II by Bülent Rauf

As soon as this One communicates to Itself as an apparent other, then the prefix di is useful. The One is then seen as the only unction, whilst the appearance of all matter is because of the primary diction which is the verb Be.

In a person who has experienced union with this primary diction, then that person becomes instantly a function of the One knowing Itself in Its own appearance of material otherness, in order to communicate with elements of this otherness who are nearly ready for their own function to appear.

In this function of union, there is the appearance of the other appearing to act. This is an actual fact that appears first as fiction to those whose facts are theoretical because their dictionary, their diction though real, is not connected to the Unction that is the Source of all really real articulation.

Fictions produce factions as people bereft of unction squabble to be the dominant fiction of an era.

The diction of people can only be healed by the application and the reception of unction from a person who is that very unction in every moment and breath of their mortal appearance.

There are only three states of experience apprehensible by sentient beings on Earth. 1 ignorance 2 denial 3 realisation.

Each of these states has a diction, or a way of transmission and reception of meaning through words and the actions attached to such words.

Therefore the function of a person in contact with the One will be received inevitably in and through the states of the recipient. Realised people recognise realised people. This is rare.

For the most part the state of people and their collective experience is one of interactive denial and ignorance which often produces violence. This violence begins as mental animosity which then becomes a physical expression as lawlessness and then a venting into eventual war.

Unction is present at all moments on Earth, the reception of such a singular fact is blocked off by ignorance and denial. As you read this, you either recognise these words, as good as being your own, or you will be brought to an experience of your own particular guage of your inner levels of animosity, denial and ignorance.

I can’t undo my union, but I can assure you that you can grow beyond your ignorance and denial with help.

Everything may be seen as a fiction in Its differentiation when assessed from a personal point prior to remembering the absolute Unity of Existence. That is not the problem as fictions jostle to argue democratically. The problem with relative disconnected fictions is when they become totalitarian factions that are wielded with lethal force. Democracy itself is then just another disconnected fiction wielded with lethal force.

The test for a fiction is in its function. Is the relative fiction delivering regularly on its promise? Are the people being served or exploited? Are the people being helped to individuate in a life where death is not an enemy to life, but simply a necessary opposite terminal to birth?

When all the stories fail, when previous parables have become made literal and then wielded like weapons to make empires, then the overall function of Mankind collapses.

What is the function of Mankind designed to be, other than to birth Humankind?

This possibility of growth can then be reflected in a collective condition if there is time given by God and if that extension of time is actually requested by those factions who presently lead only by hovering over the means of the total destruction of any such said collective condition in the first place.

This recalibration for the body of Mankind, this present extension of possible time for 2022 requires an extreme unction from the Source. This is the HU man healing.

I mind you clearly.

When the word mind is received as a verb rather than a noun, then even though a simple distinction the result is magnificent.

Middle vertical column meets second horizontal column to show the Ancient place.

So, the mind is the sixth sense. You can see that there is a bracket missing in the experiential portals, it is minding.

I am minding that the overall tenor of this post is challenging for many people. Yet, the service that the old Buddhist flow chart gives is inestimable. When mind is a noun, it is a box containing theoretically every thing that a person thinks, wonders, imagines, feels, desires, is ordered to do.

So, presently many, many people feel trapped in the box of their mind. This constraint is the root of much mental illness and much misdiagnosis. The wish to be out of their minds illustrates an increasing herd mentality phenomenon that exposes our Addictive System in a terminal decline.

Any imposition of a theoretical solution for people today will make the collective situation worse. Only an invitation to an evidence based possibility of a reconnection to an Ancient template for Mankind’s inner potential has any chance of averting the impending extermination that is the MAD of a nuclear war.

When the word mind is experienced as the verb that it is, a portal opens that is Ancient and Modern.

Because I mind you, I can remind you.

The Symbol

Jung said that he saw God as “The Symbol of symbols “. This intimation may be clarifying at this time of monarch change in the UK and the British Commonwealth, whose total population is well over two billion people.

The paradox is that the British monarchy is held captive to the UK parliamentary system just as is the UK population. The symbols of state power with its necessary fetish for uniform and ceremony are presently holding many people around the world enthralled as they watch on their media outlets.

With many people about to stand for thirty hours to file past the late Queen’s coffin, the power of this phenomenon illustrates the connection of symbols in our world as they connect to The Symbol of symbols.

It’s clear that no mere political leader could ever evoke such a public response in the UK. So, as King Charles III assumes his position in history with all of the connection of that royal title as it has impacted upon the UK’s parliamentary system in the past, it may be interesting to see how much actual power he might channel toward events in the days to come.

In my work as an Addiction Counsellor, I have to inform my clients that everything and everyone in this post-Quantum age can be seen as symbolic and intimately connected. More than this, I have to inform people who have become almost hopelessly lost in their inner intimations around reading their symbols, that only a conscious contact with The Symbol of symbols can help to unravel their inner knots, their stuck-addiction and broken-addiction.

So, as the old power symbols meet the new power symbols, the Ancient of Days is present as ever.

Quantum Christ – Light upon Light

There is a parable in the New Testament about Christ Jesus asleep in the back of a boat during a storm whilst his disciples are terrified and go to Him to ask for His help.

Eugène Delacroix 1853

This parable foretells Quantum Mechanics and of how light is both wave and particle.

Then this quantum function is seen to be able to connect to light in both descriptions.

This is Light upon Light

When the parable is fully internalised it describes a journey to becoming a realised person. The storm is the interface with a person’s particular life experiences which are often calamitous and stormy. This is left brain experience. The Christ Jesus represents the wave function of light, invisible and omnipresent.

So, in the parable the storm and the boat full of disciples symbolise light particles, Christ Jesus symbolises light waves.

When concentrating upon the particles, the waves seem to collapse: when concentrating upon the waves the particles disappear. The mind is a quantum template designed to access the visible and invisible energy that is Light. It can only experience this design having left the Descartes conditioning. Stuck and broken Addiction exposes this mental shift in a personal spiritual recovery via the 12 Step vehicle.

The sheet below looks at an original awareness of the mind and of the pressure system that is the correct appreciation of simple, universal feelings as they produce complex, personal emotions.

Mind is a quantum device that is designed as the sixth sense to dock in a place of service such that it receives the input from the five senses plus the input that arrives through the animal instincts that are security, social and sex.

Column 2 Line 2: Mind is simply the sixth sense.

As a quantum device the mind eats this above mentioned input and thoughts are the peristaltic function of inward digesting from which meaning is made apparent and wisdom built.

Until this quantum template is returned to, the Descartes mind will ultimately eat itself which is the worry and anxiety that is now symptomatic of the disease of stuck and broken Addiction that is Mankind’s global epidemic.

“no more Master slave…” (attributed to Christ Jesus)

So, this little parable gives a message that has travelled like a Zen koan to me over the centuries, that can be read only now in the light of modern physics that has now caught up with Ancient metaphysics.

I am all the characters in the parable. When in the storms of life it is as if my inner spirit has collapsed asleep. When I access my inner spirit, my problems calm down and virtually disappear.

Therefore it is in the place of the bedevilled experience of resentment that a personal change can occur. If this place is misunderstood by the baffled mind and if this place can’t submit to asking for help because it is being exorcised by a denying partiality of religious misunderstanding, then conscious contact with God is collapsed into dogma and stuck addiction to literalism.

Carl Jung tried in his time to bring the Devil into a framework of resolution, but this letter to Bill Wilson the founder of the 12 Step Programme, shows how hard it is to challenge the damage of literal parable wielders in the field of religious effort. All religions contain the Divine message, but each pulse of potential Humanity needs the help of that pulse to open the parables into ability.

The 12 Step Programme evidences nearly 90 years of personal experiences in contact with God at this time of writing.

There are only three states available to individual members of Mankind as they each yearn to become a member of Humankind, namely ignorance, denial and then realisation.

This is true whether the personal endeavour is secular or sacred. It exposes why The Christ knew he would be denied by those close to him and why the surah Rahman in the Qur’an exposes denial repeatedly.

Without help, realising God consciousness cannot happen. Just repeating dogmatically the translations of centuries old wording that hasn’t got the quantum connectivity of Light upon Light as looked at earlier in this post, simply makes people sicker and sicker. It is to this sickness that Diction Resolution Therapy is applied.


When the words melt away, then with their job all done, the resultant silence grants the whole purpose of an existential experience union with One.

Die before you die

Suffer, as a verb, means “to let, to allow”. God suffers everything to manifest. When this one fact is realised, then a person can engage with suffering. Until this realisation occurs, a person’s suffering is impossible for them to escape from. This is the essence of the 12 Step Programme and why stuck and broken Addiction is the bellwether disease attending the arrival of The Age of Aquarius.

Where people forget that to suffer is the verb at the binary core of everything material, then to see the lack in people, places and things which is the place of the kindergarten Satan, takes over the minds of such people in their resentments.

Then well meaning impositions of a constructed positive regard react to appearances of chaos and illness both personal and systemic and counsels to power, again both personal and systemic, crash into an unwitting collusion with the very problems that are the apparent start point of any such efforts of help.

This is clearly shown here as the electric reality of all materiality is shown to require unequivocally connected terminal opposites at every place in conscious awareness, invisible as well as visible:

This does not mean that material reception of suffering, though partial and misunderstood in ignorance and denial has no limit on Earth. The religions in Mankind’s history can bear witness to stories of recalibration.

In the reality of realised people sharing in the suffering of God there are stories of this hidden governance:

The Prophet (pbuh) said “there is no God”, the equivalent blue wire in the mortal existential plug, then he (pbuh) said as a connector “but God”, the equivalent brown wire in the mortal existential plug, then he said basically that Islam is a “middle way”.

The middle way only appears when opposites connect.

The Prophet (pbuh) also said “seek knowledge even unto China”, a largely symbolic instruction which opened up the sense of the “other” hemisphere.

In this otherness to Islam The Buddha says the same message. He lived the same message to achieve realisation or “enlightenment” as adherents of Buddhism like to say.

Basically the Prince, who is the first Buddha, was born into royalty and lived in a palace: the Islamic equivalent of “no God”. Then he escaped from the orthodox protections: the Islamic equivalent of the cave wherein Muhammad (pbuh) received his angelic shock.

Then the Buddha sat under a tree for seven years: the ongoing Islamic equivalent of Khadija stabilising Muhammad (pbuh) and his (pbuh) 13 years of trying to integrate the cave experience into a coherent expression. Then the Buddha as a person united across opposites in himself inside and outside said, “the answer is in the middle”.

The “passion” of The One to know Itself “suffers” everything to be.

Compassion is the withness of a mortal realised conscience that is connected by Universal Consciousness to witness and actively and passively participate in connecting to all and everything now.

Watch “A Message of Hope From Archbishop Vigano” on YouTube

This video message is nearly true.

I posted nearly the same message back on 19th March 2019

There is a last gasp of the Addictive System that is talked about in this video, no doubt.

The crypto-currency contortions that have more to do with a crypt than with currency, are a sign of the utter collapse of any meaningful Spiritual interface for Mankind.

Robert Reich writes in this linked article about this mayhem in the crypto-currency Ponzi schemes that are a febrile indicator of Mankind’s collapse of understanding of the Cartesian system, the Descartes fallacy that has no living metaphysical interface with the quantum Singularity from which all matter emerges.

All man-made attempts by very small numbers of Mankind’s leaders to impose uniformity invented intellectually or theologically upon the massively many more members of Mankind, have never ended well in history.

However, today there is hope, there is evidence since 1935 that The Christ Consciousness in the 21st century is to be found in the interior healing and repairing of Conscience that only appears in the invitational vehicle that has landed amongst Mankind called The 12 Step Programme.

Only an awareness, an awakening that the globalists and the religionists are as sick as each other in their made literal (therefore broken and stuck) parables, can open all sides to the light that is #theHUmanhealing

To Live In Peace (open the links)

To live in Peace is not the same as living peacefully. I live in Peace, it is a place that has to be constructed internally and externally but primarily internally.

It is a place that is born into existence in a person, a place that then becomes an inner Jerusalem, a city of peace a place called Peace.

I live in Peace.

I transmit energy from Peace which is on a bandwidth and frequency that requires a receiver capable of being tuned to receive my transmission. If a person’s receiver is not able to receive this transmission it is because the work has not been done to establish it in that person.

The fact that you are reading this message means that the conditions necessary for its reception have been brought about in you as much by Life Itself as by your choice, conditions that have been fraught with suffering.

As soon as the notion is entered into that Peace is a place rather than an abstract idea, then the template necessary for the building of a person’s inner Jerusalem can be sought and found.

Indeed, you have found a template to heal any conditions that might have you stuck in an inner script that might sound like, “I can’t contemplate any way forward out of this situation”.

Without a template, there is no possibility of contemplation. Hell is the realisation that the ability to contemplate is simply hope, a realisation that no working template means that there is no escape from the ruins of the old inner habitation and no way to build a new one.

“I am a hope in hell”
Only the brave

The Pawn Shop

Porn is not about gender and mere biology. Women in recent years have been the leading authors of erotica and fetish material.

Pornography like calligraphy is a kind of writing, it looks at the rites of power in a culture and the lack of them.

Porn is actually more like “pawn”, it is about power and the chess like games that cultures seem to make people play to win and their inner reactions to this stress to then find ways of dealing with their inner plumbing.

For many people in the 21st century their inner bathroom is broken, their inner toilet is attached to their inner shower.

Many people have been forced to hock their sense of awe and wonder into the pawn shop of financial necessity, broken or stuck dreams litter the Internet habits of millions.

Of course men get blown away by porn. Men get blown away by suicide too, three times more men than women kill themselves in the UK. Sex and death are linked in Mankind’s energy configurations, the French call an orgasm “the little death”.

In a culture with broken rites of passage, rites that can only be called “rites” in a word from the Sanskrit “rtu” meaning menses, then disconnected death happens which results in an obsession with death, which results in an obsession with sex.

Broken and stuck Addiction eventually exposes this situation for people, the lid is taken off the pit of hopelessness that is the end result of the collapse of the circuitry that rites of spiritual power are designed to establish and protect.

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Conscious Labour

Animosity is such an inner pain, seeming to come from a huge wound, from a person’s experience seeming to be one long existential trauma, that this pain has to be wrapped up in reaction patterns that though seeming to be chosen behaviours, they are in fact projections of unbearable inner disconnect.
The disease of stuck and broken Addiction is the eventual exposure of this inner animosity, a disease that is only healed by the bringing together of the inner animus and anima of a person by God for God’s sake.
Nothing in the animus or the anima themselves can bring about this marriage, they can only reach the point of proposal and this point is only reached when they suddenly realise they have been locked in an inner war.
This precious realisation is the repair of conscience activated by conscious labour and the awareness that the seeming intentional suffering that is the disease of stuck and broken Addiction, is actually sacred.
This is the “conscious labour and intentional suffering” described by Gurdjieff as his view of the path to becoming truly a Human soul in a Human body.
This same path is to be found in a 12 Step Programme as a transmissible possibility from those who have successfully realised the destination of their own path, to those ready to walk their own path for their own self.