The poetic proof
In motion
That’s what
“I am” means
When it’s Science
When it’s a quantum
Bilocated view
Peculiar particles
Particular articles
Of faith
When it’s conScience
Led, ethically bred
From a Union
Of Love
The preScience that
“I am” means
When it’s Science
When it’s wanton
Beauty based
On You.

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Stuck-addiction© real feedback.

Recently, a man got into my cab. 

“Where are you going?” says I.

“I’m going to my leaving do actually, after 20 years I’m moving on”, says he.

I asked him why and he said it was just time, career advancement, time for a new challenge. He seemed positive and in control of a simple open and free choice process.

We move down the road and as we sped into the city, the talk moved to me and my service at DRT. I talked of the connections that I make between individual meltdown of executive function as a way to describe criminalised addiction and the often criminal actions of the executive function of banks, Volkswagen, Tesco as well as the management of the NHS not connecting with front line staff.

I talked specifically of my page http://drt.global/corporate to help him understand my correlations.
He looked at the page on his phone, then a very clear thing happened.

He swore, then said, “that’s exactly why I’m leaving my company, exactly. They’ve parachuted in an American leadership that insists on doing things their way, from an arm of the conglomerate that’s not really doing well and we’ve all got to do it one way, their way …. after 20 years, I’m outta there.”

I said that many, many people over the years had identified with my diagnosis. I said that it was impossible to reach into the executive function of an individual until a crash happens. So, if there is an acceptance of my view, then the chances of my message reaching the top executive function where the only chance of direction change resides, were almost nil until a crash happens.

He swore again, “that’s exactly what my colleagues have been saying for weeks, that only a crash will change the disastrous direction of the board.”

My approach has been peer evaluated over and over again this past few years.

The words I use are not hysterical, they are actually more measured than some used by bankers, executives, academics, doctors, nurses and students to describe their actual experience of working in the NHS, in the University and in corporate international businesses.

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In all the swirling smoke of YouTube, pundits, my own blogs, mainstream news, fictional stories, religious dogma, digital power, financial persuasion ….. what is actually happening?
All I have is an analysis of a bellwether spiritual illness to offer as the global therapy room of an Executive Alternative Story of Yesterday (EASY).
The chances of my voice coming through the chaff of media dissonance are almost non existent. The chances of my Counselling Service gaining traction in a National Health Service that is a living symbol of the very disease that I’m identifying are, frankly, almost non existent.
Am I bothered? My Supervisor asked me that question yesterday as we fulfilled the BACP criterion of regular supervision and she wondered how it felt to be a Counsellor without clients, a Corporate Messenger without recipients.
I explained that ‘tough love’ was very much at the core of 12 Step dynamics, a practical message carried into the blazing impracticality that is the disease of stuck-addiction©. I shared that the same faith that made the fire cool for Abraham so many centuries ago, is the same insulation that wraps around the global members of 12 Step Fellowships, and my own particular efforts as well.
The pantomime of power has always been the same. The magicians and astrologers have always conjured around their cauldrons of worldly desire, dancing to the despots whip that cracks as the masses cower.
What’s new on their stage today 👌 nothing, same old same old.
Why do I try, what am I bothered about?
I’m trying for my own soul, just like it says in every religion, work out your own salvation with diligence.
Is that selfish? Seems so at first, the 12 Steps are called a ‘selfish programme’, yet then Step 12 says ‘carry a message’.
So, that’s my bottom line. When you’re sick of being sick, there’s a way out. Same thing that Plato wrote about in The Republic when he talked about the cave dwellers who preferred looking at their shadows on the wall when they were offered a path to the sunshine outside.
What I’m truly not bothered about is the news media, the politicians, the bankers, the super-rich, the roaring whipped up crowd shouting for the release of Barabus.
I meet with you in The Heart.

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Paradox challenges the orthodox, but paradox is not achieved in thought, for paradox is about the ‘union of opposites’ and as Tom Chetwynd ©1982 correctly states in his Dictionary of Symbols Thorsons edition 1998 p314,
“The UNION of opposites cannot be achieved by the Thinking FUNCTION, or the Conscious Ego, which always stands opposite the Unconscious, where everything is reversed as in a  MIRROR. Paradox expresses the two sides of life and nature, which are double-sided, double-edged, both conscious and unconscious. These two sides can only be reconciled through will and action, when Conscious and unconscious work in unison, with the Ego related to the higher SELF. Paradox is despised by the intellect, but prized by the whole person. By holding both sides of truth in conscious opposition, paradox can become the agent of their union. It stays rather close to the feminine archetype of Life, rather than the masculine archetype of Logic. It has a value in expressing intuitions about the Future and in relating to the UNKNOWN.

Paradox was of particular importance to the ALCHEMISTS, who used it to describe their Philosopher’s Stone, the goal and product of their labour: Their work was to heal the SPLIT in consciousness first by clearly differentiating the opposites and then by expressing both sides in one breath.”

My whole life’s work is as a living paradox. My blogs bear witness to my ability to counsel across apparent divisions with a diagnostic method that can bring opposing sides together. My life journey, through almost impossible failure, change and survival is one of alchemy and spiritual attainment that intellects can find difficult to understand, that I have found difficult to make practical and relevant.

My book written in 1997 is from the place of the magister, another word for the Philosopher’s Stone mentioned by Chetwynd.

All of this becomes clear to me as a necessity of this work, to try to be of service, to be able to withstand the forces that range against me and vitalise those forces that are inclined to support.

My message of stuck-addiction© is I see now an effort to find a portal to be of service as a living agent of change, a catalyst to enable a resolution to apparently intractable problems, but that the intellectual opposition to my efforts is not imaginary.

I am being drawn to make another concentrated effort to deliver my abilities to the places where there is the possibility of success in areas of individual and group therapy as well as support for a wider systemic consultation process to be a catalyst for arbitration and innovation.

Thank you for reading this post.

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Globalised Resentment

From this way of dealing with the press and of attacks by Trump about his birth, Obama fires his barrage against his view of fake news and of Trump.
The power of resentment is apocalyptical in cases where the holders of deep resentments already have access to mundane power. Resentment is the tap root of all forms of spiritual illness. Global stuck-addiction© is the bellwether spiritual illness attending the digitally driven era-change.
These two men have spawned the political manifestation in plain sight, of the disease that actually infects the whole planet.
We now have a full resentment based presidency of the global Empire.
Diagnosis of a disease is essential if the energy to heal is to be accessed. The answer to this is no longer political, no longer even a matter of intellectual will, the antidote to a spiritual malady is spiritual.
This has been the reality of the 12 Step phenomenon over the last 80 years, a reality that means that we now have an articulation point that says that we are all living inside an addictive system.
At the head of this addictive system, the drama of this video has played itself out. During the video you will see Trump rocking backwards and forwards ever so slightly as Obama’s words land in his core.
We now all live, materially at least, in Trump’s revenge.
This is not a sustainable place to live.

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“I cannot stress to you enough the importance of being present”.

So, ‘stress’ is a deliberate impression made by someone or something upon a person, it is an emphasising. Can this definition inform any other applications of the word ‘stress’ in order to try to unlock destructive stress at the emotional level of experience.

To liberate is to set free. To deliberate, is to weigh up contraries, to think, to plan, to corale energy into an enclosure, to put experience and knowledge into a harness away from their being free to roam apparently without will.

This can cause stress for a personality, especially when that which seems to be happening to a person from their perspective, is as if life itself is doing things deliberately against them, removing conditions that might seem to be more liberating.

When these projections of imaginings that are is if events are being deliberately planned by life are made around events that are clearly more arbitrary than specific, then this is stress that is an illness.

Love is a deliberation by and from God, just as Rumi said, ‘love is bondage willingly accepted by the free’.

It is Iblis that refused to be deliberated upon by God and in that refusal, then tries to play God by taking away the only source of true deliberation in the Universe away from Mankind by seducing them into thinking that they’re at liberty to think that God is just a thought, i.e. the erroneous and separated “I think, therefore I am”.

In fact then, only God can deliberately act and only God can say “I am”. This was respected in the old Way when the expression “I am” was never uttered by people of the Way. The Christ Jesus only said it by then taking his own “I” out of the matter as was befitting of His expression of Union as He says, “I am who am”.

When people do deliberate, then act deliberately upon those preparations, it is a measure of sanctity to be aware of how much one is part of that ‘willing’, or how much the doing seems to be taking care of itself. Sportsmen talk about being ‘in the zone’ to try and express the disappearance of the second “I” as we move from the ubiquitous “I am who I am”, into the Christ reality of “I am who am”.

“I am who I am” is containing two “I” components, this is di-stressing, whereas, “I am who am” is the vehicle of divine stress, the proper creative, constructive stress as the duality of matter submits to the building plans of One God, The Almighty Architect.

These insights can be arrived at personally as promised by The Christ Jesus and the template for such an arrival, for such a birthing of insight is encoded in the Nativity Story itself when the left hemisphere is Joseph, the right hemisphere is Mary, the arch connecting the then whole brain is Gabriel, the body is the donkey.

Whatever the appearance of the script, whether seemingly sacred or profane, temporal or spiritual, whatever the script of that which is selling the idea of liberty, the thought of liberation, if it is a script that is without recourse to the utter Pole Star of the One Source from which all arrives, then the result eventually, even after the jolt of apparent change, the result of such scripted liberation is inevitably one of calamity and distress.

The distress around the globe today has only one antidote, the distress has to be transformed into stress. This is the alchemy of Sufism, within which Way The Christ Jesus, Isa, is King. This is the transformation of pain into joy, of despair into repair, of terminal duality insulated once again to mediate the flowing of One Life, One Love, One Humanity.

Because only God deliberates, only God liberates.

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Marbles – lost and found

To ‘lose one’s marbles’ is an interesting expression of the glue that provides the cohesion for an inner diction, somehow weakening to the point of a person or even a system, then becoming ‘de-mented’.
I quite understand that over the past few years, there are times when my posts and seemingly arcane neurology around making connections between individual illness and a collective illness, may have rendered me open to folks thinking that I must have lost my marbles.
I am grateful therefore for the people who have stuck around through my meanderings, even if their personal reputation forbade them from making any deeper endorsement of my message, beyond that of being simply ‘linked’.
To challenge orthodoxy is a lonely business and as the Sufi master rightly said, “you are your own barrier, rise above it”. Even though I know that I block myself with character defects from securing material success in the areas that I seem to want to communicate within, I also hold onto a deeper timing and a higher supervision.
A definition of God by a CIA source is purportedly one of ‘that which unexpectedly thwarted their plans’.
This pragmatism from the world weary global management scheme as it reported their Divine Interference Experience (DIE), is put into a frame nicely by the words of a UK senior politician of the late twentieth century, Denis Healey:
“World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings”.
So, the CIA source was hinting at the Unseen Government that seems to be able to override the ruling power of an era, just as has been recorded in all scriptural records.
The present Empire, despite its claims that everybody else is the Empire, has dominated the last 100 years with the usual mix of both openly orthodox and hidden clandestine methodology.
Their DIE as it tempered their plans has been part of their journey, of all global journeying to this point.
My message of the correlation between, what Scott Peck called the ‘sacred disease’, addiction in the individual, and stuck-addiction© in global systems, is a DIE that now is cast.

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In the bureaucracy of religion
There are quotas:
These are limits for fishing,
Boundaries for trawling
Through interminable stories
Looking for the big catch,
The quote to bolster,
Bludgeoning resistances
To particular points of view.
The quota of quotes
That are quoted as moats
Around the castles
Of important reputation,
Are they now filled?
How now to fill the nets
To satisfy the hoovering ships
Of industrialised academia?
Is there nobody I can quote but me,
Nobody I can gather to justify
My sole offence,
The offending record of a soul
Defending the fending off
Of pain inflicted by a broken mart?
Quotation marks,
The double comma’s flight
Of fancy above the commas’
Ordinary lines of action.
The extra ‘m’ that wakes the comas
With a startled shout of insight,
“Let sleeping dogs lie”,
Until their shown estimate,
Quotation, of themselves
Becomes accepted as their own,
Ibid “all glory, laud and honour”,
Returns them safely home.

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A break is a brake
Upon the wheel
The weal that marks
The place of contact
The meeting
Of perception
With events of form.
To make a stand
Resists a flow
Into we’ll or won’t
Amidst rulers’ news
That never measured
Anything straight
Forward, ever.
Peace, the mark of
Authentic being
Is made
Then kept.
I keep the piece
Given to me
Within One whole
As mine
Not to give away as peace
But as a way
To pass my understanding.
I understand
What is that you say again?
Ah, yes, I understand.
How, how do I understand, you say?
By standing under,
By being under,
By knowing who I’m under,
By subsisting.
Love is my subsistence
Out of which
Existence appears insistent
Yet, persistence shows
That assistance happens
When least expected,
Despite resistance in oneself
To disbelieve,
Belief appears, again

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The Human

From the verb “be”, comes the word “being”.
There are not many beings on this planet who are permanently manifesting their Human beingness with presence and conscious witness.
There are flashes of Human beingness amidst the behavioural gardens of Mankind, but mostly there are a range of beings within Mankind that pay lip service to the term Human.
There are money beings, political beings, career beings, gender beings, nationalist beings, religious beings, academic beings, instinctive beings – very few people who are Human, being a person.
In front of our global noses there is a spiritual battle unfolding without any analysis of the actual conditions.
In the last US leadership election there were no spiritual voices in the debates.
Everywhere the common perception of spiritual force, ie religion, is conveniently discredited. Nowhere can the Trump phenomenon be accurately assessed spiritually for fear of seeming medieval or fanatical.
Yet, the integrity of the intellectual assessments of current affairs risks being broken down by the asymmetric vortex that is being deliberately manufactured by Trump and his intimates.

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