The battle of the magicians

The occult manipulations of the powerful, whether in the time of Pharaohs when eventually a Pharaoh met with Moses, or whether it was those who financed Hitler who then messed around with ancient Indian symbols who then eventually went on to prepare the ground for their planned planetary take over – it matters not.

Eventually the misuse of subtle forces goes beyond bounds and then the boundary makes itself apparent.

The story of Moses is instructive here, for it was in his time also that the Golden Calf was introduced as a storyline. The Golden Calf did not moo then, it will not moo now. The magicians at that time collapsed when presented with the emissary of The Source.

How is all this to pan out at this time? Who knows. It is panning out now. The players are all in place. The pieces are all exactly positioned. The preparation of the place exquisitely taken care of.

To be caught up in the middle of events is not the same as imagining how things might be in the future, nor the same as a meander through a history book or a journey through a work of fiction.

What is happening now is an Epoch-change.

The old ways have already gone completely, the new ways not yet landed fully. So the appearance is a little like the image of the teleportation process in Star Trek when people moved through space and time. The re-form sort of shimmers, then solidifies.

So it is with everything on Earth today. It is a time of shimmering.

However, do not imagine that the old pre-2008 days are ever to return, they are not. Neither imagine that the New World Order secretly planned by occult powers for centuries is about to appear either. Neti neti.

What is appearing is from The Creator, the created can do nothing but conform at this time of Bhagavad-Gita-like return to bounds, returning those that are out-of-bounds back to the field of play.

The Age Of Aquarius is shimmering, as it has been for some decades now, even though it has been attacked by would-be hijackers and occult pirates, its successful appearance for Human beings is imminent.

This is me at a “new staff meeting” to commemorate the solstice. 😉

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Can you show me a country on the face of the Earth today in 2018 where a significant majority of that country’s population is happy and feels connected freely with their leaders’ Executive function?

What does your answer tell you about the way that you see the world, tell you about the way in which you receive the news and the way in which you feel about how successfully you are connected to your body, how much connection you feel with your universal animal instincts?

These questions are not designed to confuse you. With even a quick skim through my blog postings from my two blogs that I’ve written over the last four years, then it can be seen that I hold that a disease is collapsing the leadership function of individuals and systems.

Car engines can be governed to protect them from misuse and to protect the drivers and the others who might be hit by them.

Governments are designed to protect those who are governed by them, to protect them from themselves until a maturity is arrived at that allows that person an inner anarchy that makes sense of having submitted to imposed discipline in the first place.

This inner anarchy does not seek the destruction of the mundane outer governments within which this inner anarchy has been made corporeally possible. On the contrary, an enlightened person sees from where and how the outer government arrives and seeks only to serve its balanced continuity, so that others may follow their proven pathway toward inner anarchy and freedom.

It is only the half-baked that try to completely destroy outer forms of government with promises of some Eutopia that would then naturally appear.

I am not saying that governments don’t need challenging, that they don’t need help to reform and innovate. What I am saying is that as an enlightened person, my job is to carry a message of inner anarchy for individuals and a message of strong and fair leadership for utility providing governments at local, national and international levels.

This is the only way that, as ‘Abd al Mu’min, my appearance within the utter Unity of Existence can make any sense of the certainty granted to me by God.

For you to understand what I mean by ‘certainty granted to me by God’, as a string of words that seem utterly unintelligible in this early twenty-first century, then you may have to put in a certain amount of effort.

In the meantime, the certainty that I appear

within carries on sustaining the material fabric of this outer world of ours, despite the best efforts of both the world’s struggling leaders and the naysayers who think that there is nothing save that which appears to their five physical senses.

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In the huge recovery industry that has been spawned by the arrival of the 12Step Programme in 1937, there has been an asset stripping “gold rush” as everyman and his dog stake out a claim to “mine” from the original deep seam of redemption that is still the singleness of purpose known as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

This cunning asset stripping and subsequent re-branding of what is a spiritual message, by an intellectual cleverness that can’t submit to any sense of God-consciousness, is only to be expected as it has been happening for thousands of years.

The Source of the message will of course protect the original transmission of the 12Step brand, just as the cohorted charitable and corporate derivative entities attempt to copyright their constructs and financial schemes.

Some of these global entities of supposed solution bearers to hard-pressed government departments around this addicted world are not even benign in their relationship with the source of their recovery industry, they are actively hostile toward the international 12Step Fellowships that have grown from the original Programme over the last eighty years.

How do I know this? Because I have talked with an employee of Indivior – a global addiction recovery player. If you look at their opening page it seems that they are open to a collegiate approach within the global school of experience that has as its foundation the arrival of AA in 1935.

Far from it, the person I spoke to in my taxi as I took her to the airport was vehemently against the 12Step Programme, even telling me that she spent much of her time informing funders at government level around the world that the 12Step Programme doesn’t work and that they need to buy into their corporate services and drug products.

I spoke to a man recently at an Interfaith gathering who said that no-one could prove that God exists. I said that that was no longer strictly true. I said that since 1935 there had been and still are, many millions of people who can claim conscious contact with God as they understand God. They can claim conscious contact with a Higher Power that is loving and caring that has brought them back from a fate worse than death.

“What do you mean?”, says he.

“Members of the global 12Step Fellowships can all quote their Step11 which places them all in a God-consciousness of their own understanding,” says I.

“That’s not the same as what I was saying,” says he.

“It may not be what you wanted to hear,” says I, “but it is exactly answering of your previous generalisations about God that seemed to serve your atheism so neatly.”

I really don’t object to atheists as this linked video explains ….

However, eventually the conditions on the ground will be met with a message of sanity that is evidence based, irrefutable, compassionate, timely, tremendous and true.

Once the message is delivered, then the recipient has the responsibility of either action or continued inertia.

The 12Step Programme is the only living Spiritual programme left on the planet, the only connection with The Holy Spirit that is practical, predicable, provable and true, redeeming the lives of all people willing to change from within any religion, atheism, secularism, humanism, sect, creed or political party.

The Higher Power of the 12Step Programme is not a theory. It is not a new linguistic programme. It is not a clever manipulation of cognition and behaviour that might last a few months. The 12Step Programme is an ineffable fact, an incredible and indestructible coherence of invisibility and visibility, of time and eternity, of ancient and modern, a triumph of belief over despair.

The 12Step Programme is unashamedly written in the language of the heart, a language that challenges the insanity of the language of the head, until the head submits.

The Singularity that the late Richard Hawking wrote about in his cosmology that led onto looking at the boundaries of understanding for physics is a reflection of the Singularity that is the Source of the 12Step Programme and its metaphysics.

“Without help it is too much for us, but there is One who has all Power, that One is God, may you find Him now” (AA Book)

This single sentence is the nuclear core of the 12Steps. It is the same sentence spoken by every Prophet, Patriarch, Saint, Messenger and Mystic of the so-called West. It is the sentence that underpins the Eastern Hemisphere of Buddhist enlightenment as surely as a brain has two hemispheres.

It is the sentence of repetition found in the Surah Al Rahman in The Qur’an, “now which of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?”

The template of sanity for a Human being is this threefold, simple, evidence based structure, namely that a person appears as a physical, mental and spiritual being that has to be connected across its two inner interfaces of mental/physical and mental/spiritual if that person is to be described as in any way fully conscious.

God is consciousness.

Mankind arrives existentially inside consciousness, but unaware of this fact, therefore unconscious of the very forces that uphold an awareness of mortality. This is almost analogous to an imaginary conscious fish that is actually in water whilst denying that water exists.

A person who arrives at a conscious contact with this living Singularity arrives within a kindergarten of Human possibility from out of the conceptual rigour of their previous ignorance, however that conception might have appeared to have happened.

At this time, recovery from the many forms of the bellwether disease of Addiction is the paradoxical beachhead of sanity that has arrived at the junction of two eras, as the Age of Pisces gives way to the Age of Aquarius.

As at every previous time of momentous change known to Mankind, however the history of change might have been disrupted, Messengers from the Unseen decloak and engage in the almost impossible mission of trying to help the collective engage in work that is really only the province of the individual.

This time of momentous change is no different. The help is at hand. The challenge facing the helpers and those to be helped is the same, namely one of engagement.

In reading this piece, we make a start.

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War as mass psychosis

The Name is Al Mu’min ….

(From The Mishkat al-Anwar of Ibn Arabi translated by Stephen Hirtenstein and Martin Notcutt ISBN 0-9534513-5-6)

Thanks to Azim Looker …. for

A chunk of quote … from J.G.Bennett.

“War has a twofold origin. The first is outside of man and arises independently. The second is within man and is due to his own weakness and failure. From time to time a special state of tension arises on the earth, which Gurdjieff calls the state of “Solioonensius.” This state of tension arises from the relations between the planets. I do not mean by this that it is something supernatural or mysterious. It is a perfectly natural process, connected with the changes in the balance of electrical and other energy in the solar system. For example, it is already suspected by science that the occurrence of sunspots has an effect upon the human psyche.

It may help you to understand what I mean by calling Solioonensius a perfectly natural process if you consider a simple phenomenon, well-known to all. I refer to the effect in Great Britain of the east wind, or in the Mediterranean of the sirocco. When the east wind blows, people become irritable and nothing seems to go right. I once became interested in this because I wanted to see whether it was a real or an imaginary effect. I asked a number of people to observe carefully and let me know as objectively as possible whether they could detect a state of inner tension caused by the east wind. Nearly everyone confirmed that a state of irritability did, in fact, arise in them even before they were aware that the east wind was blowing.

In a more subtle and pervasive manner, great regions of the earth’s surface, and sometimes even the whole of the earth, become subject to a state of tension that produces in people a strong sense of dissatisfaction with their conditions of life. They become irritable or aggressive, apprehensive, nervous and highly suggestible. Gurdjieff said that knowledge of Solioonensius existed thousands of years ago, and that he took the term from a very ancient tradition. At the present time, its significance has been forgotten or lost.

The point is that there are two completely different ways in which people can react to a state of Solioonensius. It always arouses dissatisfaction, but this may be external or internal. External dissatisfaction leads to external conflict; internal dissatisfaction strengthens the desire to struggle with oneself. Those who understand the necessity for working on themselves and achieving the second destiny find in that state of tension the greatest possibility of incentive and force to make them work harder. But those who do not have this feeling, this realization, project outwards their dissatisfaction and become hostile and angry with other people-suspicious, jealous and the rest of it- and then, defenceless against these mass psychoses, begin to hate. And the very people who, only a few years before, could not conceive of themselves consenting to the idea of war become involved in the destruction of other people. And those other people, passing through the same mass psychosis with the same justification, wish in turn to destroy their existence.

It is possible by careful study of history and of various psychological processes to verify this. And once you understand it, you will see that there is no way by which war can be stopped other than by making people understand the necessity for this work. Otherwise, they have no defense against this state of tension; no contrivances, no organisation, no good resolutions can avail, because there is a physio-chemical process involved. This state of tension must produce the result. We do not know when such a state of tension will come over the world again. When it is absent, we do not feel war as something possible, but when it approaches, nothing can be done unless an idea can come into the world that can act on a sufficiently large number of people to enable them to turn this force in a different direction.

This is one reason why the change – the transition period – from one epoch to another, from one world to another, is a dangerous period. Old ideas have lost their momentum and can no longer move the world. New ideas have not yet gained momentum. All through history, and even before the beginning of history, we find such periods accompanied by war and revolution, not because war and revolution are inevitable in themselves but because people have lacked that discrimination that would enable them to use this situation rightly. If we are able to go into a world in which this is understood, then the course of history can be different, because the destiny of all mankind can be raised to a higher level. There is no higher purpose in the life of man than to bring about this great transition.

If a new world is to come, we must first create it in ourselves. You may ask how the work of a few people can change the world. It has always been so. Ideas are powerful, not organizations. Nothing can be done by outward force; everything can be done by inner strength.’

[Copyright J.G. Bennett, Is there “Life” on Earth, Bennett Books, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA].

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Higher Emotional Centre

Mother Nature provides Mankind with a physical centre of gravity. This centre allows a person to lose and regain balance seamlessly in the process of walking, running, moving in any way with the vehicle of an organic body.

The psyche sits upon this physical vehicle astride universal instincts that can simply be described as security, social and sex instincts. Feelings are pressurised by the instincts and are measurable by a person with a specific emotional guage that is attached to their con-science.

Thus in a physical body, blood pressure and feeling pressure work sympathetically, with these pressures being interpreted with a process of emotional and intellectual reaction that is then acted upon by intelligence choosing a pattern to employ behaviours.

Where this process is weakened through abusive experiences, illness or ignorance, then feeling pressure ruptures into actions that are not processed as part of a higher emotional centre becoming formed. The con-science becomes compromised and ordinary emotional processes become stilted whereupon all possibilities of a Higher Centre are temporarily cutoff.

The yin-yang template of journeying into vice and then returning to virtue cushions these collapses of conscience as simply the necessary mirroring of the physical falling down and standing up of centre of gravity formation, by the inner body of experience that is the person anyway.

In itself then, emotionally failing to process feelings can be likened to falling down. The problems start to become dangerous if the immediate line-management of a person misreads any idiosyncratic behaviours as too scary to carry on with and then proceeds to let the inner Customs and Excise department close down the inner borders of left/right hemisphere travel. The standing back up again, stops.

Then the development of a Higher Emotional Centre atrophies. The purpose of life withers and dies as the inner balance fails to develop. A personal expression then tries to hide this failure through exaggerations or fixations of expression that eventually become incapable of meaningfully integrating the journey of life: a journey designed to be connected via the necessary terminal opposites of birth and death as they pertain to both physical and metaphysical experiences.

It may be possible to resurrect the purpose of being here on Earth, as being one of co-creating this Higher Emotional Centre, for a person who has died to this purpose, but it may only happen when what has passed as life for such a person collapses around them by accident, by the disease of stuck-addiction©️ or by the loss of their props through the existential removal by Life event of the people, places or things that have co-dependently enabled them to appear alive whilst actually dead, in the first place.

As societal forces atomise old cultural forms and necessitate new forms to be developed within the current era-change, then many people are experiencing anxiety as their inner habits and their habitations collapse as if in inner earthquakes.

DRT as a therapeutic application is both a preventative to collapse and a reconstruction after collapse for both people and for systems as their hosting culture radically and irrevocabley changes.

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Instigations …

Look up the dated phrase “to grant favours” …

Oh to be a modern man
No rites of passage
Trashed religious package
Caught between news of marauders
Brutal abusers and Benny Hill musers
All tarred with the same brush
The seduction dance frozen
G-spots, wi-fi hot spots
Loose Women programmes
Fifty Shades logjams
Performed and written by feminine forces
Poor men …
Like animals or birds
Forced to dance, lock horns,
Preen their feathers
Not a word or thought out of place,
Until she instigates
Her policy of no regret
Just don’t dare to refuse her
Don’t then say no …
For it’s the woman scorned
That makes Hell’s fury seem nought
It’s Salome that had The Baptist’s head bought
It’s Delilah had Samson’s power clipped
It’s the other man’s wife
Clawed Joseph’s back
Then blamed him …
So …. The Human, being me,
Meets The Human, being you,
In the dying art of animal husbandry.

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Vast intricacy

A benefit of working closely with the general public is that the sheer variety of characters and situations that present into my cab keeps me “right-sized”, earthed and aware of my actual capabilities as against what I might like to think that I can manifest.

“Being” is limitless whereas “doing” seems limited.

I have sought over many years to explore the correlations that have appeared to me as clear, in the working of the Executive function in both organic and systemic bodies as this function might indicate health or sickness.

The challenge is to translate insight into practical policy that leaders might then feel confident to implement, if a diagnosis of Executive dysfunction is accepted.

In an individual, this dilemma of practicality is resolved within an actual and undeniable behaviour change, in both individual and group behaviour, that is then sponsored into a similar situation that a person has accepted as needing to change after a specific calamity or an on-going breakdown of behavioural function.

I have talked with too many people in positions of experience and authority in key areas of this modern world over the last four years, to be able to ignore the 95% concurrence with my view that a sickness is infecting the leadership function of the corporate, financial and political bodies of the first world.

The peculiar aspect of this time is that so many people are materially well-placed and yet real information about how we’re all actually living seems to be hard to access. President Trump is not all wrong about the state of the news reporting in our 24/7 culture.

Death is still the universal phenomenon that is overtly and covertly hijacked by both orthodox and unorthodox leadership forces to divide and rule masses of people.

The vast intricacy of Mankind’s interaction on Earth will not bend to any political or dynastic rule, this is the message of history. So, what is the good news?

The good news is that whether or not a new era is landed, whether or not Mankind continues in a form discernable to its present platform, to have arrived at this place is still a miracle.

Despite the best efforts of the despots, the thieves of spiritual messages, the hoarding of wealth in the hands of the few wrought by the misguidance of countless masses of people over and over again over centuries, despite all of this, still much of Mankind persists in hope.

How do I know this?

Because you are reading this.

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Stuck-addiction©️ Presentation

This comes from a presentation to a Forum for Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Hull.

The notes give a framework of description to a disease that is collapsing the Executive function of individual and systemic bodies across the world.

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Stone (Al Dhat)

The stone is St One, the essence of who you are. The stone unites opposites, brings seemingly irreconcilable positions together. The stone is the majestic throne of your own becoming.

The stone is the tone reverberating from your intention. The stone contains the notes of the whole of Creation.

The stone transforms your life, redeems your soul, connects you to your Self. Every stone is precious.

The stone is eternal, hidden yet blatant, the root of all being.

The stone comes to life in your conscience, chiselled by your precious blade, beaten with your own hammer of Consciousness.

Petrification turns you to stone, so it is in transforming your fear that you are essentially reunited with your very Self.

You cannot be the stone, for there is only One, but you can find the stone in you and that then lets you be the One yourself.

Whether the stone seems to you like a well, a sheer face, a wall, a mine, a pile, a mill or a quarry, a waterfall even, whatever way the stone appears to you, eventually you must hurl every atom of who you imagine you are upon and into it.

The stone essentially opens.

This is the stone that brought down Goliath. This is the stone that brings down every, Goliath, Pharaoh, Empire, dynasty and despot, eventually when one appears prepared to throw it.

The stone is again thrown.

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The Latrine Expletives

“Read all about it, read all about it …. a US President is found to have used usually hidden Corporate Boardroom language in an open political meeting …. read all about it!!”

WTF? Wake up world. This is not a racist issue. This is a monetary issue devolving from a broken global Ponzi Scheme that died in 2008AD, a Ponzi Scheme that though now a zombie, is still manifesting as pretending to have the only available ethical hegemony of a whole species to carry on with its insanity. An insanity that has given the same wealth held by half of the species, to just eight people.

In the UK, as this piece is written, Carillion is pleading for a bailout as huge debts, along with loss making contracts that are linked to the insanity of lowest price tendering prioritisation by government systems as at Grenfell Towers and a half a billion hole in the pension scheme, all cook together to bring down this icon of a globally failed monetary system.

So, there are shitholes in the deteriorating Empire. Every Empire that we know of in history is very good at laying waste to land and turning it into a shithole. So, do not think that Donald J. Trump was being a racist in his latest alleged remarks about parts of his declining Empire, he was simply being Imperial. Trump might as well have said, like a previous Imperial hegemon when presented with the plight of the poor, “let them eat cake.”

It is vital at this time of global collapse to keep free from the chaff of energy issuing from the actual policy arsehole of the zombie global Ponzi Scheme as it increasingly suffers from very real symptoms of political, financial and diplomatic incontinence, whilst then trying to project this chaff onto other apparently material shitholes purported then to be of their own making.

This zombie global Ponzi Scheme speaks through the utterances of the G20 countries irrespective of which party or personalities front up the messages of their individual monetary policies, that all rest anyway on the QE injections made and still being made, by Central Banks post 2008.

The zombie global Ponzi Scheme has the US as the present roosting place of its Eagle. However, the writhing energy of chaff being emitted from the Ponzi Scheme’s centuries old collective, dogmatic, metaphorical arsehole, is to be found sprayed into the back stories of many nations, including the US. Then seen everywhere from the Brexit brew haha, to the Middle East cauldronisation now involving Saudi as the US and Israeli proxy, from the North Korean standoff to the China/Russia threat to challenge the oil-dollar …. and on and on.

The billionaires in every culture unite behind their common Golden Calf to keep the value of their holdings somehow seeming to be alive to the rest of us, when in fact, as always happens, the money-lenders have to be and are again being exposed, as being the destroyers of Mankind when allowed to assume a primacy in a culture.

The shitholes of the world, whether those described by Trump, or in the Gaza Strip, or in Syria, or in the rotting carcass of Grenfell Tower in the UK, these are not caused by one race’s view of another race, not caused by skin colour, but by the tribal hypocrisy of money infected power dynamics. The oil and gas reserves in the Golan Heights have driven Israeli policy much more than their pretended fear of other people of The Book misquoting scriptures and being anti-Israel.

Even Pope Francis said this in 2016: “You have cast out the wonder of creation — man and woman — and you have put money in its place. This is a basic terrorism against all of humanity! Think about it!”

Be not fooled by the appearances of this time. Everything is working itself out as it has to work itself out. We appear here between our birthday and deathday, between our waking-up and going to sleep, between our in-breath and out-breath. Connect those simple terminals in your life, meditating first on your breathing, and those that pretend to own your death-day will have no power over you that is not given by Love Alone.

Love Alone is the cause of this Universe.

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