Inner Laundry


One of the practical benefits of the elementary and preparatory methodology of the 12 Steps is that there is a building of an inner space craft within which any meditation practice can strengthen once Step 11 is in place.

Nobody would embark upon a journey into outer space without a craft, similarly an inner space journey is made more easily within a vehicle, within a learned craft.

It would be very difficult to meditate whilst wearing physical clothes that hadn’t been washed for a month. Equally, it is almost impossible to begin a meditation practice whilst wearing inner metaphysical clothes of resentment, ill-will, existential angst, low level lust anger and greed, that a person has been maybe trapped in for years.

The 12 Step Programme as presented here is akin to an inner laundry, a preparation of a place within which prayer and meditation can commence.

This was the aim of many exoteric teachings, to build such an inner mandala, an hermetic vehicle that could be navigated to a deeper esoteric experience, built and made safe with the Seals of Sainthood and Prophecy.

A practical process of inner space exploration, journeys made from, by, to, in and through a Creator, personal experiences without sully of intermediary sources, that can however be shared only in order to help others with their own preparation and practice.

It seems that the exoteric traditions can degenerate and get stuck, they “throw away the keys of knowledge” as The Christ Jesus said to the High Priests.

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