On the radio today I heard a discussion about counselling people through denial when their children die tragically, as in the Korean ferry sinking that happened recently.

The expert described denial as an incoherence of narration, a breakdown of inner communication pathways, an inability to navigate through presented facts and the consequential predictive pathways derived from those facts.

This description concurs with the diction breakdown model that arose from my working with criminalised addicts. The model allowed an orientation around a new narrative pathway out of overwhelm.


describes an overwhelm to inner coherence and describes denial as a hiding of healthy malediction and a shearing away of the predictive, maledictive, addictive triad from the diction pathway.

As the Bhudda and St Paul concurred, “work out your own salvation with diligence”, describes the inner establishment or the repair and maintenance of diction components that might then have a chance of surviving existential shocks, practicing up to and beyond death of loved ones, including then one’s own.

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