The Esoteric and the Exoteric


The power given to Pharoah and Caesar mindsets of today’s playground, whether legally elected or criminally wrested, predisposes them to act only in certain and very predictable zones – whether in selfindulgence purporting to be public service or in the identifying and killings of any threats to their reign – that is how they’re programmed.

Ask anyone in power which character they identify with in Star Wars and all want to be Luke Skywalker, it’s why they went into politics (they tell themselves) even if they serve on the bridge of the Death Star. Eventually power politics makes terrorist reactionaries, makes conspiracy theories about false flag attacks etc, makes everything dodgy, foggy, stuck. Leaders get burnt out, terrorists are clearly mad as hell about leaders, add to this mix the ubiquitous criminality of the opportunistic law breakers and benders, eventually all sides need time out and a 12 Step sponsor!

Here’s the secret. The cellular modelling of the terrorists makes their eradication very difficult. The cellular design and modulation of the global 12 Step Groups in Fellowships makes them indestructible and the most powerful vehicles of light on the planet today.

If there is a war in this world, a world war, it is invisible, between the distorted cells of disaffected terrorists (including the quasi-political and financial cliques of old-boy networks) and the magnificent victory of the global 12 Step Fellowship cells of healing and redemption. There’s no contest. Light’s victory has already happened.

The sacred disease that is addiction reaches across all boundaries and cultures. The billionaire’s daughter or the Mullah’s son, both the same. Eventually, the language of Love will prevail, the only question now is how deeply the global dysfunction has to impact before the remedy is accepted.

The esoteric serves the exoteric. All of the turmoil in the world is exoteric. The religious misinterpretation, the political skulduggery and fear, the false flag attacks, the actual attacks, the responses and atrocities, all exoteric. The intelligence services pretend to fulfill the esoteric role, but they do not connect with the Invisible, they simply try to control their disconnect.

Those truly serving the Unseen esoterically are here as always.They have always been deeply embedded in their era, often branded as heretics as they have had to challenge dying ideas with their messages from The Living One.

Well intentioned politicians just need to be what it says on their tin, servants.

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