There is a story about Muhammad (pbuh) wherein Ali asked Muhammad (pbuh) whether Allah had told him to set up camp in a certain place, or whether he had decided upon the site himself.

Muhammad (pbuh) said that it had been his own idea.

Immediately Ali commanded the followers to break camp and to move to a site of his choosing nearby.

When a messenger is delivering a message given to them to deliver by the King, then at the point of delivery, the messenger is not configured for a debate. The message has to be simply delivered without fear or favour as clearly and as accurately as possible.

When the message has been delivered then the mode changes, however as the first anecdote reveals, the message carrying function can overstep its remit and then it has to give way to greater skill.

My wife tells me that often my configuration tries to transmit every day reactions as if Holy Writ. I am always grateful for her challenge, eventually!

However, in the matter of my message about stuck-addiction©, my responsibility is to simply deliver the message.

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