The Human being.

Biological man is xy. Biological woman is xx. When the xy is inserted into the xx, both then existentially seeming to share the second x, then The Human may be represented as xxyxreflective of AUM, a quaternity.

Biological man must serve the manifest feminine, that is women and Nature so that then both masculine and feminine, animus and anima, become initiate to their invisibility, their third x, SuperNature, thus ever completing and perfecting The Human, being.

“The application of the comparative method indubitably shows the quaternity as being a more or less direct representation of the God manifested in his creation. We might, therefore, conclude that the symbol, spontaneously produced in the dreams of modern people, means the same thing – the God within . … If we take into consideration the fact that the idea of God is an ‘unscientific’ hypothesis, we can easily explain why people have forgotten to think along such lines. And even if they cherish a certain belief in God they would be deterred from the idea of God within by their religious education, which always depreciated this idea as ‘mystical’. Yet it is precisely this ‘mystical’ idea which is enforced by the natural tendencies of the unconscious mind. I myself, as well as my colleagues, have seen so many cases developing the same kind of symbolism that we cannot doubt its existence any longer.”6

6C. G. Jung, Psychology & Religion Press, 1938) 72-73.

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