What is the drug war?

This historical account of US actions show the manipulations that characterise the disease of stuck-addiction© within the “persona” of the nation – misdiagnosis, denial, violent and insane directives that repeat expecting different results, linguistic dysfunction, Executive isolation, paralysis of vision, stasis.


Survival and Transformation

(Presented 14 July 2015 (Bastille Day) at a meeting of the End the New Jim Crow Action Network (ENJAN), Kingston, NY)

Recent US history, from the ‘60’s until today, shows the drug war is a crusade of repression against the African American people, incarcerating millions to prevent a renewal of the struggle for freedom. Recent American history makes clear the origins and purposes of the drug war.

We need to look at the whole picture, not just a fragment or a piece. Most writers on this subject either get lost in the details or can’t see past the lie that the US is a “democracy.” In either case they cannot see the realities of this history, even though the facts are clear.

Presenting well-known events in chronological order clarifies the inner connection among these events and brings out their larger significance. Placing the history in sequence makes it plain.


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