Pandemic of stuck-addiction©

Hu'll heal the heart

Mentally ill are ‘dying needlessly’
and are an indicator of the wider pandemic that I have termed stuck-addiction©


This pandemic is global and describes and connects a human dilemma that unfolds daily across national news reports from around the world. I will explain from where the flow chart above derives and how it helps clarify the disease of stuck-addiction© in subsequent posts.

There have always been the mental illnesses that seem to be free standing andasdefinable as any other more physical disease. There are also mental disorders that are linked in a secondary or tertiary manner to the primary disease of addiction.

The situation is confused by the fact that in their six year training course, doctors in the UK spend three weeks learning about addiction that is described, as a reversal of the real situation, as a secondary or tertiary symptom of a range of other mental illnesses…

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