The Greater Nativity

Merry Christmas 2016

Hu'll heal the heart

When Muhammad (pbuh) contrasted the lesser jihad with the Greater Jihad, he was exposing the relationship that exists between the visible and the invisible as mankind realises their place in creation. He said that the lesser jihad was physical war and that the Greater Jihad was fought in the individual heart to seemingly fight against oneself to be a Human.

CG Jung called God “The Symbol of symbols”, and it seems that Muhammad knew that the outer always symbolises a greater inner.

Thus there is the lesser nativity and the Greater Nativity, the former symbolising a more potent latter for the individual.

The lesser nativity is the literal story of seeming impossibility that a Divine presence was miraculously born through biological means without the biological requirements for such a birth having been met, a story which has set the time recorder for the dominant culture of our era, it now…

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