Marbles – lost and found

To ‘lose one’s marbles’ is an interesting expression of the glue that provides the cohesion for an inner diction, somehow weakening to the point of a person or even a system, then becoming ‘de-mented’.
I quite understand that over the past few years, there are times when my posts and seemingly arcane neurology around making connections between individual illness and a collective illness, may have rendered me open to folks thinking that I must have lost my marbles.
I am grateful therefore for the people who have stuck around through my meanderings, even if their personal reputation forbade them from making any deeper endorsement of my message, beyond that of being simply ‘linked’.
To challenge orthodoxy is a lonely business and as the Sufi master rightly said, “you are your own barrier, rise above it”. Even though I know that I block myself with character defects from securing material success in the areas that I seem to want to communicate within, I also hold onto a deeper timing and a higher supervision.
A definition of God by a CIA source is purportedly one of ‘that which unexpectedly thwarted their plans’.
This pragmatism from the world weary global management scheme as it reported their Divine Interference Experience (DIE), is put into a frame nicely by the words of a UK senior politician of the late twentieth century, Denis Healey:
“World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings”.
So, the CIA source was hinting at the Unseen Government that seems to be able to override the ruling power of an era, just as has been recorded in all scriptural records.
The present Empire, despite its claims that everybody else is the Empire, has dominated the last 100 years with the usual mix of both openly orthodox and hidden clandestine methodology.
Their DIE as it tempered their plans has been part of their journey, of all global journeying to this point.
My message of the correlation between, what Scott Peck called the ‘sacred disease’, addiction in the individual, and stuck-addiction© in global systems, is a DIE that now is cast.

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