Prince of Peace


I am of Peace
Only God is The Monarch of Peace,
This is why Christ is called
The Prince of Peace
Out of respect.
It is why Gabriel
Is consulted, rather than God
Out of prophetic respect
Peace is a place, you see,
A journey to Peace has
A leaving and an arrival,
I come from that place
Of Peace.
Peace is a living place
Arrived at in a moment
If you actually had a moment.
You would be with me in Peace
If you actually had a moment.
Because you don’t recognise me
Even though you talk of Peace
All the time,
It seems that staying in the moment
Is hard for you,
Otherwise you would know Peace
For yourself.
I am here with you to help,
To help with the leaving
To help with the journey
To help with the arrival
In Peace.

© Andrew Dettman 2017.

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