A Light test

I am not an emitter of Light
I am a transmitter of light
After that emission is received
From Source.
I am a prism
Connected at all points by One
Connected at my centre as one.
Light travels in straight lines
Light passes through me
To then appear as my understanding.
It is my understanding that transmits,
Sheds light
To Source.

What is this to you?
Truthfully, I don’t know.
My mission is to transmit to Source,
That’s why I was made.
To work for a Source who
“…. was a hidden treasure,
who loved to be known,
I created the world and the universes
That I should be known.”
So, I am here to fulfill that template.

Who you are, I don’t know,
Except those amongst you
Similarly employed
Seem occasionally familiar to me.
But in my life, I may only have met
A few, amongst a few.
Shams met only one, then left soon after.

What is your first reaction to this?
Or accusation?

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