Terror can be linked historically to territory.
Suicide fighters such as Tamil Tigers, the Kamikazes of Japan fought for territorially based conflicts.
The current wave of so called terrorist outrages around the world post the Twin Towers and other buildings demolition in America in 2001 have opened a door to the dissonance of conspiracy theory because of a lack of a physical territorial provenance to trace intention for these and consequent events.
Islam does not condone the killing of innocent people.
Islam is not a territorially based religion in the Qur’an, it is not about saving souls either, it is a message based on ‘no bearer of burdens can carry another’s burden’. Islam says simply, ‘there is no God, but God’.
So, there are two things maybe going on here after the Manchester bombing on 22/5/17. There is illness, the mental illness of the bomber. There is then the following of the territorial trail of benefit that has flowed from events post 2001.
Peace and healing is sent to the families in Manchester.
The territory that benefits from the global events post 2001 is a political and financial territory.
Islam has been hijacked by a deep and cynical agenda to defend a world view. Eventually, ISIS had to have a territorial element attached to it with a global caliphate agenda, for terrorism needs territory.
In the smoke and mirrors of these terrible events, the pathway of benefit must be identified.
Hitler’s bombs were more bearable because the territorial intention was clear, the IRA bombs were not culturally dissonant because the territorial message was clear, get out of Ireland.
Who is actually benefitting from these bombs? It is not Islam that benefits from terrorism.

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