Swirling mist and breaking light

Russian dolls of connectivity
Swirling mist of One nativity
The way things look
Are not the only book
To base your world upon.
Rhyming’s easy
Words appeasing
When in fact they must now
Make a stand.
How? How to make sense
Of what are clearly obscurantisms?
Find a modern colossus,
A massive world view that unites
All opposing views
All petty dispute
All terrors and errors
All money and honey traps,
Birth and death themselves.
Where is this colossus?
Here, the sun of this era
The Don Quixote of the time
The mad man of God
Insisting that the orthodox
Has once again reached it’s limit.
Peace, don’t fret,
My madness is antidotal
Not anectdotal.
My message heals the crashing normality as it screams “no God”.
What message could heal this clamour?
What crazy ancient man could calm
The crazy modern storm?
Who else “but God” would fill
These words, to dare to stand
Again, against the machinations
Of a disconnected terminal?
I am who am.

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