In the transition that is impacting Earth’s structures of life, there is a movement to help Mankind navigate amidst the turmoil that fills the media stream of the First World.

In the movement to help, there have been and there still are, teachings that purport to reconnect adherents to an ability to manifest something that is termed abundance.

I would like to introduce a way of integrating the above mentioned teaching so that sheer monetary or material connotations can be secured into a secondary, though still vital terminology.

My experience has made certain matters abundantly clear to me.

So, there is the primary meaning of abundance in my view. It means lots of whatever the word is predicating, and clarity seems to me to be the most efficient fit for a word that best brings out the power of the word abundance.

If I have been brought into a place within which Consciousness Itself is making something abundantly clear to me, as well as making it abundantly clear to me that this abundant clarity is to be transmitted to as many other people as possible, then abundance as it is more usually understood, will simply accrue and cohere in order to make my transmission of clarity possible.

This is so, now, with this post as a key indication of a transpiring of a prepared event, an appearance of a necessary eventuality.

Dance is a word that makes up much of the word abundance. The frontal phonetic abun, is very much reminding me of abwoon, the Aramaic word that translates as so much, as can be seen in the following clip:


So, abundance is the Source dancing. The description in the video clip that places letters front and centre in the delivery of meaning is made clear here also:


“Dance then wherever you may be, I am the Lord of the Dance, said He ….”


Wouldn’t it be nice, you might be saying, if any of this guff could actually be true, practical and meaningful in the face of the cartoon-like torrent of hyperbole that gushes out of the political machines of our ravaged world.

Let me just try to make at least one thing, abundantly clear to you ….

Even President Trump had to fold his arms to try and defend himself from this simple message of abundance and his beautiful wife had to wipe away a tear …. Salaam.


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