Conscious-Contact 2

The book that I am drawn to write, perhaps called Conscious-Contact, is a work that might appear after its near forty year gestation. It would be naturally connected to my blogs and to my professional work as a Counsellor and a Leadership Consultant.

(The book described above is still in labour, yet its context remains urgent as this edit on 14/03/21 shows, given that the world has been in lockdown for a year with the Covid-19 pandemic.)

In this world today that there are many political views, there are many financial views, there are many scientific views, there are many religious views, there are many academic views, there are many media views, there are many cultural views, there are many expert views, there are many minority views, there are many gender-based views, there are many governmental views, there are many partisan views, there are many medical views, there are many foreign views …. there are not many spiritual views of how this species of homo-sapiens can avoid Armageddon.

The book called ‘The Power To Change,’ written in 1997 under my pen-name of Eden Gaits is to form an Appendix to my new book ‘Conscious-Contact’.

This world is ruled by a spiritual governance everywhere according to religions, but people generally have stopped daring to believe that anything can be done to land a promised Age Of Aquarius.

A war of words has been raging on Earth for many years now. This war has the megaphone of the Internet and a 24/7 news-media bombardment campaign that is atomising the inner buildings that people inhabit inside their lives, inside their heads.

This war therefore is a spiritual war as defined by the Gospel of Saint John,

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1 KJV)

Words preempt both actions that lead to warfare and processes that sue for peace. So, what is the difference between empty words, broken words and words that are consciously connected to God?

History records that the personification of conscious-contact with God has been rare. These personifications have moved billions of people over time-spans measured as millennia.

Reputations of a person’s physical strength and prowess can last for many decades. The effect of a person’s intellectual strength and prowess can resonate through cultures for centuries. The words of just a very few people whose words are held as Holy, have transmitted a steady pulse of light to Mankind for thousands of years.

Consciousness is limitless and singular.

Every atom of matter arrives from a source that is precious, therefore matter is precious.

Conscience arrives as a conscious awareness of the meeting of the before and the with, a meeting therefore that defines the dynamic of the after.

Fore and aft are descriptions of one vessel. This vessel has a hold, and the cargo and the crew are recorded on a manifest.

So, you can see that there are certain key words that when reconnected for you consciously, they can begin to awaken your abilities to captain the bridge of the vessel that is your life. There are key words that can permit a navigation and a change of course away from the looming rocks of behavioural disaster that again threaten the total destruction of Mankind.

I say again, because Mankind has been poised at this developmental emergency before and has, it seems, always crashed and sunk into Atlantean calamities.

On my watch, I hope to be able to avoid this catastrophic end.

My book, Conscious-Contact is the beginning of my effort to help the leaders of Mankind to bring to a safe berth this collective vessel of our present development, that is then fit to be named Humankind.

No pressure then ….

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