Broken system of ringfenced absurdity

UK Punjabi alcohol support services ‘see rise in users’ –

It saddens me greatly that as an Addiction Counsellor who is also able to address cultural diversity from a place of being a member of the BACP Spirituality Division and a Healer as a Student Member of The Healing Trust, I cannot access referrals directly from the NHS.

The main reason for this is managerial laziness within the NHS locally. I have informed them of my service at and the CCG haven’t responded.

The different approaches to diagnosing and treating the mechanisms of Mankind’s behaviours, when they present to their culture’s orthodox medical services for help, are themselves in turmoil.

Because of the decades of denial that have afflicted the psychologically oriented disciplines of study and practice since Professor Doctor Carl Jung was sidelined in the 1960’s by the juggernaut of the pharmaceutical industry and their subsequent sponsorship of all matters medical, the integration of the physical and the metaphysical in medical practitioner training has become utterly taboo.

So Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is now the prevailing panacea pushed upon the ever-sickening culture of a post-modern British NHS, whilst my service, which contains CBT as a tool in my eclectic tool box, is not even worthy of being commissioned.

The rising tide of all of the forms of the primary disease of Addiction are components of Life sending a message that all is not well and many of the other forms of mental illness are at least worthy of mental health practitioners becoming open to the information held in this site:

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