Words, so many words,

Meanings, so many meanings,

So few understood.


The Di-vine is the One creating Its otherness in matter, all that a person is invited to do is to fight to experience the destruction of separation for themselves.

This is very difficult for the historically led collectives, for they are led by increasing the di-vision back to a material singularity of authority and conditioning in order that rulers can rule.

The divorce of belief and knowledge in the whole of a person is a diagnostic that heals the gnostic eventually. Most people marry belief and knowledge necessarily in practice in their subprogramming to do anything with confidence, for instance driving a car or improving upon any skill for themselves.

However, when it comes to the single-minded point of their whole existence, then death stubbornly refuses to be married to birth because of the piratical depth of the divide and rule programming that places everyone in a life or death battle.

Then ultimate belief in Universal Consciousness becomes almost impossible as that ultimate belief is relegated to Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and to a Big Goddy somewhere in the sky on the other side of never….

So then, because knowledge can’t function practically without belief, this ultimate schism renders knowledge of life itself a huge mountain that won’t open like in Aladdin because nobody believes in anything that can unlock the treasury inside knowledge with an “open sesame” 😉

Because of this separation of knowledge and belief at the ultimate existential point of belief, a point hijacked by religions, then toxic shame in increasingly large numbers of people becomes an almost insoluble inner hell for them.

The mind, even in its contorted place of trying to control sense input and instinctive input as well as having to respond to being controlled by societal systems, can still just about stay connected within the words ‘guilt and innocence’.

However, when the whole body and mind of a person is gripped with shame, the mind cannot reach and serve this inner desolation without help. For shame is very close to the expression “disgrace” and the only antidote to this sensation is “Grace” and the mind cannot conjure up this word at all.

Grace, like light, has to be received and only in Its reception can disgrace be made whole by Grace with a growth of being

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