The Pawn Shop

Porn is not about gender and mere biology. Women in recent years have been the leading authors of erotica and fetish material.

Pornography like calligraphy is a kind of writing, it looks at the rites of power in a culture and the lack of them.

Porn is actually more like “pawn”, it is about power and the chess like games that cultures seem to make people play to win and their inner reactions to this stress to then find ways of dealing with their inner plumbing.

For many people in the 21st century their inner bathroom is broken, their inner toilet is attached to their inner shower.

Many people have been forced to hock their sense of awe and wonder into the pawn shop of financial necessity, broken or stuck dreams litter the Internet habits of millions.

Of course men get blown away by porn. Men get blown away by suicide too, three times more men than women kill themselves in the UK. Sex and death are linked in Mankind’s energy configurations, the French call an orgasm “the little death”.

In a culture with broken rites of passage, rites that can only be called “rites” in a word from the Sanskrit “rtu” meaning menses, then disconnected death happens which results in an obsession with death, which results in an obsession with sex.

Broken and stuck Addiction eventually exposes this situation for people, the lid is taken off the pit of hopelessness that is the end result of the collapse of the circuitry that rites of spiritual power are designed to establish and protect.

An octahedron in a sphere – click the link

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