When the words melt away, then with their job all done, the resultant silence grants the whole purpose of an existential experience union with One.

Die before you die

Suffer, as a verb, means “to let, to allow”. God suffers everything to manifest. When this one fact is realised, then a person can engage with suffering. Until this realisation occurs, a person’s suffering is impossible for them to escape from. This is the essence of the 12 Step Programme and why stuck and broken Addiction is the bellwether disease attending the arrival of The Age of Aquarius.

Where people forget that to suffer is the verb at the binary core of everything material, then to see the lack in people, places and things which is the place of the kindergarten Satan, takes over the minds of such people in their resentments.

Then well meaning impositions of a constructed positive regard react to appearances of chaos and illness both personal and systemic and counsels to power, again both personal and systemic, crash into an unwitting collusion with the very problems that are the apparent start point of any such efforts of help.

This is clearly shown here as the electric reality of all materiality is shown to require unequivocally connected terminal opposites at every place in conscious awareness, invisible as well as visible:

This does not mean that material reception of suffering, though partial and misunderstood in ignorance and denial has no limit on Earth. The religions in Mankind’s history can bear witness to stories of recalibration.

In the reality of realised people sharing in the suffering of God there are stories of this hidden governance:

The Prophet (pbuh) said “there is no God”, the equivalent blue wire in the mortal existential plug, then he (pbuh) said as a connector “but God”, the equivalent brown wire in the mortal existential plug, then he said basically that Islam is a “middle way”.

The middle way only appears when opposites connect.

The Prophet (pbuh) also said “seek knowledge even unto China”, a largely symbolic instruction which opened up the sense of the “other” hemisphere.

In this otherness to Islam The Buddha says the same message. He lived the same message to achieve realisation or “enlightenment” as adherents of Buddhism like to say.

Basically the Prince, who is the first Buddha, was born into royalty and lived in a palace: the Islamic equivalent of “no God”. Then he escaped from the orthodox protections: the Islamic equivalent of the cave wherein Muhammad (pbuh) received his angelic shock.

Then the Buddha sat under a tree for seven years: the ongoing Islamic equivalent of Khadija stabilising Muhammad (pbuh) and his (pbuh) 13 years of trying to integrate the cave experience into a coherent expression. Then the Buddha as a person united across opposites in himself inside and outside said, “the answer is in the middle”.

The “passion” of The One to know Itself “suffers” everything to be.

Compassion is the withness of a mortal realised conscience that is connected by Universal Consciousness to witness and actively and passively participate in connecting to all and everything now.

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