Conscious Labour

Animosity is such an inner pain, seeming to come from a huge wound, from a person’s experience seeming to be one long existential trauma, that this pain has to be wrapped up in reaction patterns that though seeming to be chosen behaviours, they are in fact projections of unbearable inner disconnect.
The disease of stuck and broken Addiction is the eventual exposure of this inner animosity, a disease that is only healed by the bringing together of the inner animus and anima of a person by God for God’s sake.
Nothing in the animus or the anima themselves can bring about this marriage, they can only reach the point of proposal and this point is only reached when they suddenly realise they have been locked in an inner war.
This precious realisation is the repair of conscience activated by conscious labour and the awareness that the seeming intentional suffering that is the disease of stuck and broken Addiction, is actually sacred.
This is the “conscious labour and intentional suffering” described by Gurdjieff as his view of the path to becoming truly a Human soul in a Human body.
This same path is to be found in a 12 Step Programme as a transmissible possibility from those who have successfully realised the destination of their own path, to those ready to walk their own path for their own self.