“The Current Economic Crisis”

The Current Economic Crisis: http://youtu.be/RtvTOJISXKg

A quote from this 2010 video is that “the accounting profession is a sewer”.

A further quote, “Enron couldn’t have happened if they hadn’t changed the accounting rules.”

Harsh words you may think, but stuck-addiction© renders all into a broken place where the normal cleansing and checking processes are disabled.

Four years on as the World continues to flat line, Corporations sit on huge cash reserves as they know that the Banks are still broken.

Ian Fraser writes authoritatively about the Financial Crash and the £100 billion black hole at the core of RBS that threatens to expose the sickness and immorality of the global structures still further.

The blame game is not the way forward. Illness is illness. Helping the global leaders understand that they can survive a total shift in their perceptions of relationship with those being led is the only way. Helping them get free from their illness induced criminality is the only way to restore their legal function of response to those who would still habitually choose a criminal career from their apparent nature.

This postscript added on 20/10/19 as Mervyn King seems to again corroborate much of what my blogs and the illness paradigm predict, that the money will crash again.

“World economy is sleepwalking into a new financial crisis”, warns Mervyn King


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