Fear of death, fear of physical pain, fear of emotional pain resulting from loss and guilt and the shame of those experiences, fear of these matters being visited upon those we love and care for – these are the currency of the money bully, the criminal, the dictator, the terrorist.

Only in so far as a person can try to free themselves from fear is that person free to be the agent of a source of existence that is One Love, when that One Love responds to that person’s effort by actually removing fear. By themselves a person cannot remove fear, they can only pretend that they are not afraid and that pretence then has to prove itself by committing acts that others are afraid to commit and in their committal, they subjugate whole cultures.

The perpetrators of such apparently fearless acts are left with only one hidden fear – stopping.

The fearful heroic function faces the terrifying fear that these sick forces emit from their positions of ruling, seeking them out whether their appearance is obvious or not, to either contain them, or not.

Eventually, One Love appears to balance It’s own creation if all other remedy fails. That occurrence is always going to be somewhat disconcerting for the plurality. That which remains in existence is love when faced with One Love.

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