Circus – dedicated to Sinéad O’Connor

What a circus. Time was when folks would pay to see the tattooed lady in a side show of the main event at a circus …. now the tattooists are the growth industry in every town and city. The bearded lady was in the show next to the tattooed lady, now she wins a global singing event.

Maybe our urge for freedom insists that the caged freedom of expression symbolised in those rare tattoos, that seemed so spectacular back then as the workers were being so exploited and controlled by rising capitalism, that they are now our shout, our badge of change.

Politics is then reduced to the former pantomime status and a parody of former presumed glory, with rare truth tellers like MPs Dennis Skinner, Martin Bell or Tom Watson often reduced by the media to side show notoriety. All the while International footballers are promoted to being global icons who are no more dexterous than acrobats of old music hall fame with most being lamentably less eloquent.


Five years after this post was written, I have inserted the following paragraph and Facebook post with video footage.

The above mentioned Tom Watson MP has become the Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party. Donald Trump has become the President of the US and sends tweets out most nights.

Sinéad O’Connor has always been ahead of her time as this video statement of the abuse being hidden in the Catholic Church that she knew about, goes to prove.


Instincts that are non language specific are squitting out across global cultures as feeling powered knee jerk actions that reduce rational thought and conducted emotion as a quirky behaviour of the boringly sane.

Money supply in the hands of private concerns whilst governments run their franchised economies like the management teams of a Macdonalds: rule by short termism and policy made in a tweet.

The people are yet like an addled flock, craving leadership yet wild enough to vote for Barabus again – still dangerous, lost and lonely in the stuck-addiction© of yet another era shift.

Maybe like veteran pundit David Dimbleby who recently got his first tattoo at age 75, should we all similarly usher in the era change? Whatever integrates your shadow perhaps.

The spiritual leaders are asleep in the back of the multicultural boat. When the beleaguered crews get frightened enough, they will have to wake them up.

Some are wide awake already.


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