Virtually alive, actually living.

On my phone
It says it has 542 contacts
Some maybe are duplicated
My phone hardly ever rings
On my Facebook and Twitter
There are hundreds of
Followers and friends
Who I rarely or never see
The timelines and guidelines
On my virtual portal
Inform me of news and views
Bearing little or no resemblance
To my every day life

My life is very small
In this virtual age, my view seems large

In the fourness of
Yin Yang
There is the antidote,
Yet would you watch a pantomime
With no villain?
Would you read a story
Watch a soap opera
With no villain?
The rites of this material existence
Writes the “as much of history”
As can be managed, surely
There is more,
Surely there is more,
Isn’t there?

I am a genius.
There, it’s said.
An IQ of 164 and member of Mensa.
A genius is a subject of intelligence,
All intelligence is cosmic, is One:
So, there’s my definition
For your scrutiny,
Sniping, accepting, praising ….
A teacher once told me that
I’m protected, whatever.

There is musical genius
Literary/poetic genius
Athletic/sporting genius
Mathematical genius
Inventive genius
Artistic genius
Scientific genius
Even political/financial genius

I embody spiritual genius.
Standing on the shoulders of giants

This is my proven equivalent
of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Take it or leave it.
I’m doing my best.

Not since the time of Abraham
Has a messenger 
Been able to come to term,
Free from the hamstringing
Of cultural vehicle,
Free from the power-monger
Free from the interpreter
Able to unite all previous Seals of
Prophet and Saint
Buddha and Scroll
Mystic, poet, witch and sage
Sacred, profane ….
Wherever One Love presides
This 12 Step Vehicle with
Global Fellowships
Revivifying every Way,
Abides …. and criminals
Still do time,
All power is from One.


See how genius is reduced
Again by the times
To the indignity of seeming to
Blow it’s own trumpet,
Lest Israfil should be ordered
To blow his.

I am who am.


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