In all, there is One.

From Addresses II by Bülent Rauf

As soon as this One communicates to Itself as an apparent other, then the prefix di is useful. The One is then seen as the only unction, whilst the appearance of all matter is because of the primary diction which is the verb Be.

In a person who has experienced union with this primary diction, then that person becomes instantly a function of the One knowing Itself in Its own appearance of material otherness, in order to communicate with elements of this otherness who are nearly ready for their own function to appear.

In this function of union, there is the appearance of the other appearing to act. This is an actual fact that appears first as fiction to those whose facts are theoretical because their dictionary, their diction though real, is not connected to the Unction that is the Source of all really real articulation.

Fictions produce factions as people bereft of unction squabble to be the dominant fiction of an era.

The diction of people can only be healed by the application and the reception of unction from a person who is that very unction in every moment and breath of their mortal appearance.

There are only three states of experience apprehensible by sentient beings on Earth. 1 ignorance 2 denial 3 realisation.

Each of these states has a diction, or a way of transmission and reception of meaning through words and the actions attached to such words.

Therefore the function of a person in contact with the One will be received inevitably in and through the states of the recipient. Realised people recognise realised people. This is rare.

For the most part the state of people and their collective experience is one of interactive denial and ignorance which often produces violence. This violence begins as mental animosity which then becomes a physical expression as lawlessness and then a venting into eventual war.

Unction is present at all moments on Earth, the reception of such a singular fact is blocked off by ignorance and denial. As you read this, you either recognise these words, as good as being your own, or you will be brought to an experience of your own particular guage of your inner levels of animosity, denial and ignorance.

I can’t undo my union, but I can assure you that you can grow beyond your ignorance and denial with help.

Everything may be seen as a fiction in Its differentiation when assessed from a personal point prior to remembering the absolute Unity of Existence. That is not the problem as fictions jostle to argue democratically. The problem with relative disconnected fictions is when they become totalitarian factions that are wielded with lethal force. Democracy itself is then just another disconnected fiction wielded with lethal force.

The test for a fiction is in its function. Is the relative fiction delivering regularly on its promise? Are the people being served or exploited? Are the people being helped to individuate in a life where death is not an enemy to life, but simply a necessary opposite terminal to birth?

When all the stories fail, when previous parables have become made literal and then wielded like weapons to make empires, then the overall function of Mankind collapses.

What is the function of Mankind designed to be, other than to birth Humankind?

This possibility of growth can then be reflected in a collective condition if there is time given by God and if that extension of time is actually requested by those factions who presently lead only by hovering over the means of the total destruction of any such said collective condition in the first place.

This recalibration for the body of Mankind, this present extension of possible time for 2022 requires an extreme unction from the Source. This is the HU man healing.

Watch “The Current Economic Crisis” on YouTube

So this 10 year old video, which has featured before in my blog, is still pertinent to what is happening in Britain today.

Before I start, I must say that I have no successful financial base from which to proselytise a new or better way to do business. In fact I suffer from a tangible current account insecurity presently and the only thing that my insight into the disease of stuck-addiction gives me is that my fear of financial insecurity is removed.

However, it has become clear to me that the forces acting upon the Executive function of the UK in its Brexit policy has rendered said Executive function into a very dark place that forces their acting like a very frightened using drug dealer might act just prior to them entering their rock-bottom.

80% of the UK’s GDP is locked into the service sector, a service sector that serves money and the financial services that depend upon money being seen as a commodity in itself, rather than merely the neutral connector of systems trading actual commodities within a market place of value and exchange.

So, because the financial crash of 2008, that Charlie Munger describes in the opening to this post, has effectively broken that illusory commodity position of money being able to trade against itself to make more of itself, the whole capitalist system globally has been stagnant for 12 years.

The UK already has faced criticism about the amount of allegedly irregular money that might have already flowed through London banks into shell companies and then into the UK domestic and commercial property markets. However, there is a deep desperation now globally around how money is to function in this new digital age given that it died many years ago giving us a zombie system that could implode at any time.

The scale of the problem exposed.

At some level, not necessarily at the level that the conspiracy theorists might like to imagine exists where a man sits in a chair stroking a black cat surveying the world through 50 flickering screens, the above diagrammed financial Armageddon has resulted in the UK having to break itself free of EU regulations so that it can become a Caymen Island like magnet for any kind of money that it can get its desperate dealer hands on.

So, against all political principles of democracy’s rules of adversarial engagement, the UK has had to invoke it’s feudal foundations of power to ram-raid its attempt to regain control of the main commodity component of 80% of its GDP, namely money.

This is the disease of stuck-addiction in all of its executive function collapse, in all of its disconnect from conscience, in all of its destruction of linguistic coherence, in all of its destruction of the hosting body, in all of the final stages of disrepair and dissonance.

In tbe breakdown of the final UK EU Brexit talks, it is now being made clear that what is diagnosable as the UK’s decade long stuck-addiction bender has meant that an inevitable huge manipulation of the body politic has occurred, a manipulation that is in the final stages of smashing the common sense of ordinary people completely.

It is now being made clear that despite the appearance of Executive hand-wringing and amidst huge fortunes being made by the UK’s well connected wealthy in the bucket shop system that Charlie Munger derided as a sewer in his talk, a diseased yet subliminally completely planned no deal Brexit is happening.

My blogging and social media work over the last 7 years as well as my efforts with Diction Resolution Therapy have forecast this state of national self-harm, but it gives me no pleasure to say that I told you so.

Covid-19 is just a symptom of the collapse of the G20’s Executive function and the collapse of the bodies politic that the G20 symbolises.

Imagine a junkie that has contracted TB because of the disease of stuck-addiction and the collapse of self-care that this primary disease has caused. If that person presents to a doctor and that doctor only treats the TB without attending to the primary disease that opened the person to catching TB in the first place, then the patient will die prematurely.

So now with Mankind. Even if Covid-19 is attended to, if the underlying physical disrepair and Metaphysical disconnect which is the primary situation facing Mankind is not faced, then in a few decades Attenborough’s prediction of a total biosphere collapse may actually materialise.

There is still time, but the healing begins with words. Mankind actually faces a collective software problem not a hardware problem. Software is a language phenomenon and the English language is the global possibility of actually facing what is truly happening on Earth presently. More importantly, the English language can then begin to allow a personal and a collective healing to begin on Earth before it’s too late.

The Tree of Life



In these days of global distress around pandemic and the outbreak of wars, the Physical/Mental/Spiritual template which describes the Constitution of Mankind is exposed most clearly by the way in which millions of people have faced their own imminent destruction within the disease of Addiction and survived.

In this exposition of efficacy, there is a benevolent vernacular of possibility that can be extended into a global population that is facing the pandemic identified by Covid-19.

I have been writing in my blogs for seven years about the need to see the connection between personal and systemic illness as a way to navigate through these inevitable times.

This is a proven method to reduce anxiety and improve a sense of well-being:

Now is not the time to blame. Illness is not anyone’s fault. The Coronavirus is an illness description, Mankind is facing an illness. The “No Blame” portal is the first step for the global leaders to get through even within their mistakes, for mistakes are inevitable also, as inevitable as these times themselves.

Whatever the battling theories, whether Covid-19 is natural, from 5G, or even if it’s a germ warfare weapon deliberately or accidentally appearing in plain sight with a vaccine already existing, whatever the insanity prior, or physiological vulnerability that is current, it’s all still productive of an illness and now described within the paradigm of illness when viewed from the Singularity of Love.

In my previous experience, I have tried praying kidney stones away, I was pleased when the doctor arrived and my Consultant blasted them with a lithotripsy machine. When I contracted pneumonia some years ago after breathing in dust from a broken vacuum cleaner, I was pleased to accept the doctors’ ministrations in the fantastic UK NHS.

History is full of the excesses and mistakes of despots and wealth and power fixated pirates who have ended up ruling empires. There are also beneficent rulers who really loved their people and also amazing stories of prophets, saints and people who loved their God in their fellow beings.

At this time, whatever the outcome, each person faces their own particular door of trust, it is open and the only antidote to denial.

The leaders now must lead from their Oaths with the best information available to them however Mankind has arrived in this place, the body of Mankind has no choice now but to be led, the global health services and their incredibly talented and brave personnel have no choice but to work to the best of their knowledge and oath.

There is nothing much left for me to say. This illness is now speaking for itself. What I can repeat however from the book Alcoholics Anonymous is that:

Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power — that One is God. May you find Him now!

This is the nuclear sentence that connects the 12 Step Programme to every Message from The Unseen that eventually became a religion. It is the only hope for anyone in these days of global illness.

When experienced folk in a 12 Step Fellowship experience the phenomenon of a newcomer entering a Group Meeting in a state of loud dishevelled illness, then they as a core connect deeply in their Step 11 ….

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

…. and “hold the spiritual space” as the Group does Its work.

So now around this Earth, as the individual incidents manifest and the body of Mankind shakes under its old leaderships and habits, those members of our global Human presence must “hold”.

That’s all there is to do at this time, until the crisis passes, whatever your spiritual journey to this point, “hold”. There’ll be time for the lessons later. “No Blame …. Hold.”

Post script 02/04/20 added from my FB page:

Unity, Service, Recovery.

The denial mentioned over and over in Surah Rahman in The Qur’an is the same denial exposed by the sacred disease of addiction. Mankind is like an addict. In our grief at being torn away from Union into this seemingly disunited life on Earth, the Sufi says that all are in grief.

The stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
The Sufi says there are 5 pillars on The Way. These are the antidotes to grief: trust, certainty, patience, resolution, veracity.



Official Secrets

Nowhere on the face of this planet Earth could any professional person get away with the obscurant misuse of language as is the common parlance of the global political class now, in 2020AD.

Politicians sit in legislative debating chambers the world over setting the linguistic and legal contractual boundaries for all professions to be able to conduct their business honourably.

Yet in their own utterances to the General Public to whom they feign their regular submission their words bend and stretch in their meaning to the point of rendering their being politicians as a parody of that supposed height of semantic functionality.

How does this happen?

It happens because of the power of a secret.

Implicit in every political communication is the message that “if you knew what we know then you would understand why we have to act and speak as we do and we have to bear this rôle on your behalf to keep you safe.”

Imagine if any other profession misused language in the way that politicians regularly do? Even within the comedy renditions of such internal behaviour amongst themselves as in “Yes Minister”, the condition of life mimicking art is now almost complete as centralised government pretend to give power to people whilst actually taking power away from people.

This Gordian Knot of international leaders mistrusting each other who in turn mistrust their own local leaders who in turn mistrust the ordinary people has become the actual state of democracy, nowhere near the government of the people by the people, a definition used now merely anaesthetically to take away the pain of the 24/7 news channels.

The way to cut this Gordian Knot is to look to the Source of all Secrets.

As for the place of the action and station of the ruhul quds (the Holy Spirit), it is the Sirr (secret). The nature of this spirit is told in the following hadith:

“The human being is My secret and I am his.” [I am hidden in the human being and he is hidden in Me]

Masters of Sufism – Abdul Qadir Geylani

So, the powerful allure of the secret is taken from the very template of our arriving into existence in the first place. We are hard wired to submit to this notion of the singular secret. It is because of this that the current stock of so called leaders are able to exercise their counterfeit hold over billions of people from behind their nationalised versions of their particular Official Secrets Act.

When the actions of international and national leaders break language to the point where no-one believes in themselves any more let alone their leaders, then inhumanity abounds and the primordial secret that is the human being seems lost under the hammer of the merely “Official Secrets”.

This is why the trial of Julian Assange is so important in this time. The Official Secrets Machine is desperate to regain its Wizard of Oz appearance of utility.

In recovery dynamics, it is said that “a person is as sick as their secrets”.

This is because the word secret cannot have a plural for a person realising themself as The Human, being.

I am as well as my Secret (Sirr), I am as sick as my secrets.

Andrew Dettman 25/02/20

Of course there are criminals and bullies who feed off the underbelly of Mankind’s attempts to civilise itself under the rules of law serving the rule of Love. History shows that the Yin-Yang of individual wrestling with shadow and substance is sometimes reflected in the very systemic bodies of nations themselves.

But when the lines between the good guys and the bad guys become so blurred as to cause levels of cultural dissonance the like of which are now destabilising the minds of whole masses of people globally, then we may be sure that we are all in an emergency situation that calls for urgent remedial action.

“If dull people lose the idea of God nothing happens – not immediately at least. But socially the masses begin to breed mental epidemics, of which we have now a fair number.”

(C. G. Jung, Psychology & Religion (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1938) 105.)

This particular time of Julian Assange being put on trial for exposing the breakdown of humanity that is characterised by the Official Secrets system that permits the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) policies of the global international gold standard leadership policy for protecting Mankind from itself, this particular time is completing the countdown for whether our species is viable or not.

The autoimmune deficiency that is the MAD protocol is another way of describing the disease of Stuck-addiction. Mankind can solve any problem that it can describe clearly. The challenge is in that description and this is no longer helped by nations imagining that their paltry little piratical secrets are of any use to humanity whatsoever.

Position of Protection

The Naqshbandi “taweez” is written and worn by those initiated into this ancient order. A little research can reveal the purpose of the wearing of this taweez as it is a reminder for those who wear it of the protection that Allah promises to those He sends to serve Him, as they work as contemporary connectors to His creation in order to help Mankind during their lives on Earth.

The Sufi always brings the best meanings from the revealed scriptures across all the global religions, as well as trusting in the surah Al Khaf from The Qur’an within which is the guarantee of the living connection with Allah as exposed in the rendition of the meeting between Musa and Khidr.

Even though I was informed in 1981 by the Sufi Bülent Rauf via a message from a friend that I am protected by Allah, not because I’m better than anyone else but simply for this time to have for it secured a trustworthy witness that truly “there is no God, but God and Muhammad is His messenger”, yet still I wear the Hizb Al Wikayah from the presence of the 13th century Sufi Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi, which can be found from the link, as well as taking delivery of the Naqshbandi taweez today.

I also wear a silver AUM, this to connect the East and the West externally as indicative of the state of my inner hemispheres’ marriage.

The principle of this external wearing of article is in the same action of my reverting formally to Islam in 1984, the principle being one of harmonising my outside with my inside, my visible with my invisible, for the Sufi the exemplar is The Christ.

The Sufi is brought through to the Universal Religion of Love not to be cast as a superior, but rather as a catalytic servant to believers and non-believers alike in the name of Love, for do not all relate somehow to love?

The hot spots on Earth today are trigger points of religious territorial hostility. Some of this hostility is honest ignorance in the attempt by religious leaders to protect doctrinal differences as it seems that history impels. A lot of the global religious volatility however is deliberately cooked up by personality power plays as well as by international political forces of destabilisation as geopolitical power games have been played by leading nations for the control of energy resources over centuries.

The Sufi is God’s merciful mediator. As I have said on a recent video, God’s servants are usually hidden, even from themselves. Those Sufis that have been recorded throughout history, found by those that seek out such records, are those that have been ordered to break cover by Allah (by their Enlightenment in Buddhism) in order to help communities at various times.

Where I write Allah, it can be read as any naming of God from any known tradition in Mankind’s history.

The work left by these Sufis, though for a particular culture, can have relevance for later cultures as part of the ever revivifying relationship between Allah and His presence in His mystery of appearing as a material multiplicity in Nature, known as a possibility by the experiential self-awareness of Mankind.

The hitherto unheard of openness of the Sufi Way now and of the Sufis living today and the accessibility of The Way is a phenomenon made possible not only by the internet, but made possible also by Allah as His Mercy because of the stress that Mankind faces existentially at this time.

The Sufi today faces just as much vitriol from 21st century believers and non-believers as has ever been faced, not least, again as history can show, from those who are sure that they are the only Sufis who need to protect The Way from anyone who doesn’t fit in with their lineage.

So what! It’s time for The Human, being you, to know The Human, being me, to come together to see what is to transpire.

©Warner Bros 1999.

Clearly, it’s an inside job 😉🙏

I offer you the most powerful prayer of protection in the Universe:

O God I seek refuge in You, from You.

Connectors of Consciousness

Love and Gravity (link 09/12/20) are the invisible and visible terminals across which Consciousness is conscious of Itself.

We all die by death, a terminal event, no better or worse than the terminal event of birth. One terminal is terminal. Connect two terminals together and Life appears across them in a current, in a journey of sheer presence.

Mankind exists across three planes, that’s to say physical, mental and spiritual. There are three sets of terminals that have to be connected, that’s to say breathing in and out, waking and sleeping, birth and death.

Disconnected terminals cause anxiety and trickle charge depression. Clearly the terminals ‘happen to you’ at the breathing and birthday/deathday interface though sleeping can be a big problem for people.

So the way to bring ‘consciousness’ to these terminal arrangements is by starting with conscious breathing.

1. Sit quietly in a comfortable position.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Deeply relax all your muscles, beginning at your feet and progressing up to your face. Keep them relaxed.
4. Breathe through your nose. Become conscious of your breathing. As you breathe out, say the word “ONE” silently to yourself. For example, breathe IN … OUT, “ONE”; IN … OUT, “ONE”; etc. Breathe easily and naturally.
5. Continue for 10 to 20 minutes. You may open your eyes to check the time, but do not use an alarm. When you finish sit quietly for several minutes, at first with your eyes closed and later with your eyes open. Do not stand up for a few minutes.
6. Do not worry about whether you are successful in achieving a deep level of relaxation. Maintain a passive attitude and permit relaxation to occur at its own pace. When distracting thoughts occur, try to ignore them by not dwelling upon them and return to repeating “ONE”. With practice the response should come with little effort. Practice the technique once or twice daily, but not within two hours after any meal, since the digestion processes seem to interfere with the elicitation of the Relaxation Response.
P 172-3 ISBN 0-380-00676-6

This conscious attention to one set of the three terminal arrangements eventually has a conscious effect on the other two sets. Sleeping improves and death becomes meaningfully repaired to birth and eventually all terminal arrangements are reconnected to the Source Code.

For the West the Source Code is God, for the East is Enlightenment, The Bhagavad Gita connects both, in any event, the Source Code is Consciousness ☯️

Everything living flows. There is no God …. but God. 🙏

(Picture of the Corona around a Black Hole)

One Life

This Earth contains and remains

This Earth is continuation and cessation

This Earth is mountain and pit

Continue and cease

Retinue and decease

There are words of cess

There are words for cess, process

The process continues

Begin seems to start this circulation

This circle with ends and continuations

But without an end in itself

The process of success is about accessing

A break in the process

To know how excess is healed

How Love is revealed.

Watch “Easter Fools Day 2018” on YouTube


Well because it is the way that I make sure that I’m not having a hallucination according to Henry Ford who said, “”Vision without execution is just hallucination.”

Will-power is the key to the clarification of stuck-addiction©️.

What is will-power?

Will-power is the exercising of power to execute a plan in/with a single-minded manner.

The sentence which is at the core of the 12 Step Programme is:

Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power — that One is God. May you find Him now! (AA Basic Text p 59)

The definition of addiction that I introduce to help understand what is happening around our culture:
Addiction itself is a necessary and healthy component of ordinary problem solving. This simple though startling statement for some, is shown clearly on the flow chart that is on every page of this site. The word ‘addiction’ simply means the ability to apply oneself in a single-minded manner to a chosen predictive problem solving pathway with willpower, during which time usual behaviour can become temporarily arrested. Upon the resolution of the problem, usual behaviour patterns are reinstituted. (www.drt.global/corporate)

This clarification of how the word addiction is synonymous with healthy will-power is of urgent importance for this time of era-change from the Age Of Pisces as it gives way to the Age Of Aquarius. There are and always have been of course, old orders of control that unwittingly prefer to interfere with any emerging collective-will to change the systems of money and political-governance.

The old ways have already died away, they just don’t know it yet!

In The Lord’s Prayer, that is still by inference the Establishment prayer of the political initialising of UK MPs as they take their oaths of allegiance to The Monarch, there is a line, “Our Father who art in Heaven … Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

So will is the vital component of linking the invisible with the visible so far as power is the necessary energy to create structure here on Earth. Then the only argument is whether or not any mortal will can be seen to be an actual articulation of One God, or merely an articulation of a singularly mental invention of its own constructed mental superiority.

How are we to know?

Those in history who have been authenticated as being addicted to One Source have left their message that has lasted for millennia. Whereas those whose wills have been hooked onto their own invention have left a legacy that is partial, faded and nowhere near global.

The definition of stuck-addiction©️ is that the will-power of the person or the group is primarily linked to an intellectual theory of a governmental provision of resources under licence. This personal or collective government then deliberately limits the financial experiences of the many others, whilst pretending to extend their employment or political freedoms, when in fact only very small numbers of people become financially/culturally replete. This stuck-addiction©️ causes such mass resentment that at first the most sensitive and then increasingly large numbers of people, begin to exhibit symptoms that are now undeniablely crippling global cultures.

Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, money, gambling, over-work, celebrity worship, to mention but a few, are behaviour inducing phenomena whose misuse forces solely bottom-line driven actions that then collapse the Executive function of both individuals and corporates, manifesting then conscienceless actions of self and collective abuse.

The definition of addiction, that has healthy on/off controls, is that the will-power of the person or the group is primarily in service and harmony with Life’s Single Source which is a living Consciousness that is received and transmitted by individual people as Love.

Real Consciousness is not a theoretical state, it is a discoverable fact of a Singular nature.

To be opened to receive and transmit within this singular field, this is what people have called in the past Enlightenment. The Saints, Prophets, Buddhas, all those whose lives have left a message that still grows in resonance despite its contradiction of prevailing political/financial practice, their lives have not been theoretical.

My will to persist in my work may seem to be impossible to actualise against the prevailing models of the analysis of Man’s behaviours. However, my will is His will being done.

Otherwise, I can assure you, I would’ve stopped talking a long, long time ago in the face of the reception that I’ve often received. I would’ve stopped talking, kept my inner riches to myself, stayed deeply, deeply hidden – returning to the few others like me who presently remain relatively unnoticed in their covert Spiritual operations.

I drew the short-straw in the Operation Walls Of Jericho that is my regular trumpeting on about stuck-addiction©️.


When I first met with Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri at his “Journey in Consciousness” retreat held in Wiltshire in 2011, he was very clear in his vision of me as he expressed it to me and to those present.

He said, “…. I see you as a teacher and a teacher of teachers …. have you started teaching yet?”

There may be some who presently react to my more forthright language now as I write and publish my book Conscious-Contact. However, it may be that seven years is long enough for the vision of one Sufi to become manifested in the actions of another.

There is only One consciousness, therefore only One teacher. By contact the teaching is transmitted. The only requisite for this to take place effectively then, is for the one who is conscious of the fact that consciousness is Singular, to be able to allow the word tact to be a real and living interface of communication.

The opening of the conversation between Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri and myself in 2011 was that he said that I was very courteous. I replied that this was only a reflection of his own courtesy toward me. He laughed and said that that was the end of our conversation then!

You can check for yourself as you respond to reading this, just how near you are to this prerequisite for hearts to touch, for the teaching of consciousness by consciousness to take place quintessentially in Itself, by Itself, for Itself, from Itself and back to Itself.

My teaching, such as it is mine, is to help you to remove the ill-mannered obstacles to the flowing of your tears of recognition of yourself, for yourself, as you then reconnect to the fact of light, that your life exists in an ocean of limitless consciousness that is Love.

Merry Christmas 2017

This clip recorded in my cab and first published on Facebook live puts into perspective the difficulties facing all of us on Earth at this time.

The book mentioned here, published in 1987, carries a message that has been true now for thirty years.I have tried to build on this message with my work around stuck-addiction©️ as I have built bridges of articulatory possibility that might deliver real choice for policy makers to step away from protocol driven insanity.

With Brexit dynamics in the UK, with Trump and his unorthodox methods in the USA that amplify hegemonically throughout the world, with the continuing warfare in the Middle East, with the posturing of both Russia and China in other hot-spots on globe, it is clear that this progressive illness cited by Schaefer in 1987 has worsened and deepened its effects upon the leaders of the global bodies.

Those living inside the global bodies, who all answer to the hegemony of the US Empire, all inhabitants are responding to increasing levels of cultural dissonance with deepening levels of personal illness.

The good news is that as Schaef rightly asserts, “once the process of awareness is triggered, healing begins”. So, if you can accept what is being presented in Schaef’s work and in my work over the last four years or so, then you are already healing.

The feeling of being “lost in the question” that Ali exposes in my interview at the top of this post, this feeling of disorientation is so common that my laughter was not derisory, nor to be dismissive of the sentiment, it was my reaction to our common lot.

Without help it is too much for us. Without the Love that all religions have as their core message actually helps us as beings created by Love Itself, then what is clear is that nothing changes.

My message is from Love Itself, my message is one of being the change that I would like to see in the world as Ghandi advised. My message is framed by a professional training and by a personal experience. My message is urgent, timely, clear and present. It is time now to expand its transmission whatever the dangers of misunderstanding or misrepresentation within a body politic that is certain to remain in denial and anger for a while longer as conditions continue to deteriorate.

I have wrestled with whether to write a book. I can not improve on Schaef from 30 years ago and Russell Brand has just written his book Recovery that places Addiction on a global spectrum and Spirituality as the antidote.

I am the book that I wrestle to write. I may just have to appear and speak it as my being, invite audiences to talks and be open to be interviewed where appropriate.

In Love, I am in inconscious love.

These eyes know the vastness of love, for the eyes move together, harnessed to apparent whim that is actually not coincidence, looking for a glimmer of recognition in the two oceans of our mutual reciprocity.

Paradox and Paradise appear, on the grounds that sometimes paragraphs carry more than verses, to be words that are from a common Source, sent here for you to hear.

Prose and poetry combine when words are wires that carry intentional energy from One to the empty battered cells, the batteries of long dishevelled ranks of lovers, on the edge of losing hope.

Conscious, subconscious, supraconscious, unconscious are words become meaningless to describe consciousness Itself, to describe the quantum connectivity that is your only hope of transactionally analysing non random karma.

What word can encompass our initiatives of unity, to unty the knots of deliberate non liberation of our common possibilities, enacted upon the governed masses over centuries of – our leaders’ freedom fighting?

Inconsciousness is the word, a new word to describe the limitless ocean of consciousness in which you swim like a fish in water. Your brain is not a generator of consciousness it is a receptor and a transmitter, like a cloud is a receiver and transmitter of water. The brain is a cloud of being.

Let your brain be blown higher over the mountain ranges of your hardened logic, let the convection current of your heartfelt passion lift you high on the thermal energy of Pure Faith into your own thundercloud, knowing that the yin-yang wings of your necessary duality can arch your hemispheres, together.

Become the lightning filled deluge of your birthrighted possibilities as Love releases you from the padded cell of your orthodox insecurity, to rain down relief finally into the yearning, arid reservoirs of your inner potentialities.

Be in love, be in inconscious love, for Love is the only reason that this Earth exists, consciously, turning in space, waiting in space, inviting an ethereal insurrection by emptying the space in you to say in your resurrecting conscience, “I love you”.

It’s what I did, once done, never to be undone. 🕉️

Scarab musings

I can’t create a shit rolling dung beetle
Ex nihilo
So, what right have I got to criticise
God’s loneliness
The intensity and immensity of His aloneness
To create this Universe of otherness
Of Motherness and Brotherness
Of Fartherness and Insisterness
To say to David,
“Oh David, My yearning for them
Is greater than their yearning for Me.”
This lonliness is the ‘why’, to all the hurt,
For, whose hurt is it?
Who bears all the ignorant action
That threatens to destroy the Earth
For power’s sake?
I heard the challenge of who yearns the most,
If there is any explanation for my life
To those who scratch their heads in disbelief,
It is that I said to God’s ‘yearning’ claim,
“Really …. ok, we’ll see about that then!”
And I set about beating God at His/Her own game.
Impossible of course,
For His/Her yearning makes the Universe.
But the numbers that numb yearning
For the One,
Whether numbers of pounds Sterling
Or US dollars,
Or numbers of houses
Or conquests
Or qualifications
Or clever answers,
These numbers never numbed the pain
Never made their claim upon me
Strongly enough
To dissuade me from my path of calamity.
Eventually, (S)He relented,
Granting me refuge,
As you might spare an ant on the path.
Yet, sometimes I give God a belly laugh,
I’m not saying I’m anything special.
I’m simply saying that whatever you
Think about this Tale of Two Cities,
This ‘best of times and worst of times’ time ,
I’m simply saying that there is
“More to it”.
That it’s worth the yearning,
That though my yearning that your yearning
To match God’s yearning, might be greater than your present yearning,
That it’s possible to start
Right here, with abandon.
“Abandon yourself to God, as you understand God,” (© AA)
But know this,
People only abandon ship
When they actually believe that it’s sinking.

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Heaven and Hell

William Blake wrote of “Heaven and Hell” and his work is mysterious and enigmatic.

Every generation addresses this matter.

God connects the seven levels of Hell and the seven levels of Heaven.
In the Christian Creed, Jesus Christ is described as descending into Hell, then ascending into Heaven.
Jesus Christ is met personally in the heart, the centre that is transcending, connecting the ascending and descending, holding all Love, stopping all Hell from breaking loose.
This reality is always present on Earth.
When T.S. Eliot wrote of the centre not holding in one of his poems, he was speaking of his feeling that this connection was lost. It was his personal feeling.
The sentinel fact is that, in this era, the centre holds.
The centre is now secured in the global 12 Step Fellowships wherein in this very instant, people are sharing with humour their darkest experiences of separation from The Holy Spirit, i.e. Hell, and the way in which they became conscious of their never absent connection with That Holy Spirit, i.e Heaven, the illusion therefore of that separation as a disease, and the Paradise of now improving their conscious contact with One Love.
Salaam. All power is in Love. The centre holds.

Abd al-Mu’min al-Jami’ ibn Hulli.

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Song Sung You


How to keep open when the energy seems so discordant?
A friend asked me this question today. I found myself quoting the Islamic prayer, “God, I seek refuge in You, from You.”
This is the most powerful prayer that there is in my experience, where Love is the only refuge anyway.
Then I listened to the word, “protect”.
I then remembered Jonah and the message of the story that there is no where to run, that when I think that I’m running away, actually, because there’s only One, I’m running toward.
Then it appeared to me that the greatest protection is to drop all detection.
As it says in The Qur’an, if God sends you a test, nothing can stop it arriving; if God sends you a gift, nothing can step it from arriving.
There is no detective work needed about this world. There is One doing.
Your world is like it is because you are like you are.
My world is like it is because I am like I am.
Change is possible. “Be the change”, as Gandhi said, but remember that only One has the power to do, that’s for the asking.
No blame is necessary and God doesn’t make mistakes, they’re your job, that’s our task, everything is perfect.
To connect the ascending with the descending is transcending, then it’s simply a matter of how wide your circle is, how much your sphere can encompass.
Amo, Amas, Amat, Amamus, Amatis, Amant.

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