To realise an asset, it has to be converted into a more liquid form.

So in the physical realm, an asset may be a property, an investment or an article that is sold and converted into cash, the most liquid form of physical currency.

In the mental realm, an asset may be a talent, a predisposition that is realised after training and hard work to bring a capacity into the physical realm from the mental realm whereupon it is often a source of cash itself in terms of personal occupation or transferrable value.

In the spiritual realm, an asset may be a yearning, an intuition, an inspiration, a prophecy, a destiny to be realised. This spiritual realisation is often the hardest to apparently achieve and seems most open to counterfeiting.

All realms have their charlatans and crookery. When buying goods or services from others one becomes practised in testing the authenticity of goods and the qualification and expertise that attaches to the provision of service.

When producing ideas, manuscripts or inventions, the notion of ownership, accountability, peer evaluation, legal copyright and guarantee become attached to the transactional nature of communicable work and cultural identity as people seek to express themselves and to consume the expression of others.

Spiritual realisation seems most open to the misapprehension and misuse of its undoubted power by the wholesale traders of its produce into the mental, thence physical realms of buying and selling.

Sometimes the usual rigour that is applied to the ordinary business of mental/physical realisation seems to get suspended in an over deference to religious language that becomes divorced utterly from practicality.

The three realms of the physical, the mental and the spiritual or metaphysical, are all linked and are all accountable to the simple test of actual utility.

The realised man has a liquidity of worth across all three realms and is a giver of light, a shedding of constraint, a relief, a source of practical information that helps others to similarly realise themselves as a realisation of their own assets.

The asset is always given up if realisation is to occur.

The physical asset changes ownership for money.
The mental asset changes state for reputation.
The spiritual asset reverts back to The Real, The One Source, to Love. The asset as a yearning was never the person’s in the first place, it belongs to Love Itself.

The realised man is the changed Man, the Human.


2 thoughts on “Realisation

  1. I have studied the Torah and Talmud my entire life.
    Prayers are said in conjunction with its presence on one’s person. There is a wonderful science fiction story ‘ a John Collier story ‘ that brings
    this idea home.

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