Professional Deflection

For a Master Class in professional deflection, this clip shows how not to answer a direct question.

(It seems whilst checking this video today 22/11/19 that the video link has been broken …. 😉 also a related story has a video that doesn’t work “BBC News – David Cameron faces fresh Gaza pressure” – however they do work when viewed in an internet browser rather than the BBC news app)

This is very sad as it explains the sickness infecting the body politic of the first world.

That mankind is prone to telling lies is one thing. That making a prize out of a defect can lead to sickness is not made clear enough to those caught up in this practice.

Reflection contains thought, but reflection itself is a deeper process that is a “whole being process”; physical, mental and spiritual. Light is reflected, upon and back.

When politicians are in permanent ‘deflect’ mode as the above clip showing Cameron’s dark art superbly illustrates, there is no time for reflection, deflection is a high pressure thinking function that eventually spreads confusion into the minds of those being fed the deflective responses to questions.

More seriously, this “purposefully transmitted confusion”, that passes as expediency and political skill, can become an endemic component in the receiving culture, one of chronic confusion that thenceforward translates into rising dementia levels in the general population: also this deflective behaviour can eventually blow back into the entities that get stuck in such deflective behaviour and then dementia occurs in them too as might be the case with Harold Wilson, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and many more.

As it says in the Qur’an, everything is created with Truth and Water. Deflection destroys the foundation of creation by splitting the negative and positive poles and dividing men and women in animosity. To repair this animosity, the polarities have to be brought back together in a Unity.

This is only achieved by The One Itself authentically recalibrating Itself, the opposites are reconfigured, repaired, insulated again to carry the One Life Force into the three dimensions of physical existence.

Falsely singular arguments, the apparently necessary trappings of politicised ideology, willfully dismantle the necessary duality, the pairing in the material/psychic interface by misunderstanding the way that life actually manifests from the Invisible to the Visible, from One to One.


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